Overview and Paradigm

The Verbena believe Life is sacred, and to be prized above all things. That being said, these primal sorcerers work magic the way they embrace life- with determination and raw passion. They embrace suffering as readily as comfort and enlightenment, and aren't afraid to make difficult choices.

The tradition traces its path from a group of primordial Awakened known as the Wyck, whom they believe carried the knowledge of magic across the globe. During the late Middle Ages many of these were burned at the stake as satanic witches, hunted tortured and burned. Over the centuries it took for witch-craze to die down, the Wyck came to practice their arts in secrecy and became known for dealing with their foes harshly. Thus the Verbena were born.

On the whole, the Verbena tend to be more passionate, honest and forthright than many other mages. Unlike their Hermetic and Celestial rivals, the tradition balances strong male and female aspects, rather than favoring a patriarchal ideal.

Nature holds primordial truths for all to learn. Other traditions tend to see Reality "top down," looking through the lens of their paradigms. The Verbena try to see from "bottom up" by letting what they see in Nature create their paradigms. Since Willworkers can influence Nature, She can learn from them as well. Future Verbena can then learn from the lessons Nature has learned. And it so it shall ever continue.

The Fall and Reconciliation

The devastation of the Fall could have been worse. Far worse, were it not for the Verbena.

Sacrifice. Survival. Anything sacred has to be worth fighting for, worth dying for. Like their Dreamspeaker cousins, the Verbena have a relationship to the earth that some would argue is even more intimate given that they are avatars of the elements themselves. While the Dreamspeakers are connected to her spirit, the Verbena are connected to her flesh, the roots, plants, the animals, the sky, wind and water. The Verbena, view themselves as extensions of the earth.

What would you do to survive? What price would you pay? Is my will enough?

These are the questions the Verbena had to ask themselves when the bombs dropped. Hours before, they all felt it. The tension, the extreme anxiety. Something was wrong. It was a warning.

Above all things, the Verbena have always believed in working as a group. Coven contacted mother coven. Mother coven contacted Coven House and Coven House contacted the Primus.

Time passed across the psychic blood link they were joined across the Tellurian to hold back the devastation.

Then the pain began and the burns.

The Tradition as a whole was scorched black from head to toe with radiation. Many masters in an act of self-sacrifice turned to ash as if they were at ground zero. As they were commanded, the apprentices ate these ashes while they wept. After one cycle of the moon, their warriors began to appear.

The Verbena as a Tradition took up weapons and dispensed vengeance upon anyone they felt responsible for the Waste. The Verbena were among the first to enter the battle field of the Reconciliation War and the last to leave it.

Current Status

The Verbena have yet to move on from the devastation of the Fall. Angry, bitter, exhausted and self-righteous they spare no one in their accusations and curses. The Verbena have become grim, serious and determined. They work twice as hard to heal the earth and give no mercy when their lands are threatened. The Verbena have begun to work closely with the other Traditions to ensure that there will not be an other Fall. Some have integrated technology into the Craft and there are no shortage of 'Corporate Witches' in the post-Fall world.

Foci and Style

Central to Verbena theurgy is the link to Life. Almost all Verbena theurgy seeks to strengthen the link between the mage, coven or mankind with the Great Life Force. This force is sometimes represented as Baphomet, The Sabbath goat with a thousand young, filled with life. Other groups prefer to use the Trinal Goddess in her different forms (The Maid, The Mother and The Crone). These beings may be anthropomorphic personifications of Life (and Death) or Celestines.

At the Sabbaths the coven meet to reaffirm their duty and to strengthen the link to Life. Exactly how this is done varies a bit with sub-tradition. In many covens the rite is begun by the participants dancing around the World Tree, chanting and raising the cone of power. This is done faster and faster. Sometimes the Priestess and/or Priest allow themselves to be possessed with the Goddess and God. During the rite, sacrifices are made to strengthen the link, energy is channeled into the world tree and oaths are made. In some covens the participants engage in ritual sex to release even more energy, and balance the sacrifices.

The mages may perform other rites on other days, to strengthen themselves. These may be almost anything: sacrificing some fruit or meat to nature, tending to a sick or running wildly sky clad through the forest, feeling the life around themselves. The most important thing is the link between the mage and the living world.


  • The Akashic Brotherhood - They understand the nature of sacrifice. Too bad they are rotten at the root.
  • The Celestial Chorus - We will not forget their example of compassion, courage, and faith during the Reconciliation but it is not enough to make us for give them for the past.
  • Cult of Ecstasy - Escapist cowards! What good is it to see the future if your response is to hide from it.
  • Dreamspeakers - Only they understand the true price of the Fall. We must heal them with out succumbing to their poison.
  • Euthanatos - Cold blooded bastards! Only they could celebrate while the world goes to hell.
  • Hollow Ones - We only have to look to Hollow Ones for an example of the damage bitterness can do.
  • Order of Hermes - It is easy to blame them but hard to dismiss them.
  • Sons of Ether - Respect their Art but never trust them.
  • Virtual Adepts - Have they learned nothing from the Fall?