Vampire Development
Name Affiliation Membership Disciplines Weakness
Assasamite Bloodline Daeva Celerity, Obfuscate, Vigor, Quietus Blood addiction
Ventrue (Blue Bloods) Bloodline Ventrue Dominate, Animalism, Majesty, Resilience Only feed from specific vessels
Brujah Bloodline Daeva (Vice must be wrath) Vigor, Majesty, Celerity, Resilience Increased Frenzy
Setites Bloodline Daeva Majesty, Obfuscate, Celerity, Serpentis (w/ Ahku) Increased sun damage
City Gangrel Bloodline Gangrel Animalism, Resilience, Protean, Obfuscate Take animal features when frenzy
Giovanni Bloodline Unknown (Ventrue or Mekhet) Dominate, Vigor, Resilience, Obfuscate, Necromancy Painful Kiss distrusted
Kiasyd Lasombra creation Formally Lasombra Mytherceria, Obtenebration, Obfuscate Reclusive, Fey, Weird looking
Lasombra Bloodline Unknown (Ventrue or Mekhet) Dominate, Vigor, Resilience, Obtenebration No Reflection
Malkavians Bloodline Ventrue Auspex, Obfuscate, Dementation Derangement
Ravnos Bloodline Gangrel Chimerestry, Resilience, Animalism, Obfuscate Compulsive Vice
Tremere Sect Any Auspex, Dominate, Cruac, Thaumaturgy (one path) Blood Addiction
Tzimisce Bloodline Ventrue Animalism, Dominate, Resilience, Vicissitude Must sleep in homeland dirt
Caitiff Clan(less) None Learn all common disciplines at X 6 Clanless are distrusted and reviled
Daughters of Cacophony Bloodline Unknown (Daeva or Ventrue) Resilience, Majesty, Celerity, Melpomine Distracted
Samdedi Nosferatu Nosferatu Thanatosis, Resilience, Obfuscate, Nightmare Rotten
Ahrimanes Bloodline Gangrel Spiritus,Majesty, Resilience Infertile Vitae
Capadocians/Harbingers of Skulls Mehket Nosferatu Necromancy, Nightmare, Resilience, Auspex Corpses
Salubri Bloodline Unknown (Ventrue or Mehket) Auspex, Obeah, Resilience, Obfuscate Only feed from willing

Additional Covenants

Name Benefits Membership
Camarilla Half price contacts and herd, appear on film Any
Sabbat +3 mod to avoid Vinc rating, disciplines purchased at discount Any
Anarchs None Any
Inconnu Able to resist frenzy, increased memory after torpor Any, Blood Potency 6+

Mage Stuff

Tradition Parent Path or Order Spheres Attainments
Akashic Brotherhood Adamantine Arrow Mind
Celestial Chorus Obrimos Spirit
Cult of Ecstasy Acanthus None Attainment
Euthanatos Moros Fate
Order of Hermes Mastigos Forces
Sons of Ether Free Council Matter
Verbena Thyrsus None
Virtual Adepts Free Council Space
Hollow Ones Acanthus Death
Iteration X Guardians of the Veil Forces
Progenitors Free Council Life
New World Order Guardians of the Veil Mind
Syndicate Guardians of the Veil Matter
Void Engineers Free Council Space


Name Parent Order Benefit
The Council of Nine Silver Ladder or The Mysterium TBA
The Technocracy Guardians of the Veil or Free Council TBA
The Nephandi The Scelesti or The Acamoth Add oWoD Neph stuff
Marauder The Mad Already included