In general, being a vampire in LATMA can be a little tricky. For one, it's illegal. For another, the Sabbat have attained more of a foothold in the area, which means it's a bit more violent. The 'official' Camarilla ostensibly have no 'official' interests in the area; the fledgling re-surgence of the movement has its ups and downs as far as involvement and control in the area go, but it's still working on it. Since the Fall vampires have been either on the rule or on the run. Here is the basic run down.

Vampire Timeline

  • 1944. Los Angeles falls to the Anarchs.
  • 1999 - The Fall
    • Baba Yaga eats the Prime Minster of Russia on national television. Apocalyptic antics ensue.
    • Rumors of Gehenna spread like wild fire. The Camarilla tries to deny it. The Sabbat encourage them…in their own chaotic way.
  • The 2000's-2030's
    • The Camarilla abandon the West Coast to concentrate on other areas.
    • Slugfest. Open fighting in the streets. The world falls into chaos. Vampire's fortunes rise and fall nightly. Distinctions between sects are blurred as the Fall makes increasingly strange bedfellows.
    • LATMA is a warzone that recedes into a war zone with stable pockets.
    • Mexico is Sabbat
    • California is Anarch,
    • the Camarilla influences have retreated to the Northwest region. The remaining Camarilla minority (considered Anarchs by the main sect) hide behind corporate pawns and ghouls.
  • 2020 Southern California is pretty close to hell on earth, though not so close as, say, the Middle East, with renewed Jyhads both human and otherwise raging across the land. The Anarch and Sabbat are the so-called undead powers in the area; attempts at re-establishing the Camarilla begin without any official support of the Camarilla.
  • 2040's - The Siege, The Purge and the Civil War
    • The Siege - The Assamite clan founder wakes up to find his childer hamstrung by the Tremere. He shakes off the blood curse and the commands an all out attack on the Warlocks. The Tremere survive the affront but a few of their leaders, Meerlinda included, die in the attempt to take Almut from the Assamites.
    • The Purge - The reasons and events behind this are even less clear than the Siege. Most of the Tremere Antitribu were cleansed in a pillar of fire. Why who? No one is sure. One suspects the main clan but then who is pulling the strings there. Rumors of Saulot's return as well as some sort of psychic slugfest between Goratrix and Tremere himself causing the problems. Also, it may have had something to do with the Siege. No one is sure. There aren't many Tremere Antitribu left to tell the tale.
    • The Civil War - In some ways more clear in other ways less so than the Purge. Shaitan woke up in Mexico City and found the environment there…encouraging. After creating a slugfest with the local hierarchy there (including offing one of the Prisci) he fell back into torpor and vanished. Meanwhile, having heard the siren call of their Dark Lord, the whole of the Baali bloodline (or at least those with means of transport) fell upon Mexico City overwhelming the leadership there. Somehow, all of this was done sub rosa. Vanishings in the sect hierarchy and accusations of infernalism (some of which turned out to be true) went round and round. A civil war broke out. This was resolved with the destruction of the infernal leadership, in part thanks to the LATMA Sabbat.

Vampire and the World At Large

Faction Info

The Camarilla

Since 1493 the Camarilla has maintained conspiratorial secrecy surrounding Kindred. Mysterious, hierarchical and materialistic, the Camarilla Princes ruled over their cities with iron in their fists and targets on their backs. The nightly drama of the rise and fall of Princes from the 15th century to the 20th suddenly gave way sudden, disturbing changes in the within the ranks of the Great Society of the Undead. The Fall ruptured the wisdom of the sect's materialistic concerns and the long Gehenna nay saying Elders were suddenly confronted with truly ancient vampires appearing on national television. All signs point to Gehenna.

As the west coast of the United States was sold off to the corporations, the Camarilla decided to cut their losses, abandon the tattered remains of their sect and focus their resources on rebuilding their traditional domains on the East Coast and Europe.

Many in the Camarilla still choose to keep their heads in the sand, while other more savvy Kindred choose to keep up with the times. In the 20th century, the Camarilla hunted the Sabbat like fugitives from their corporate towers. In LATMA, the roles are reversed. The Sabbat have held sway for most of the 21st century and the Camarilla has secretly played it's games of power hidden among the skyscrapers and boardrooms of this new age. Previously, the Camarilla's opinion of LATMA was that they had other things to concern themselves with. They lost two archons there, killed by those who claim to be Camarilla Traditions, and the third says it isn't in any way secure. Those who come from there are Independent at best, Sabbat at worst, Anarch for an average, and are to be treated as such.

With the chaotic flux of the Sabbat in recent night, the Camarilla has seen a resurgence of sorts. The Princes and Justicars of Chicago have once again taken an interest in their abandoned west coast cities. Should loyal members of the sect prove worthy, the sect may offer resources, albeit limited, to worthy Kindered.

The Sabbat

LATMA was Club Med for monsters and the Sabbat threw it all away. Infernalism, a Civil War and endless instability in the leadership over the years has lead to shaky handle on the greater metropolitan area. Dark areas, like Lynwood, where might makes rights, are easily held by the violent actions of the Sword of Caine. The Bright World confounds the sect as a whole (though individual members have seen limited success in this area) with their inability to finesse the fortified spires of the Consortium held Bright zones. Even Tijuana is contested by the Giovanni and the Ravnos, who have entered the Jyhad by throwing their lot in with the New Aztec Empire. Rumors of asian kindered popping up in Chinatown unsettle as much as signs and portents of Gehenna. The specter of Infernalism still haunts the sect to the south in Mexico city. If the Sabbat wish to remain the ruling elite in LATMA they have their work cut out for them.

The Independents

Outside the Sabbat and the Camarilla the influence of the independent clans can be felt around the world.

App Only

The following clans are application only. Please see the vampire House Rules for how to apply for them.


They are a small faction originally founded by Elders of the Ventrue, Lasombra, Malkavians and Brujah clans. They were very active during the height of the Roman Empire, but eventually withdrew from the Jyhad after the Anarch Revolt and the diablerization of Cappadocius. The most visible members of the Inconnu are called Monitors. Their duty is simple: they watch, for new bloodlines, major supernatural incursions, and drastic power shifts within the Kindred community.

The Innconnu have no active presence in LATMA, at least not that anyone is aware of.

House Rules