Usury is one of the thirteen primary Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Those who master Usury can trade the very forces that wraiths thrive on.
Usury is, without a doubt, a very useful ability. With Usury, a wraith can exchange Pathos with another, heal their Corpus, or turn Corpus into Pathos and back again. The only real restrictions on this ability are that it only grows more powerful with experience, and that a Usurer must be touching their target for it to work.

Usurers have something of a dodgy reputation in the Shadowlands. While their powers hold much potential for noble and respectable acts, more than one Usurer has fallen prey to the suggestions of their Shadows and indulged in outright theft of wraithly forces. It is because of these schemers that Usury has become an art viewed with suspicion and scorn. The Hierarchy in particular has dealt with too many troublesome Usurers, leading to its keeping an eye on those who know the arts of Usury.

When Usury goes wrong, it usually results in a reverse flow from what the Usurer intended. For example, a Usurer trying to feed Pathos into another wraith may find themselves accidentally draining it instead. Needless to say, victims of these accidents are rarely happy with the Usurer when they happen.

Basic Abilities

Assessment - The wraith can gauge the relative levels of life and death within an individual. Careful scrutiny can reveal some idea of Stamina, Health or Corpus. The wraith may also perceive life energy in general within a specific area. <System: roll Perception+Usury (diff 6).

O - Transfer - The wraith may transfer Pathos between herself and another wraith. This transfer is visible to all other wraiths in the area.

System: Roll Manipulation+Usury (diff of target's current Pathos if donating, or Willpower if stealing). When stealing this art grands a temporary point of Angst.

OO - Charitable Trust - A wraith may use his own Corpus to heal others, even mortals (without any other Arcanoi.) [3 system - Spend 1 Pathos. Roll Stamina+Usury (diff of subject's current Corpus or Health Levels). The wraith may transfer one Corpus Level per success.

OOO - Early Withdrawl - The reverse of Charitable Trust, this art allows a wraith to steal another person's life energy with but a touch.

System: Gain a temporary point of Angst. Touch the target. Roll Manipulation+Usury (diff of target's Willpower). Each success steals one level of Health or Corpus from the target and grants it to the wraith. Unless the Usurer knowledge of Exchange Rate, he cannot gain more Corpus than his maximum.

OOOO - Exchange Rate - A wraith may convert Pathos to Corpus and vice versa. This art may be used in conjuction with Early Withdrawl.

System: Spend 1 Pathos. Roll Intelligence+Usury (diff 6). Each success allows one point to be converted.

OOOOO - Investment - This art allows the Usurer to pour Pathos or Corpus into a relic, storing it for future use. The energy may be accessed by anyone who knows the proper pass-phrase or -gesture.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, spend as many Pathos or Corpus as he wishes to invest. Roll Intelligence+Usury (diff 7). Each success channels one of the spent points into the relic. All excess points are lost. Spend 1 Willpower and assign the command phrase or gesture. This art allows for the creation of Soulfire crystals.