Tribals And Nomads

When the Fall hit, it took the economy with it. Schools closed, farmers were evicted from their land, suburbs crumbles, and entire towns dried up and blew away. Many of the newly homeless banded together for protection, carving out a small territory or creating entire moving caravans of former middle-class citizens. Quickly learning the rules of the road, the newly formed Packs learned how to defend themselves against highway gangs and government agents alike. Often depending only upon themselves, the traveling Packs have become a strange mix of self-sufficient wanderers and locust-like scavengers.

Ironically, the members of the Pack are some of the most well-educated people in the modern era. Descended from teachers, doctors, and farmers, the Nomads and Tribals can adapt to a surprising number of situations and events. Always on the lookout for migrant work and a place to set up a safe camp, the Nomad Scouts often travel into the city for needed supplies and current info. While rare, that can be extremely useful to a team of Edgerunners

Pack: The ability of the Nomad character to call upon the members of his or her Pack to assist them in time of need. Be it anything from a calling tow-truck to wreaking a town, to backing a Nomad in a battle, the Pack will usually back any play of a Nomad leader with a high enough Pack level.

O - You are the middle child of a family of 12 - 3 followers
OO - You've got your own RV or land and have started your own clan - 6 followers
OOO - You have a large family or are an important person in your tribe -12 followers
OOOO - You are a shaman or a leader or many men and women - 30 followers.
OOOOO - You are a tribal leader - 60 followers.