The Traditions


The Council of Nine has a rich an varied history. From the primordial Wyck, to the High Mythic Age, to the Summer of Love the Traditions has achieved innumerable triumphs and endured endless hardships.

None of these trials and tribulations prepared them for the Fall.

Nuclear exchange devastated the earth based Traditions. The crash of the Digital Web nearly killed off the Virtual Adepts. Then the great Masters began the wholesale slaughter of the enemy factions. No one likes to mention the Union mages who went Marauder in droves.

With the death of the Masters who measured their lives in centuries the Council of Nine completely collapsed leaving the Traditions to fend for themselves. The Master's legacy may have died but so did all their old grudges.

The apprentices of the Masters that survived had to do what apprentices have always done: clean up the mess. The Council of Nine reformed as the Phoenix Council.

Not everyone is thrilled about this. Traditionalists have to make the choice to adapt to the post-Fall world and work with the new Council or to go it alone, being the remaining few keeping the flame of the old ways alive. It's a brave new world and the old rules don't apply.

The 59th or Final Council

Since it's inception, the Council of Nine had met every 9 years to discuss the current state of affairs and plan for the future. As the years went by and defeat by the Union seemed eminent, fewer and fewer delegates from the Nine Traditions showed up for this auspicious meeting. In 1997, the Council held what was to be the final Council of the 20th century. Given the turning of the century and the millennia, one would think that an event of such importance would have been well attended. The Custos opened the Grand Chamber at the center of Horizon as they had since it was created, but the Chamber remained empty.

The Fall

The Fall began in the year 2000, specifically beginning as the Russian Prime Minster begin eaten on international television. The existence of supernaturals was revealed to the masses, causing world wide panic.

The Waste

No one is certain exactly what happened in Eastern Europe but the result is quite plain. A nuclear exchange created a burning wasteland of Eastern Europe. Aptly called The Waste, it exists more or less as a smoking hole of burning toxic debris covering the area from Western Russia to Eastern Poland going as North as Southern Estonia and as far south as northern Romania. The epicenter took the brunt of the explosion however, the rest of Europe, Russia and Western Asia were also impacted economically and environmentally. The damage would have been worse were it not for the Verbena intervention.

The impact of this devastation is unimaginable to all mages, but to the Verbena and the Dreamspeaker, there is no word for what they felt.

Some Nephandi factions take credit for the Waste. This seems credible as some Nephandi seem to thrive with in it. Marauders also take credit for the Waste, but the Order of Hermes claims it was a Union plot. No one knows what the real truth is.

April 14th

The nuclear exchange lead to collapse of the global infrastructure. This dominoed until the April 14, 2002 when the Digital Web went white, taking with it everyone online at the time. See the Virtual Adept section for information relating to Silent Thursday.

The Reconciliation War

With the monsters out of the box and the devastation in Eastern Europe, the Ascension War went from a cold war skirmishes to a blood match practically over night. Gloves off, faction blamed faction and Master blamed Master until the blaming escalated into violence. The violence escalated into the war known as the Reconciliation or the Reconciliation War.

The Fall saw the break up of the Council as each Tradition either coped with the damage to the earth or fought it's own battles with it's own Masters at the helm. While a few still called for Unity (the Celestial Chorus and Sons of Ether) the Horizon Realms were sacked, Doisstep was smashed and Horizon was obliterated. With the Primi dead or vanished, the Council was more a former affiliation than it was an actual Council.

Horizon Chantry

Horizon Chantry was the crown jewel of Council efforts. It boasted support from three of the most powerful Nodes on earth as well as a staggering library of magical knowledge. For the first 10 years of the Reconciliation War, Horizon was held by a cabal of Celestial Chorus with a few Son of Ether allies. They maintained a powerful Pax Horizon spell over the place. The purpose was two fold: 1. to offer haven to any Mage (note: Nephandi were excluded) seeking sanctuary from the Reconciliation 2. to preserve the extensive historical records kept in Horizon.

The second decade of the Reconciliation saw the Pax Horizon broken. Enemies of powerful fugitives seeking asylum in Horizon's walls, coupled with a decade of captivity breeding all sorts of scheming and plotting lead to a sudden break down of the miraculous peace. Insiders assisted Nephandi forces in casting Horizon into the Deep Umbra. Attempts to locate the chantry's current position have been unsuccessful and no one known to be inside at the time has returned. Everyone assumes the worst or the unimaginable.


Doisstep, the most powerful Tradition Chantry and the most flawed. Dedicated to destroying the Technocracy, Doisstep was ultimately blown apart by the enemy they worked so hard to defeat. Doisstep ended up being a bitter last stand in the Reconciliation War, it existed in a stalemate against encamped Union forces for 10 years. On Christmas day 2015, Union forces finally managed to sever Doisstep from its metaphysical tethers. With out magical fuel, it was only a matter of time before Doisstep's key magical defenses and it's centuries old inhabitants, starved. Severely weakened, Union forces entered Doisstep and fought the most bitter battle in of the Reconciliation. Called the Checkmate Offensive, it resulted in the slaying of the remaining inhabitants of Doisstep. It was a brutal, more resembling a death match than a battle. The Chantry would have been raided of it's resources but it seemed Porthos had one more trick up his sleeve. Doisstep was rigged so that if Porthos was killed, Doisstep would also self self-destruct. And self self-destruct it did, killing the surviving squadrons of Union forces remaining in Doisstep. Large intact chunks of Doisstep remain scattered across the Horizon, waiting to be explored by would be adventures.

Current Council Structure

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