The Legions


Excerpt from Weyland Smith, Legionnaire of the Homeguard, First Legion

Considering we psychokinetics are a fiercely independent lot, some wags marvel that enough of us PKs can stick together to make a single legion, let alone an entire order. How we do it isn’t such a surprise. Take a bunch of folks with something in common — beating aberrant arse — and they’ll stick together just fine. ‘Course, things would’ve fallen apart by now if not for the General — who you’d call our proxy. General Solveig Larssen is a holy terror disguised as a Scandinavian woman in her 50s (though, like all the proxies, she looks two decades younger). She’s the shining example of psychokinetic achievement. It boggles the mind to see her in the trenches, using all three PK modes at once while us poor sods are trying to get our brains around one, yeh? She’s the only proxy I know who still goes into the field ‘stead of hiding behind a desk. Be sure, the men — and women — in the Legions love her for it. General Larssen isn’t just a great soldier, she’s one of the most brilliant tacticians that ever lived. Alexander, Attila, Napoleon, Bradley, Osner… and Larssen. If you don’t agree, I’ve got a few thousand friends who beg to differ.

The noeticists say latency in psychokinesis is the most common among all the aptitudes. Looking at the Legions, I’d say they’re right. We’re a damn big mob! Tens of thousands of screamin’ psions getting up close and personal with aberrants — and at least double that amount in skilled neutral soldiers. It’s a good thing were such a big mob, considering our attrition rate. The General uses our numbers to best advantage by maintaining seven PK groups, each geared to a different kind of Legionnaire. She lets her commanders run their Legions how they will, but makes sure they remember who calls the shots (and if you have to ask, this interview is over). Sure, we have standard four-year tours, and a lot of Legionnaires muster out at the end of heirs, but General Larssen allows us to hook up with other organizations while we’re still with the Legions. I don’t mean buddy up with some upstart country or paranoid metacorp. With a Legion post in almost every nation on Earth and every territory in settled space, we make sure the three Cs are in effect for all our troops — communication, coordination and confidence. Our loyalty is to the Legions before anyone else. That’s why “Legions First,” yeh?


Commander: Shogun Auji Toshiro

This is the newest Legion, established after the chromatic raid on Karroo back in 2113. Before that, Legionnaires patrolling space and set up on colonies and orbital stations operated independently. After a point, there was just too much going on in space to not have an established presence, yeh? So, we’ve got Phoenix Squadron: a collection of hot pilots and brave psions, out there among the stars making sure nothing gets through to us.

Phoenix Squadron has posts on space stations and colonies. The Seventh maintains an HQ on Luna, the better to respond to any threats from the stars. They’re a strong-willed, independent lot, I’ll give ‘em that. Next to the Fourth, soldiers of Phoenix Squadron are the Legions’ most balls-to-the-wall outfit. Believe me, coming from another Legionnaire, that’s saying something.

Insider's Perspective

Call them what you want; from "flyboys" to "space cadets,", the Seventh Legion's hotshot pilots and assault troops have heard it all. They're the darlings of the off-Earth colonies and most of them are happy to play that status for all it's worth when on "dirt leave." (It's a common joke that the birth rate doubles nine months after Phoenix Squadron finishes a colony posting.)

The core of the Seventh consists of three groups The smalles of these are the combat pilots, gunner and so on. The second is the orbital assault group, the evolution of Marine and first strike battalions throughout history and the highest per-capita users of VARGs and similar mobile assault gear. The largest group is the support detail: engineers who keep things running along with quartermasters, navigators, physicians and damn night everything else a combat spaceship needs to keep in operation.

Toshiro, the commander is something of an odd duck. He's rather tall at 190 cm and he's one of the fastest psions in the order. His concentration is in telekinesis and he's used that mode to enhance maneuvers in the half a dozen martial arts which he has mastered. Soldiers in the Phoenix Squadron are only required to take only a basic one-week combat course in basic training. Toshiro encourages deeper study and it does seem that his promotions come out of his student corps.

The Bottom Line

The Seventh is charged with keeping extrasolar colonies safe for human colonists. In this day in age, that means reestablishing contact and hence their presence on the Jumpship Prometheus. Their secondary mission is to hunt down Aberrants wherever they may flee to in the universe.


Legion Enlisted — Service — Legion Officer — Status BG — Service
Private — 0 years — Ensign — 1 — 0 years

  • Private First Class — 1 years — Lieutenant JG — 2 — 2 years
  • Lance Corporal — 2 years — Lieutenant — 2 — 4 years
  • Corporal — 3 years — Captain 3 — 10 years
  • Sergeant — 4 years — Major — 4 — 16 years
  • Staff Sgt — 7 years — Colonel — 5 — 22 years
  • Gunnery Sgt — 10 years — Commander — 5 — 25+ years
  • Master Sgt — 13 years — Admiral — 5 — 25+ years