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                        Disciplines                        </div>

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<p><strong>• Feral Whispers</strong><br>
Roll: No roll is necessary to communicate with the animal, but to issue a command, it's Man. + Animal Ken, difficulty variable.<br>
With eye contact, the vampire may communicate with an animal, and request favors… if the animal feels like listening. Animals that have no eyes are unreachable. The simpler the creature, the more difficult it is to connect with its Beast. Insects, invertebrates and most fish (not sharks) are too simple to communicate with.</p>
<p>Difficulty Chart<br></p>
<table class="wiki-content-table">
<td>Predatory Mammal (wolf, cat, bat)</td>

<td>Mammals and predatory birds (rats, owls)</td>
<td>Birds and reptiles (pigeons, snakes)</td>
<p>The difficulty is reduced by 1 if the character speaks to the animal in its 'native tongue'. The number of successes dictates how strongly the command is heeded.</p>
<p><strong>•• Beckoning</strong><br>

Roll: Cha. + Survival, difficulty 6<br>
By making an animal call, the vampire can summon animals of a particular species who can hear her call. However, she can only call one species at a time. A call can not be retracted.<br>
1 suc. One animal responds.<br>
2 suc. A quarter of the animals in range respond.<br>
3 suc. Half of the amimals in range respond.<br>
4 suc. Most of the animals in range respond.<br>
5 suc. All of the animals in range respond.</p>
<p><strong>••• Quell the Beast</strong><br>
Roll: Man. + Empathy, difficulty 7<br>

Demand: successes = Willpower or more<br>
A Vampire who develops this power may assert his will over a mortal subject, subduing the Beast within her. This quenches all powerful, assertive emotions — hope, fury, inspiration — within the target. The Kindred must either touch his subject ore stare into her eyes to channel his will effectively. Mortals who lack the fire of their inner Beasts are quite tractable, reacting to even stressful situations with indifference. Even the most courageous mortal becomes apathetic and listless, while an especially sensitive individual my suffer from a phobic derangement while under the power's influence. Different clans evoke this power in different ways to an identical effect and call it different things. Tzimisce, Cowing the Beast. Nosferatu, Song of Serenity. Gangrel, Quell the Beast.<br>
Roll: Man + Intimidation if forcing through fear, and Man + Empathy if soothing into complacency. Difficulty 7 in either case. This is an extended action requiring as many total successes as the target has in Willpower. Failure indicates the player must start over from the beginning, while a botch indicates the vampire may never again affect that subject's beast. When a used on a mortal, she can no longer use or regain Willpower, ceases all struggles, and doesn't eve ndefend herself if assaulted (though is entitled to a willpower roll if her life is threatened). To recover from this power, it's a Willpower vs 6 roll once per day until she accumulates enough successes equal to the vampires willpower. Kindred themselves can not be affected by this power.</p>
<p><strong>•••• Subsume the Spirit</strong><br>
Roll: Cha. + Animal Ken, difficulty 8<br>
With eye contact, the vampire may possess an animal, but goes into torpor in so doing. Less than three successes means that willpower points must be spent if an act is against an animal’s instincts.<br>
Roll: Man + Animal Ken (vs 8), only beasts with eyes can be successed.</p>
<p>1 suc. Successful possession of the animal.<br>
2 suc. As above. Also, Auspex can be used.<br>

3 suc. As above. Also, Presence can be used.<br>
4 suc. As above. Also, Dominate can be used.<br>
5 suc. As above. Also, Thaumaturgy can be used.</p>
<p>This occasionally leads to the vampire retaining some instincts of the animal; a roll of Wits + Empathy, difficulty 8, may be required for the vampire to reclaim her mind afterward.</p>
<p><strong>••••• Drawing out the Beast</strong><br>
Roll: Man. + Animal Ken, difficulty 8<br>
The vampire may transfer her Beast to someone else, who will frenzy instead of her. This is an unnatural frenzy, however, as the victim is channelign the Kindred's own fury. As such, the vampire's own behavior and even speech patterns are evident in the subject's savage actions.<br>
1 suc. The Beast is transferred to an unintended target.<br>
2 suc. The Beast is transferred, but the vampire is exhausted, and gets no actions the next turn.<br>

3 suc. The Beast is transferred to its intended target.<br>
If the victim leaves while in frenzy, the vampire’s Beast will be left within the victim, and she may have to go to some lengths to regain it. In the meantime, she may not use or regain Willpower, is incapable of frenzy, and slowly becomes more and more apathetic and incapable of creative thought, until she regains her Beast. The victim is affected in the opposite way.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-1" style="display: none;">
<p><strong>• Heightened Senses</strong></p>
<p>Roll: None.<br>
The vampire can sharpen any or all of her senses, at will, for as long as she wants. However, traumas caused by sensory overload like very bright lights while in this state last much longer. The vampire will also sense things that she would otherwise not sense, like he might be sensitive to the presence of gnosis. In certain cicrumstances, use of this power requires a die roll: for a nomral Perception roll (the storyteller may reduce the DC by the character's Auspex rating) to notice a subject using Obfuscate, or to perceive a threat, with the ST's ruling on the DC. For example, sensing that a pistol is pointed at the back of the character's head may require a 5 while the sudden realization that a rival or primogen is planning her assassination may require a 9.</p>
<p>Auspex does not let you see in pitch darkness, but does reduce difficulty penalties in it from +2 to +1 and the character may make ranged attacks in pitch darkness if she can detect her foe.</p>
<p><strong>•• Aura Perception</strong><br>
Roll: Perception + Empathy, difficulty 8<br>

The vampire may read the aura of another. If the vampire attempts a second reading on anyone, treat any failure as a botch.<br>
1 suc. The vampire can tell if the aura is pale or bright, IE vampire or otherwise.<br>
2 suc. The predominant color can be distinguished.<br>
3 suc. Patterns can be recognized.<br>
4 suc. Shifts in color or pattern can be detected.<br>
5 suc. All aspects of the aura can be read.</p>
<p>On the mux, you can type +aura/list for the Aura colors we use!</p>
<p><strong>••• The Spirit’s Touch</strong><br>
Roll: Per. + Empathy, difficulty variable<br>

The vampire may touch an object, hold a shallow trance (thus only sort of aware of your surroundings, though a loud noise or jarring physical sensation will break the trance) and get psychic impressions of the last one who touched it.</p>
<p>DC is variable. The greater the individual's meotional connection to the object, the stronger the impression he leaves on it — and the more information the Kindred can glean from it.</p>
<p><strong>•••• Telepathy</strong><br>
Roll: Int. + Subterfuge, difficulty Willpower<br>
The vampire may read a target’s mind. If the target is a vampire, a willpower point must also be spent. The thoughts perceived are in a stream-of-consciousness form, which reflects that reading minds is usually easier than understanding what is being read.</p>
<p><strong>••••• Psychic Projection</strong><br>
Roll: Perception + Occult, difficulty variable on the distance and complexity of the intended trip. 7 is average, 10 is a trip far from familiar territory.<br>
The vampire may leave her body, and travel in astral form. In this state, she may travel up to 500 miles per hour, connected to her physical body by a silver cord. The integrity of this cord is reflected by the number of willpower points she has; if she goes down to zero willpower points, this cord breaks, stranding her in the astral plane.<br>
In this state, the vampire may use mental disciplines, but may not interact with physical reality, except that she may manifest as a ghostly form for one turn by spending a willpower point. Otherwise, she is nearly imperceptible in physical reality (except to those with Auspex, Mind 2, etc.). Due to the lack of a physical body, Wits replaces Dexterity, Manipulation replaces Strength, and Intelligence replaces Stamina. All damage causes loss of willpower points, rather than Health levels.</p>

<div id="wiki-tab-0-2" style="display: none;">
<p>Activating Celerity for one round requires the expenditure of a blood point.</p>
<p>Level 1<br>
You may take Two actions in a round instead of one.<br>
Level 2<br>
You may take Three actions in a round instead of two.</p>
<p>Level 3<br>
You may take Four actions in a round instead of three.</p>
<p>Level 4<br>

You may take Five actions in a round instead of four.</p>
<p>Level 5<br>
You may take Six actions in a round instead of five.</p>
<p>The use of your additional actions happens *after* your first claimed action. So, if you are in a fight and 3 people are acting, you take your first out of X actions in the given turn while everybody else takes their action. Then, your additional actions happen.</p>
<p>These actions must be physical actions. Normally, without Celerity, you must apply a dice pool penalty to act multiple times in one turn. Using celerity, one performs these actions without penalty, including full movement, gaining a full dice pool for each separate action. Extra actions gained through Celerity may not be split into multiple actions.</p>
<p><strong>House rule - Celerity and tests of agility:</strong> For every point in Celerity, you may roll again for the agility test and accumulate successes. (If I want to dodge an attack, and I pop Celerity 2, I roll 3 times and accumulate all of the successes towards the dodge. Once for the base move, and 2 additional times for the 2 points in Celerity). A botch in any of these rolls, however, amounts to a botch period.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-3" style="display: none;">
<p>• Ignis Fatuus<br>

By spending a willpower point, the vampire may create a static illusion involving one sense. She must be able to sense it to be able to create it, or sustain it. If it is revealed to be an illusion, or she leaves the vicinity, it disappears.</p>
<p>•• Fata Morgana<br>
Spending 1 WP and 1 Blood, the vampire may create a dweomer, a static illusion involving all senses. She must be able to sense it to be able to create it, or sustain it. If it is revealed to be an illusion, it disappears. For instance, a vampire could make section eight housing look like a chic boutique or a cardboard box feel like a matress.</p>
<p>••• Apparition<br>
Having created an illusion, the vampire may spend a blood point to make it move. This movement is limited to a specific pattern, and may not be changed once she has stopped concentrating on the illusion.</p>
<p>•••• Permanency<br>
Having created an illusion, the vampire may spend a blood point to cause it to remain for as long as she is in the general vicinity, even if she can no longer sense it. It remains permanent until dissolved.</p>
<p>••••• Horrid Reality<br>
More than just simple illusions, the vampire can project hallucinations directly into a victim's mind, so the target is thoroughly convinced of their reality. This can actually harm people. A hallucinatory fire can and will burn him, for instance. This effects only one person at a time, and although other people can try to convince the victim that his terrors are just a hallucination, he won't believe them.</p>

<p>Roll: Costs 2 WP to set in motion and remains an entire scene. To hurt your victim, you must roll Man. + Subterfuge, difficulty of the victim's Perception + Self Control. Each success inflicts one health level of damage on the victim; if the player wishes to inflict less, he may announce a maximum before rolling. This power cannot actually kill its victims, though its side effects might (heart attack, for instance, from fright). A victim "killed" by an illusory attack loses consciousness or enters torpor and all injuries disappear once the victim is truly convinced that she wasn't actually harmed. This might actually take a while, or even psychological therapy.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-4" style="display: none;">
<p>• Passion<br>
The vampire may stir his victim's emotions, either heightening them to a fevered pitch or blunting them until the target is completely desensitized. The Cainite may not choose which emotion is affected; she may only amplify or dull emotions already present in the target. In this way, a vampire can turn mild irritation into frothing rage or dull true love into casual interest.<br>
System: Cha + Empathy (dc of the victim's Humanity score, see crossover stats elsewhere on this site in the WoD reference index).</p>
<p>1 success One Turn<br>
2 successes One Hour<br>
3 successes One Night<br>
4 successes One Week<br>

5 successes One Month<br>
6+ successes Three months</p>
<p>•• The Haunting<br>
The vampire may stir the sensory centers of his victim's brain, flooding them with visions, sounds, scents or feelings that aren't really there. The images, regardless of the sesne to which they appeal, are only fleeting "glimpses," barely perceptible to the victim. The vampire using Dementation cannot control what the victim perceives, but may choose which sense is affected.<br>
The "haunting" effects occur mainly when the victim is alone, and mostly at night. They may take the form of the subject's repressed fears, guilty memories, or anything else the ST finds appropriate. The effects are never pleasant or unobtrusive. The victim may well feel as if she is going mad, or as if the world is.</p>
<p>System: Spend 1 blood point, roll Manip + Subterfuge, DC victim's Perception + Self-Control (see crossover stats in WoD Reference). The successes determine the length of the sensory "visitations".</p>
<p>1 success One Night<br>
2 successes Two Nights<br>
3 successes One Week<br>

4 successes One Month<br>
5 successes Three Months<br>
6+ successes One Year</p>
<p>••• Eyes of Chaos<br>
This peculiar power allows the vampire to take advantage of the fractured wisdom hidden in insanity. She may scrutinize the "patterns" of a person's soul, the convolutions of a vampire's inner nature, or even random events in nature itself. The Kindred with this power can discern the most well-hidden psychoses, or gain insight into a person's true self. Malkavians with this power often have (or claim to have) knowledge of the moves and countermoves of the great Jyhad.</p>
<p>System: Spend a turn in concentration. Then, roll Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the intricacy of the pattern. For instance, discerning the nature of a stranger would be 9; a casual acquaintance would be 8, an old friend would be 6. The Malk could also read messages locked in a coded missive (DC 7) or even see the doings of an invisible hand in such events as the pattern of falling leaves (DC 6). Nearly anything might contain hidden insight, no matter how trivial.</p>
<p>•••• Voice of Madness<br>
By merely addressing his victims aloud, the Malkavian can drive targets into fits of blind rage or fear, forcing them to abandon reason and higher thought. Victims are plagued by hallucinations of their subconscious demons, and try to flee in the wake of this power's use, although offending Malkavians often claim that they were merely encouraging people to act "according to their natures." Unfortunately for the vampire concerned, he runs a very real risk of falling prey to his own voice's power.</p>
<p>System: Spend 1 Blood, roll Manip + Empathy vs 7. One target is affected per success, but all potential victims must be listening. Affected victims fly immediately into a frenzy or a blind fear like Roetschreck. Kindred or other creatures capable of frenzy may make a frenzy check at a +2 difficulty. Mortals are automatically affected and don't remember their actions while berserk. The effects last for a scene, although vampires and Lupines may test as usual to sap out of it. The vampire using VoM must also check for frenzy/roetschreck upon invoking this power, although his DC is -1.</p>

<p>••••• Total Insanity<br>
This power allows the vampire to drive her victim (mortal or vampire) insane. The victim completely loses her sanity, taking on five Derangements of the Storyteller's choice. The victim must be completely focused on the vampire for this power to have any effect.<br>
System: The number of successes the vampire scores on a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty equal to the victim's Willpower rating) determines how long the effects last.</p>
<p>1 success One Turn<br>
2 successes One Night<br>
3 successes One Week<br>
4 successes One Month<br>
5 successes One Year</p>

<div id="wiki-tab-0-5" style="display: none;">
<p>• Command<br>
Roll: Man. + Intimidation, difficulty Willpower. The more successes, the longer or the more vigorously is the command adhered to.</p>
<p>With eye contact, the vampire may give a one-word command to a target. This command may only be one word, but it may be used with slight emphasis in a sentence, to hide it. This command is obeyed instantly, unless it is ambiguous, in which case temporary confusion ensues.</p>
<p>•• Mesmerize<br>
Roll: Man. + Leadership, difficulty Willpower<br>
The vampire can implant thoughts and hypnotic suggestions in the victim's subconscious, which may be as simple or detailed as desired. Eye contact must be maintained throughout the command, but is not necessary once the command has been given. The prompt may be obeyed either immediately, or established to be triggered by a specific stimulus in the future. A subject can only have one suggestion implanted at any time.<br>
1 suc. The target will not act in defiance of her nature, or her usual behavior, but she is otherwise obedient.<br>
3 suc. The target can be made to act in ways that she otherwise wouldn’t, except in the case of self-endangering behavior.<br>

5 suc. Nearly any command may be given, Storyteller nimdyd excepted.</p>
<p>••• The Forgetful Mind<br>
Roll: Wits + Subterfuge, difficulty Willpower<br>
With eye contact, the vampire can alter her target’s memories.<br>
1 suc. The vampire may cause limited memory loss lasting a day, with control over which memories are lost.<br>
2 suc. The vampire may cause more permanent memory loss.<br>
3 suc. The vampire may make slight alterations to her victim’s memory.<br>
4 suc. The vampire may alter or remove an entire scene from her victim’s memory.<br>
5 suc. The vampire may reconstruct entire periods of a victim’s life.</p>

<p>•••• Conditioning<br>
Roll: Cha. + Leadership, difficulty Willpower<br>
The vampire may add to the number of successes she has accumulated in someone she is dominating. Once she has accumulated a number of successes from five to ten times her victim’s Self-Control, the victim will act as if dominated even in the vampire’s absense. Such a victim will continue to obey the vampire, even when not dominated, and the difficulty for all other vampires to try to dominate her is increased by two.</p>
<p>Conditioning is an extended action; the ST determines the number of needed successes. It usually requires 5-10 times the subject's Self Control score. Targets with more empathic Natures may require lower successes, while those with willful Natures require more. Only through RP may ac haracter discern whether his subject is successfully conditioned.</p>
<p>A target may become more tractable even before becoming fully conditioned. ONce the vampire accumulates half the required amount of successes, the ST may apply a lower DC to the vampire's subsequent uses of Dominate. After being conditioned, the target falls so far under the vampire's influence that eye contact or sometimes even presence is no longe rneeded to retain absolute control, so long as his master will communicate verbally. No command roll is necessary unless the subject is totally isolated from the vampire (over the phone still counts as isolated). If a command roll fails, the target still will likely carry out PART of the orders given.</p>
<p>After the subject is completely conditioned, other Kindred find him more difficult to Dominate. Such conditioning raises others' difficulties by 2 (to a max of 10).</p>
<p>To shake conditionin is possible if the subject is entirely separated from the vampire to which he is enthralled. The separation period varies depending on the individual: six months - WP x 1 week. So, if you have 5 WP, then you have to stay away from the vampire for just under 5 months.</p>
<p>••••• Possession<br>
Roll: Cha. + Intimidation, difficulty 7<br>

Resist: Willpower, difficulty 7<br>
With continuous eye contact, the vampire may possess a mortal, but goes into torpor in so doing. Each success by the vampire costs the victim a willpower point. Each success by the victim gives her an extra die the next round. A botch by the vampire makes the victim permanently immune to all Dominate attempts by that vampire. The actual possession (and torpor) occurs when the victim has no willpower points.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-6" style="display: none;">
<p>Fortitude is a type of preternatural constitution which allows Vampires resistance to harms to which they are particularly vulnerable. All vampires are able to shrug off injury inflicted by weapons of all sorts, but are incredibly susceptible to sunlight and fire. Those with Fortitude are not easily bowed by even these elemental forces, and are even more resistant to "normal" injuries.</p>
<p>System: Fortitude provides the ability to resist sunlight and fire to those who possess it. For each level of Fortitude a character possesses, he may roll one die to soak damage from fire and sunlight. Fortitude is also added to a character's ability to soak other wounds.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-7" style="display: none;">
The character can hinder the flow of kinetic energy affecting him, reducing the damage of any such attacks directed against him.<br>
System: Spend one blood point and roll Stamina + Dodge at DC 6, each success generated removes one damage success. Also works on aggravated attacks.</p>

The character can alter the course of moving objects up to 180 degrees.<br>
System: Roll Stamina + Dodge at DC 6, for each success the character may alter the direction of a single projectile by as much as 30 degrees directing a missile back to its source requires 5 successes and a Wits + Firearms roll at DC 8 to actually hit said target. Due to the level of concentration required, the character may take no other actions.</p>
<p>•••Vengeful Strike<br>
The character is able to focus kinetic energy as a weapon. Any attack that successfully strikes the character may be refocused to add to the character's own hand-to-hand attack's.<br>
System: The character spends one blood point. When struck by an attack they must still soak any damage however they may add additional dice to her own damage pool equal to the total number of damage successes against her.</p>
The character can enhance the kinetic energy they generate themselves. They may apply this to ranged attacks.<br>
System: The character spends one blood point and makes a willpower roll at DC6. For each success they may add one die to their damage pool. This only applies to physical attacks</p>

<p>•••••Kinetic Shield<br>
The character creates a barrier of kinetic energy in front of them, which may be used to protect themselves or anyone else behind the barrier from assaults.<br>
System: The character spends one blood point and rolls Willpower at DC 7. With one success she creates a 6' x 4' barrier in front of her that will absorb up to five Health levels of damage. Additional successes may be used to increase the area (Three feet per success) or add additional Health levels (one per success)</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-8" style="display: none;">
<p>• Insight<br>
Roll: Per. + Occult, difficulty 8<br>
The vampire may look into the eyes of a target no longer living, and see the last things they saw. The difficulty to use this power is 10 if the target is a vampire.<br>
1 suc. The vampire sees how the victim died.<br>
2 suc. The vampire sees a rough impression of the victim’s final minutes.<br>

3 suc. The vampire sees and hears a rough impression of the victim’s final minutes.<br>
4 suc. The vampire sees and hears the last half-hour of the victim’s life.<br>
5 suc. The vampire completely understands the last hour of the victim’s life.</p>
<p>•• Summon Spirit<br>
Roll: Per. + Occult, difficulty 6<br>
Resist: Willpower, difficulty 6<br>
The vampire may summon a spirit, and speak with it. For each question asked, roll the number of successes in the initial roll; failure means that contact is lost. The vampire must know the name of the spirit, and have a fetter, to use this power.</p>
<p>••• Compel<br>
Roll: Man. + Occult, difficulty Willpower<br>

The vampire may attempt to control a spirit, once she has summoned it.<br>
botch The spirit is pissed off, and attacks.<br>
failure The spirit is free to leave, and free to attack.<br>
1 suc. The spirit must remain, and can not attack anyone without the consent of the vampire.<br>
2 suc. As above. Additionally, the spirit must truthfully answer questions.<br>
3 suc. As above. Additionally, the spirit must truthfully — and completely — answer questions.<br>
4 suc. As above. Additionally, the spirit must follow the orders of the vampire. If unwilling, it may intentionally misinterpret orders or follow them poorly.<br>
5 suc. As above, but the spirit must do the best of which it is capable to follow orders.</p>
<p>•••• Haunting<br>

Roll: Man. + Occult, difficulty Willpower<br>
The vampire may force a spirit into the world of the living, for one day per success. The spirit may still use Argos to escape. The difficulty to use this power is 4 if the spirit is willing.</p>
<p>••••• Soul Stealing<br>
Roll: Man. + Occult, difficulty Willpower + Occult<br>
The vampire may force a soul out of its body, treating it as a spirit. The unoccupied body deteriorates as if dead or in torpor, and the spirit must spend a willpower point to return to it. In the meantime, the spirit treats its body as a fetter, and has no Arcanos. The difficulty to use this power is 6 if the victim is willing.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-9" style="display: none;">
<p>• Cloak of Shadows<br>
The vampire may be unnoticed by most, by hiding completely motionless in a shadow, or in a place that puts an object (not necessarily an object big enough to hide behind) between herself and others who might see her. No roll is required.</p>
<p>•• Unseen Presence<br>

Roll: Wits + Stealth, difficulty 6<br>
The vampire may go unseen, and even be subconsciously avoided, by others. No roll is required unless someone is looking for the vampire, or the vampire is moving in an abrupt manner, as during speech or combat. After revealing themselves though previously deceived by this power may make a Wits + Alertness roll at DC 7 to remember everything the vampire had done previously.</p>
<p>••• Mask of the Thousand Faces</p>
<p>Roll: Man. + Performance, difficulty 7<br>
The vampire may assume another appearance. This is only in the minds of others, and often others will see different forms. This power may not usually be used for impersonation.<br>
1 suc. A little different. She could still be picked from a police lineup.<br>
2 suc. A bit more different. Descriptions vary.<br>
3 suc. The desired appearance is successfully broadcast.<br>
4 suc. Appearance, movements, and mannerisms are all radically different.<br>

5 suc. Even race or gender can be altered.</p>
<p>•••• Vanish From the Mind’s Eye<br>
Roll: Cha. + Stealth, difficulty Wits + Alertness<br>
Demand: successes = 3 or more<br>
The vampire can disappear from view. If more successes are gained than a target’s Willpower, that target forgets that the vampire was even there, if the vampire leaves promptly.</p>
<p>••••• Cloak the Gathering</p>
<p>The vampire can hide one extra target, for each point she has in Stealth, by the use of any Obfuscate power she knows. The roll is made once, and its efficacy is applied to the entire group.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-10" style="display: none;">
<p>• Shadow Play<br>

By spending a blood point, the vampire can manipulate shadows and dim (but can not extinguish) lights, gaining a one-die bonus in all Intimidation and Stealth rolls.</p>
<p>•• Shroud of Night<br>
Roll: Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 6<br>
The vampire may cover ten square feet, per success, in a black matter that obscures all light and sound. Most are blind and deaf within it; those with Heightened Senses or Gleam of Red Eyes are not, but lose three dice in relevant pools. If the vampire can not see the area to be blackened, she must spend a blood point, and the difficulty is increased by two.</p>
<p>*••• Arms of the Abyss<br>
Roll: Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 7<br>
The vampire may create dark tendrils. Each success either summons a six-foot shadowy tendril, or increases such a tendril by six feet. Each tentacle has a Strength and Dexterity rating equal to the invoking vampire's Obtenebration trait. If the vampire chooses she may spend a blood point to either increase a tentacle's Strength or Dexterity by one or increase its length by six feet. Each tentacle has four health levels and soaks using the vampire's Stamina + Fortitude. Aggrevated damage may not be soaked.</p>
<p>•••• Black Metamorphosis</p>
<p>Roll: Manipulation + Courage, difficulty 7<br>

The Vampire calls upon their inner darkness and and becomes a hybrid of matter and shadow.<br>
System: The player spends two blood points and makes the indicated roll, a failure indicates that they cannot undergo the metamorphosis, a botch inflicts two unsoakable levels of lethal damage. While under the effects of Black Metamorphosis the vampire possesses four tentacles, similar to Arms of the Abyss who's attributes are equal to the vampire's own. These, combined with the bands of darkness over the vampire's body subtract 2 dice from the stamina and soak dice pools of opponents they maintain contact with. The Vampire may make one extra attack per turn due to their tentacles (One TOTAL, not one per tentacle) Mortals and animals not used to such a display must make a Courage DC8 roll to prevent a panic that amounts to Rotschreck. Many Lasombra cultivate this devilish aspect and Black Metamorphosis adds a further 3 dice to their Intimidation pools</p>
<p>••••• Tenebrous Form<br>
By spending three blood points, the vampire may transform, over three turns, into a shadow. In this state, the vampire may see in absolute darkness, slither through cracks, use mental disciplines, and is invulnerable to physical attack. Mortals not accustomed to such displays must make a Courage roll at DC8 or suffer the same penalties the terror described under Black Metamorphosis.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-11" style="display: none;">
<p>Potence refers to a vampire's superhuman strength. For each dot in Potence a Vampire possesses, they are understood to achieve one automatic success for any roll involving strength (including damage).</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-12" style="display: none;">
<p>• Awe<br>
Roll: Charisma + Acting, difficulty 7<br>

The vampire can make others attracted to her. Once a target has spent one willpower point for each success, the effect is ignored, and the target can not be affected for the rest of the scene. The number of victims affected is as follows:<br>
1 suc. one person<br>
2 suc. two people<br>
3 suc. six people<br>
4 suc. twenty people<br>
5 suc. everyone in the vicinity</p>
<p>•• Dread Gaze<br>
Roll: Charisma + Intimidation, difficulty Wits + 3<br>
The vampire can adopt a threatening presence against a victim. In addition to the loss of one die per success on the next action, the victim is affected as follows:<br>

botch The victim is immune to all further uses of Presence by the vampire for the remainder of the story.<br>
failure All accumulated successes are lost.<br>
1 suc. The victim is cowed.<br>
3 suc. The victim flees in horror. If cornered, she will often adopt the fetal position at the vampire’s feet.</p>
<p>••• Entrancement</p>
<p>Roll: Appearance + Empathy, difficulty Willpower<br>
The vampire may enchant the target, who will seek to please the vampire, of her own free will. The effects last for the following time periods:<br>
1 suc. one hour.<br>
2 suc. one day.<br>

3 suc. one week.<br>
4 suc. one month.<br>
5 suc. one year.</p>
<p>•••• Summon</p>
<p>Roll: Charisma + Subterfuge, difficulty variable<br>
The vampire may make another target come to him. The difficulty varies according to how well the vampire knows the target, as follows:<br>
dif. 4 The target has previously succumbed to the vampire’s use of Presence.<br>
dif. 5 The target is someone the vampire knows.<br>
dif. 7 The target is a stranger.<br>

dif. 8 The target has previously resisted the vampire’s use of Presence.<br>
The effect only lasts for 24 hours, and may therefore have to be repeated. The target will home in on the vampire as quickly as possible, without knowing why, or having to be told where she is, even if the vampire changes location after using this power. The degree of the effect is as follows:<br>
1 suc. The target approaches, but with hesitation.<br>
2 suc. The target approaches, but tentatively.<br>
3 suc. The target approaches.<br>
4 suc. The target approaches with great haste.<br>
5 suc. The target rushes as quickly as possible.</p>
<p>••••• Majesty</p>
<p>Resist: Courage, difficulty Charisma + Intimidation<br>

The vampire is automatically respected and feared.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-13" style="display: none;">
<p>• Gleam of Red Eyes</p>
<p>The vampire may see in the dark. When she is using this power, her eyes glow red. This change takes one turn to complete.</p>
<p>•• Feral Claws</p>
<p>By spending one blood point, the vampire may grow one-inch claws on her fingers, which do aggravated damage. This change takes one turn to complete.</p>
<p>••• Earth Meld</p>
<p>By spending one blood point, the vampire may sink into the ground, gaining shelter from sunlight. This only works on earth; this power may not be used on concrete, asphalt, or even earth under a linoleum floor.</p>
<p>•••• Shadow of the Beast</p>

<p>By spending one blood point over three turns, the vampire can transform into a wolf or a bat. This may also be done by spending three blood over one turn, if the vampire’s generation allows it.</p>
<p>••••• Form of Mist</p>
<p>By spending one blood point over three turns, the vampire can transform into a mist. This mist may not be separated by wind, but it can be moved by it, and Potence must be used to resist being blown around. This may also be done by spending three blood over one turn, if the vampire’s generation allows it.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-14" style="display: none;">
<p>• Silence of Death<br>
By spending a blood point, the vampire may create a zone of a twenty-foot radius around her, within which no sounds will be heard, and no one will hear anything. She herself will only hear sounds made outside the zone.</p>
<p>•• Weakness<br>
Roll: Willpower, difficulty Sta. + Fortitude<br>
By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may reduce her victim’s Stamina by one. The victim stays in this condition for the duration indicated on the chart.</p>

<p>••• Diseased<br>
Roll: Willpower, difficulty Willpower<br>
By bringing three points of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may reduce each of her victim’s physical attributes by one. The victim stays in this condition for the duration indicated on the chart.</p>
<p>•••• Blood Agony<br>
By coating a bladed weapon of adequate size with her blood, the vampire may use the weapon to inflict aggravated damage. Assume that one blood point is rubbed off each time the blade hits something, whether it does damage or not.</p>
<p>••••• Taste of Death<br>
Roll: Dex. + Firearms, difficulty based on range<br>
The vampire may spit blood, at a range of up to ten feet for each dot she has in Strength or Potence, and each blood point so used does two dice of aggravated damage.</p>

<div id="wiki-tab-0-15" style="display: none;">
<p>• Eyes of the Serpent<br>
Roll: Willpower, difficulty 9<br>
The vampire may paralyze anyone with whom she makes eye contact, for as long as eye contact is maintained. This power may be used on mortals without a roll.<br>
When the vampire first learns this power, her eyes change into those of a serpent. This is considered a permanent change, though the exact nature of the change varies, and may be detailed by the Player and/or Storyteller.</p>
<p>•• Tongue of the Serpent<br>
The vampire may change her tongue into that of a serpent, being about eighteen inches long and forked. This tongue can be used to inflict aggravated damage (difficulty 6, Strength damage), or to drink blood. This should be considered equivalent to the Kiss, including the pleasure caused in those on whom it is used.</p>
<p>••• The Skin of the Adder<br>
The Vampire expends one blood point and one willpower point and their skin becomes scaly and mottled, along with much more flexible. Soak difficulties are reduced to five and they may use their stamina to soak aggravated damage from claws and fangs, though not from fire. Their mouth widens and fangs lengthen so they may deal an extra level of aggravated damage from bite attacks. They may also fit through any opening large enough to squeeze their head into. Their appearance drops to 1 and is obviously inhuman.</p>

<p>•••• Form of the Serpent<br>
By paying one blood point over three turns, the vampire can transform into a black, poisonous cobra, of about six feet in length. This may also be done by paying three blood over one turn, if the vampire’s generation allows it. In this state, all Perception rolls involving smell are rolled with their difficulties decreased by two, but all Perception rolls involving hearing are rolled with their difficulties increased by two.</p>
<p>••••• Heart of Darkness<br>
The vampire may remove her heart on the new moon, and put it in a clay urn. She may even do this to another vampire, though this takes several hours. For the vampire to whom this is done, it reduces frenzy roll difficulties by two, and makes her unstakeable. If the heart is destroyed, she will die horribly. If the heart is staked, she will enter torpor.<br>
This power is automatic, and no rolls are required by its use, but the Storyteller may force Courage rolls to actually go through with it, and may cause mortal onlookers (and possibly even vampiric ones) to violently expectorate recent meals.</p>
<div id="wiki-tab-0-16" style="display: none;">
<p><strong>Modern powers:</strong></p>
<p>• Whispers of the Chamber<br>
You can detect others within an enclosed area of about the size of a large apartment. You may detect others who you could not ordinarily see, even those out of sight, hidden in darkness, or Obfuscated. Within your area, you may attempt to see any character with a Perception + Alertness/Stealth versus Dex + Stealth roll.</p>

<p>•• Skin of the Chameleon<br>
You can now cause your skin to take on the texture and color of its surroundings, providing you with excellent concealment so long as you do not move quickly. You may Obfuscate with an equivalent of level two of that Discipline. You may move while hidden in this fashion, but no faster than a slow walk.</p>
<p>••• Voices of the Castle<br>
This power resembles Whispers of the Chamber, but has now advanced to such an extent that you may search out hidden characters with an entire building or physical structure. Within your building, you may attempt to see any character with a Perception + Alertness/Stealth versus Dex + Stealth roll.</p>
<p>•••• Bond with Terra<br>
Similar to the Protean power Earth Meld, this power also allows you to melt into stone, brick or asphalt. However, this power does not allow you to actually sink deep into the protective surroundings. Instead, you seep just below the surface, and a faint outline of your form can be seen above where you rest. You may meld into stone or earth at a cost of one Blood. You may not meld into stone through some other substance.</p>
<p>••••• Stone Strength<br>
Your flesh has hardened to the strength of granite, and you no longer feel pain nearly as strongly as even most Kindred. Each evening, you may ignore two levels of damage of your choice. You must choose whether or not to ignore a particular level at the moment when you receive it. These levels may not resist damage caused by sunlight.</p>

<p><strong>Dark Ages powers:</strong></p>
<p>• Skin of the Chameleon<br>
When Skin of the Chameleon is in effect, the Gargoyle's skin takes on the color and texture of the surrounding environment. This coloration changes as long as the Gargoyle maintains a walking pace or slower. More rapid movement will make the Gargoyle's appearance blur, negating the camouflaging effect. Costs one blood point. If the Gargoyle is in flight, his skin becomes a reasonable facsimile of the night sky, though it will not shift to mimic nearby skyscrapers or star patterns.</p>
<p>•• Scry the Hearthstone<br>
The backbone of the Gargoyles' strength as guardians of havens and chantries, this power allows the user to maintain vigilance over part or all of an enclosed structure. The Gargoyle gains an innate sense of where all beings are located within the structure, even those hidden by Obfuscate or other supernatural concealment. Costs a Willpower point to activate and remains in effect as long as the Gargoyle is within or in contact with the target structure. This can be used on anything up to the size of a large castle, including a cave complex, a theatre, a parking garage or a mansion. To determine the Gargoyle's ability to detect Obsfucated characters, compare the relative levels of the Gargoyle's Visceratika minus one and the intruder's Obsfuscate as per the rules for Auspex.</p>
<p>••• Bond with the Mountain<br>
This allows a Gargoyle to seek shelter within stone (or building materials that are stonelike, such as cement). A faint outline of the Gargoyle's shape can be seen by an sharp-eyed observer. Costs 2 blood points and the merge takes four turns to complete. A Gargoyle attacked while Bonded with the Mountain has triple his normal soak against all forms of attack. If he sustains three lethal health levels of damage from a single attack, however, he is forced out of his bond and suffers disorientation.</p>
<p>•••• Armor of Terra<br>
This power, combined with the unnatural resilence granted by Fortitude, is the source of the Gargoyles' ability to withstand assaults that would tear lesser Kindred to shreds. The Gargoyles' skin is toughened and she gains a higher pain threshold. She also acquires a limited amount of immunity to fire (though is no less terrified of it). This power is automatic and always in effect. Gives one extra soak for all aggravated and lethal attacks and two for all bashing. Reduces all wound penalties by one and halves the damage of any fire based source of injury.</p>

<p>••••• Flow Within the Mountain<br>
A Gargoyle is no longer confined to the location in which he Bonded with the Mountain. He may now travel through stone and concrete as if it where no thicker than a dense liquid. Once Bond with the Mountain has been used, the character spends two more blood points to active this power for the duration of the scene.</p>
<p>This power can also be used to walk through a stone wall and emerge on the other side without first using Bond with the Mountain. In this case, the player spends one blood point. The Gargoyle may flow through a maximum thickness in feet equal to his successes. If the wall or barrier is thicker, the character is trapped within it until he is chiseled out or uses Flow Within the Mountain to escape.</p>
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