It’s the 21st century and humanity has more and better technology now than its ever had in
long, tumultuous history. Indeed, history has shown that our greatest scientific advancements
occurred as a result of terrible strife. War has always been at the core of this ingenuity, from the invention of armor to gunpowder to aircraft to nudear arms to spacecrd.

What greater hardship could the human race have suffered than the Fall- a fight for
our very survival against the monsters? If anything good came from the war, it was the inspiration to advance our technologies -weapons, communications, transportation, medicine -
beyond imagination. And all this despite the monstrous crimes committed against prosperity and civilition as a whole. The creations and inventions that helped us win the war, also helped us survive its aftermath. Efforts to rebuild a charred world demanded new scientific endeavors - hyper-fusion that allowed colonization of othewise uninhabitable regions, medicines to treat those afflicted by the monster's taint, and new ships that could take us to distant stars. One could even venture to say that without the Fall, our aggressive exploration and colonization of space would never have occurred - the required technologies may never have been developed or even conceived.

Our need to survive demanded the best from us.

The technological accomplishments that resulted from it are now taken for granted. We count on computer systems to be isolated and protected for their own - and our -good. We need machines to translate our words so that we can communicate instantly with other cultures across the world. Survivors of the Fall still tell stories of atrocities, but they have become folk tales. Yet whether they know it or not, even today’s young lie the legacy of the war, through the devices and inventions they rely on every day. We stand in the shadow of the Fall and today’s technologies are testament to that fact.

When the monsters have returned, though, and humanity has responded. Strife inspires us to reach for greater technological heights once again. Science is now capable of altering human evolution itself, of unleashing the powers of the mind and body. Furthermore, today’s science no longer recognizes only gears and microchips, physics and electromagnetics, but the ebb and flow of universal forces that bind all things. 7he results ofthis new era are psionic energy and biotech (technology created from life itself). It’s only natural, then, that the next step in human evolution should wield our newest creations.

~Commander Heath Henderson-Faulk - Metsec public adress, 2035

The Catalogue of Chrome

The Chrome

The 21st century is all about options. We are no longer limited what we are born with. Just flip through the catalogue of chrome. Augmentation is nearly unlimited…if you've got the NuYen.

  • Bioware - A more natural fit for the discriminating cyborg. Bioware is a mix of organic implants, glands or extra organs to maximize your potential! Don't let the chrome get you down. Try some bioware today!
  • Neuralware - Neuralware deals directly with the nervous system. Need a brainboost? What about a skillchip? Look no further!
  • Implants - Looking for a little "in-out"? We've got your Mr.Studd. Need a HUD for a raid on a vamp nest? We've got that too. Monitors, wires and jacks. One stop shopping.
  • Fashionware - Why settle for just looking superior on the inside when you can also look cool out the outside? Fashionware is about looking good while kicking ass.
  • Cyberweapons - Enough said.
  • Cyberlimbs - Got butter fingers? Hands like fish-flippers? Want to out run a cheetah? Get the latest in cybernetic limbs.

Weapons & Armor

  • Melee - Vibroblades and electrified brass nuckles. The classics never die. They just get better.
  • Machine Guns - Nothing says, "Die fucker, die!" like a machine gun from the oven!
  • Pistols - From the light, snubnoses to heavy glocks, pistols never go out of style.
  • Non-Lethals and Exotics - Need to say "I hate you" in a special way? Looking for something that wounds but doesn't kill? Look no further. Cobra's, air pistols and other sundry oddities of the streets.
  • Accessories - What's a good kill with out a flash supressor and a silencer? I know I can't snipe properly with out a laser scope. Go ahead, make my day. Click the link.
  • High Tech Weapons - You looking for something seriously sick and sci-fi? Here it is. Laser carbine, fletchette, light sabers and more.


  • Gear - Need a fashion upgrade? Want the look of cyber with out the surgery? We've got it all.
  • [[schoene-machine|Schoene Machine]] - These machines hae so much edge you'll cut yourself. If you've got one of these you've got a piece of the future.


Drugs - You can't afford to say no.