Cybernetically enhanced killing machines, the Solo character is constantly on the fatal Edge. Always willing to implant the newest reflex boost and the hottest combat devices, the Solo's body is their weapon. Jacked up faster than a sprinter on Speed, loaded with every piece of tech that will fit, and ditching the slow flesh for the purity of lethal metal. The Solos are the elite warriors of the Urban Combat Zone: able to outgun Cops, take on Boostergangs without breaking a sweat, and even give a Government soldier a run for their money.

The Solo is often the only thing standing between an Edgerunner team and a very messy death. They live for combat, honing their skills in the back alleys and punk bars of the deadly Street. Getting ever closer to cyberpsychosis, the Solo is a necessary evil for a team that wished to live through the night. Without a Solo around, the party is little more than walking corpses with very large targets pained on their backs.

Combat Sense: The ability of the Solo to anticipate danger, notice ambushes, and avoid harm. The Combat Sense skill is added to all initiative rolls as well as rolls related to stealth, melee and brawl.

O - Thug - You can steal someone's lunch money no problem.
OO - Merc - You are good enough to get work from petty criminals.
OOO - Pro - People reccomend you by name.
OOOO - Master - They never see you leave.
OOOOO - Ninja - They neve see you coming.