Trained in some of the most elite militaries in the world, the Soldiers are probably the best combat troops to have ever set foot on a battlefield. Many were the original recipiants of cybernetic limb technology, as well as many of the reflex boost systems so commonly seen today on the modern street. Some were even the guiney pigs for various chemical and genetic experimentations designed to create the "perfect soldier". Many of these X-Soldiers didn't survive the conversion process.

On top of it all, the nations that trained the Soldiers can now barely afford to feed them let alone equip them properly. After defending their governments during the riots and revolutions during the Technoshock Collapse, many were simply discharged and left to their own devices. Disillusioned, some turned to violence becoming petty warlords and vandals. Others gave up on life, slipping into alchoholism and drug abuse. But the majority attempted to maintain the military life as best they could, joining mercenary teams and corporate armies. While not as equipped for the deadly world of the Urban Jungle as well as their cousins the Solos, the Soldiers are still some of the best and the most dangerous individuals around.

Combat Sense: The ability of the Soldier to anticipate danger, notice ambushes, and avoid harm. The Soldier may use his Combat Sense rating as a form of danger sense to avoid surprise attacks and may also add it to his initiative pool. He may also add it to any Leadership, Dodge, or Firearms.

O - Private - You've been through basic.
OO - Jarhead - You know enough to wear your helmet
OOO - Soldier - You've seen combat and know how to handle yourself.
OOOO - Commander - You've lead men into battle or are a specialist in a particular style of combat.
OOOOO - Veteran - You've been through multiple wars. You are a decorated war vet.