Schoene Machine

Technology is a staple of science fiction. After all, what would Luke Skywalker be with out his lightsaber or Case with out his cyber deck. The difference between run of the mill gear is and a Schoene Machine is two fold: function and reputation. Schoene Machines are unique pieces of technology that are available in very, very limited numbers. They're prototypes, custom gear, limited editions, collector's pieces or maybe even alien artifacts.

The Schoene Machine may have a spectacular reputation rather than some fantastic ability. These devices impart a certain amount of fame or prestige to their owner. There should be a story about each Schoene Machine, its origins, its functions, how it works (if anyone knows) and how one came to own it.

Schoene Machines do not always easily translate into cash-values. A good rule of thumb is that a Schoene Machine is worth three dots higher than its usual resources cost, but more often than not, these devices are priceless.

Note: Schoene Machines are rare and powerful items. Schoene Machines require application and devices above level 3 require substantial justification. These devices are often experimental and come with some sort of quirk or Achilles Heel. They are also prone to theft or plots to steal them. Be careful what you wish for!

O - A device that is barely distinguishable from the run of the mill equipment on the market. Perhaps it has some extra durability, is ornately decorated or is just lucky. A one-dot Schoene Machine adds one die to a specific combat roll, two dice to a specific non-combat roll or has a reputation recognized within a specific culture or area.

Example: A leather jacket worn in an early video by rockerboy Jamie Startdust. The wearer usually gets free drinks and lots of attention at the local club (reputation). A gun fitted with a custom grip (+1 to aim), or a cyberdeck with an advanced processor (+2 to hacking).

OO - The Schoene Machine has been moderately modified to enhance its capabilities or has a reputation that is a bit more wide spread than the previous level. A two-dot device may give one bonus die to a commonly made roll or two to a less frequently made roll. It may also merge functions of two lower level pieces of standard equipment. At this level, the Schoene Machine may be a group of four level one Schoene Machines, such as a quartet of computers with unique Data Hound developed search engines.


OOO - At this level, the Schoene Machine starts to get impressive. Such a device is noteworthy for its ability to extend capabilities far beyond those possible for "normal" gear and any technologically savvy observer will take note of the item's performance. A three-point Schoene Machine generally adds two dice to a commonly made roll or to a wide variety of lesser made rolls or is favorably recognized by a large group of people. It can also represent a collection of four two dot Schoene Machines, like a set of tactical encrypted radio modules.

Examples: An updated dyne with that adds +3 to any piloting roll and has a max speed higher than normal. It also has ceramic body panels giving the dyne a +2 armor rating. Shank has a cyber deck that offers him +2 to hacking rolls and a +2 to the difficulty to trace him.

OOOO - An extremely rare and powerful Schoene Machine. It may be the product of a master craftsman or just a bleeding edge prototype. A four point Schoene Machine gives its user two bonus dice on a wide variety of rolls, has a mixed bag of enhanced capabilities or is favorably recognized on a global level. It's also likely to be a target for thieves and con-men. Alternatively this rating could represent a small group of related, three point devices such as a unit of armored police dynes.

Examples: A custom light coilgun redesigned as a sniper's weapon. Barrel and coils are precision machined and the frame is built of light, nearly unbreakable orbital steel. +2 to accuracy, as an increased range and only weights 9kg.

An cyberarm made of organic materials that doesn't cause humanity loss when installed.

OOOOO - A completely unique item who's reputation overshadows that of its owner's. Such an item is rare and powerful and requires substantial justification for ownership. A 5-dot Schoene Machine generally adds three dice to all rolls made with it. These device often possess near magical powers or augment the user's abilities in some way.

Examples: A cyberdeck the size of a deck of cards made of bullet proof materials with a wireless interface that offers the user an additional mental action per round, +2 to a all rolls made with it and a +3 to trace it.

A katana with a blade as thin as a wire and custom grip and sheath. +3 additional damage +1 to strike. It is able to cut steel and never goes dull.