The leaders, the rockers, the original Punks. They were the first of the nihillistic rebels from the ancient days of the 1980's, and are still leading the violent social rebellion today. Nevertheless, modern Rockers have come a long way from their reckless founding fathers. While names like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Violent Femmes, and The Clash still call forth images of wild social rebellion and anarchy, the current Rockers are much more then just rebels without a cause. Often organizing spontaneous steet concerts for the specific purposes of spreading a message or sacking a corporate tower, the Rocker can be a vital force of change in the world.

Often helpless while off the stage, the Rocker can become a virtual diety when performing for a massive crowd—easily able to sway them to whatever whim he or she desires. It's amazing what you can accomplish with 10,000 fanatic groupies on a concert high…

*Amplitude:** This skill is the Rocker's ability to sway, charm, and control a crowd through iconic musical performance. This then allows the group to be easily persuaded by the Rocker's suggestions (lyrical or otherwise). Amplitude also doubles as the Fame background.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Icon (difficulty 6). The number of successes rolled determines how many people are affected, as noted on the chart below. The power stays in effect for the remainder of the scene or until the character chooses to drop it.

1 success - street 10 person
2 cafe successes - cafe 50 people
3 successes - club 100 people
4 successes - venue - 200 people
5+ successes - Stadium - Thousands of people can be swayed by the Rocker's performance.

O - Up and coming - You've played a few gigs and some people went.
OO - One hit wonder - You've had a hit song and there is hype surrounding you.
OOO - Established Artist - You've had a string of hits and the public eagerly awaits your next song.
OOOO - Star - Everything you do is watched with fascination and scrutinized for meaning. You have a collection of songs or records that are extremely important.
OOOOO - Superstar - You on camera virtually 24/7, you have rapidly established your artistic immortality. You are known and beloved (or despised) through out the world.