Psychokinesis is perhaps the most visceral of the psionic Aptitudes. Rather than being especially attundd to a certain aspect of the physical world psychokinetics affect the physical world in the most blatant of ways. A psychokinetic doesn't bother to explore the delicate chemical bonds in an enemy's nervous system; he just makes her move-preferably out an airlock. Living or unliving, organic or inorganic- it's all the same. Subtlety is possible with psychokinesis; it just isn't required.%r Psychokinesis demonstrates better than any of the Aptitudes how closely entwined yet subtly distinct an Aptitude's Modes are. Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis are no more than slightly different ways to manipulate molecules – Cryo slows them down, Pyro speeds them up and Teke moves them around. Each method involves a slightly different application of psi energy. However , most psions with this Aptitude tend to develop a personal preference for one Mode and explore its potential more than they do the other two.


O - Thermal Screen
OO - Hypothermic Blast
OOO - Flash Freeze
OOOO - Heat Sink
OOOOO - Cryofreeze


O - Flame Immunity
OO - Heatburn
OOO - Ignition
OOOO - Liquefy
OOOOO - Plasma Control


O - Tow
OO - Remote Manipulation
OOO - Force Barrier
OOOO - Flight
OOOOO - Slingshot