Congratulations. You are one of the rare individuals capable expressing humanity's full potential. You are one of the Gifted. Through the discovery of Noetic science and the Prometheus Chamber your psionic powers have been awakened. You were trained to use these powers to better humanity and to keep the monsters and the forces of darkness at bay.


The Æsculapian Order
Based in Europe, this Order is a global medical clinic first and foremost; its members fulfill the roles of combat medics, healers and scientists. They teach the Aptitude of Vitakinesis, the usage of the mind to heal the body.

Interplanetary School for Research and Advancement "ISRA"
Based on the Moon, this Order is a quasi-monastic school of philosophy associated with the real religion the Bahá'í Faith (see popular media references). Its members learn Clairsentience and use their sensory powers to become scouts and detectives.

The Legions
Based in Austronesia, these are high tech military corps (similar to that found in Starship Troopers), using the powers of Psychokinesis to protect humanity from extrasolar threats.

Ministry of Psionic Affairs
(Also the Ministry of Noetic Affairs.) This cloak and dagger spy agency is based in the Hind-Manchu League. Members are skilled in Telepathy and are the most secretive and mistrusted of the Orders for their abilities.

Nova Força De Nacionales (The New National Force) "Norça"
This Order takes the form of vigilante militia, based somewhere in the jungles of South America. They wield the powers of Biokinesis, and possess complete biological mastery over their physical forms. They are as widely, if not more, distrusted than the Ministry.

A multinational technology corporation headquartered in Canada, its members are all employees in some fashion or another. They can control the electromagnetic spectrum with the Electrokinesis Aptitude. They often take the role of technical experts & engineers.

The Orpheus Group
The newest and smallest of the orders, the Orpheus group is based in England and explores fringe psychology, alternative states of consciousness and communication with the dead through the obscured Aptitude Cryptaepathy.