This Page is Under Construction. Psions are currently app only.


Psions are The Gifted. The next evolution in mankind. Through the use of Noetic science, the orders are able to galvanize human potential to the point of being able to perform all kinds of uncanny feats! Telepathy, psychokinesis, technokinesis and so much more. Founded in the early 19th century, the Aeon Corporation has been preparing for the day when the gifts of their members would be put to use to better humanity. The Fall was that time. Aeon is humanity's greatest hope.


  • Psion is in the beta-test phase. Background information is subject to change.
  • Psion characters are available via application only at this time to ensure proper integration into the game. Once the game is settled they will be included in Chargen and will be open to the public like all the other spheres.
  • The psion sphere is based on White Wolf's Trinity role-playing game. As with the other main sphere's we've taken liberties with the setting. Aberrants and other setting details aren't used but the the information on the Orders and Aptitudes is largely accurate. It's expected that PCs playing psions will own and be familiar with the game.

House Rules

See the House Rules for any modifications made to the rules.