Psi measures your psions attunement to the universe around him. All living things resonate with psionic energy. This energy is not separate and distinct and individual, though each person's interaction with it is unique. Psi flows within and throughout all things, connecting and unifying matter into a single, sublime whole.

The Psi trait indicates a psions connection to this energy and his ability to manipulate it, as well as is versatility and finesse in doing so. Psi also determines the number of dice rolled to use psionics powers.

Normal humans (non-latents) animals and are considered for system purposes to have one dot in Psi, representing the basic connection that all livings things have to the universe. Psions have at least two dots in Psi, the minimum needed to practices psionic Aptitudes.


Inherent to Psi is the capacity to sense strong sources of psionic energy as well as perceive sudden changes in the Psi flow. As a psion's score in Psi rises so does his ability to sense these changes.

Sensing Range

Psi Score - Sensing Range
O - None
OO - Five meters
OOO - 20 meters
OOOO - 75 meters
OOOOO - 750 meters
OOOOOO - 15 kilometers
OOOOOOO - 100 kilometers
OOOOOOOO - 1,000 kilometers
OOOOOOOOO - 50, 000 kilometers
OOOOOOOOOO - One million kilometers

When an intense psionic source (such as a powerful psion, a strong latent, a potent piece of bioware, or an aptitude or supernatural effect) enters the psion's sphere of sensitivity, roll Psi at +1 difficulty. Success alerts the psion to to the presence near by but does not give any details. Each success gives the psion a clearer idea of the general proximity and power of the source. This is not a fine detailed scan, through familiar "auras" can be detected with an additional +2 successes.

A psion's sensitivity to the sub-quantum flux of the universe grows as his Psi rating grows. While he can easily block out everyday Psi patterns, drastic or sudden changes in the psi flow such as the sun going supernova or a massive number of deaths can shock and overwhelm the psions sense. When sudden changes occur with in the psions Attunement range, roll Psi for non-aggravated damage. This damage is soaked as normal. Armor can't help with this soak but Psi dampening devices may provide protection. Even if the psion is able to soak the effects he still experiences the shock in a profound way.

If the soak roll is botched, the psion is completely overwhelmed by the shockwave. Each botch applies an additional level of damage to the psion and reduces the psions Psi score by one per botch.

Recovering Psi

  • A number of dice equal to the number of Psi points the psion is down can be rolled every hour to recover Psi. Each success indicates one Psi point is recovered.
  • Rate of recovery may be increased through meditation.
  • Botches on recovery rolls are ignored.