The modern Missionaries, Street Preachers brave some of most dangerous places in the world to bring the words of their Gods to the people. Not voyaging up steaming rivers or speaking from glittering Mosques, but shouting their message from the crumbling concrete corners and rain-soaked rooftops on the Urban Jungle.

"Street preaching" is an ancient practice going back to the prophets of the Christian and Jewish Old Testament. These early Street Preachers proclaimed their glorious messages in the "open-air," speaking plainly to the common man. Various Church histories record that the early preachers brought the glad tidings of their religions to those outside their regular places of worship. The Street Preachers of all modern surviving religions and cults seek to carry on this biblical practice in what many believe to be the last days of Mankind.

Convert: The ability to influence or control others through the power of your faith. Preacher may add his Convert skill to any Leadership, Performance or Faith based actions. Preachers tend to gather followers as well. These converts might be students, associates, friends, employees or cultists. You can use the Converts for a number of non-religious operations from running messages

O Monk - When you preach hardly anyone listens. 3 Converts
OO Pastor- You can raise eyebrows on the streets. 7 Converts
OOO Priest - You may have your own local religious program. 15 Converts
OOOO Sheperd - You are well known with in your area as a religious authority. 30 Converts
OOOOO Avatar - You are one of the go-to people in your religion. You are considered to have a direct line to the divine. - 60 Converts