The best of the best: the flyboys and aerojocks. From helos to zepplins to space-faring Deltas, the Pilots are the ones that get the job done. Trained to fly a variety of aircraft for their Corporate or Military sponsors, the Pilots are the ones that get the Exec to Tokyo on the Strato-LearJet, scan the streets in Police choppers, bomb their enemies from antique F-15s, cruise a Trauma Team AV through a firefight, and strafe orbital stations in excess of Mach 11. If it flies, thay can handle it.

Preferring to cruise above the deadly streets, the Pilots can be the angels of heaven to friends in need of fire support and death from above to their enemies. Rarely found too far from their respective aircraft, they can be the difference between life and death for their friends the ground-pounding Edgerunners.

The Right Stuff: Pilot's made add their Right Stuff skill to any Piloting, Repair or navigational related rolls.