Phantasm is one of the primary thirteen Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Those who use the abilities of Phantasm can manipulate dreams and create illusions.
Much like Keening, the arts of Phantasm have no especially great merit in the Shadowlands other than their artistic side. Users of Phantasm, with their ability to create elaborate, fantastic dreams in the dead as well as the living are treasured by those seeking entertainment in an otherwise dreary existence. In fact, troops of Sandmen performing their plays and shows are one of the more established, legal means of amusement for wraiths.

However, those who think Phantasm can only be used for artistic endeavors are quite wrong. Phantasm can also be used to create elaborate illusions that are extremely convincing, and for this some realize that Sandmen are not as shallow as they appear. In addition, those who practice Phantasm have another extraordinary ability: the power to bring living people, in the form of dreams, into the Shadowlands. Quick brought to the Shadowlands in this way may interact with the world of the dead as any wraith would be able to, including being attacked. In most cases, a dreamer who suffers too much damage in the Shadowlands drifts back to their unharmed body. In extreme cases, a powerful Sandman can cause them serious mental or physical damage.

The most obvious problem with a poor use of Phantasm are nightmares. However, Shadows have been known to overtake a Sandman’s abilities and use them to their benefit in certain cases.

Basic Abilities

Sleepsense - A wraith may watch a mortal's dreams and tell where in the sleep cycle they are (REM, deep sleep, or transition).

System: roll Perception+Phantasm (diff 6). The wraith may watch the dreams for one turn per success.

O - Elysia - The wraith may gently take hold of a sleeper's soul, pulling it free and carrying it with her as she likes.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Dexterity+Phantasm (diff depends on sleep cycle: REM 6, transitional 7, deep sleep 8). The mortal may remain in the dreamscape for one scene per success. Elysia may be used on subjects watching television or in similar hypnotic states. The diff, however, is 10, and the first two successes required merely to activate the effect, and do not count towards any duration.

OO - Lucidity - The wraith may alter details of a mortal's dream. With enough changes, nightmares become pleasant and vice versa.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Phantasm (difficulty determined by Storyteller).

OOO - Dreams of Sleep - The wraith may make other wraiths fall asleep and dream, just as if they were alive.

System: Spend 1 Pathos. If the target is willing, the effect is automatic. If not, roll Charisma+Phantasm (diff of target's willpower). The target may oppose with a Intelligence+Subterfuge roll.

OOOO - Phantasmagoria - The wraith may weave Pathos into illusions. It affects all five senses, but the duration is limited. These illusions are only solid to other wraiths if the Sandman invests Corpus in them. If she Embodies, she can craft these illusions in the material world.

System: Spend 3 Pathos plus 1 Pathos per turn. Roll Charisma+Phantasm (diff 6) each success is both the duration in turns and the number of successes needed on a Perception+Alertness roll to see through the illusion. The illusion is made corporeal via the investment of at least one point of Corpus, and can sustain as many levels of damage as the Sandman has invested Corpus. Illusions cannot be 'healed' while they are still in effect. They must be started anew.

OOOOO - Agon - The wraith may directly rip a mortal's soul from her sleeping body. This is excruciatingly painful and often debilitating to the dreamer.

System: Spend 3 Pathos and gain 2 temporary Angst. Roll Strength+Phantasm (diff 8). Each success lets the Sandman hold the soul for one scene. The dreamer also loses that many Health Levels upon awakening. The dreamer may resist being taken by rolling Wits+Subterfuge (diff 8).