Whether he's a disgruntled Consortium investigator, a weirdo beat cop or a detective who who took some bad acid, the parapsychologist exists on the fringe of society. Driven by seceret passions and a thrist for bidden knowledge, he digs through the occult trash of the 21st century to uncover the truth about supernaturals. Sure, they exist. But what do we really know about them? The parapsychologist is the one who makes the connections no one believes. Parapsychologists are some of the least respected professionals in the sprawl and yet, sometimes, only a parapsyche will do…as much as everyone hates to admit it.

Lore: The parapyschologist deals in the paranormal and the strange. He may add his Lore rating to any Occult, Investigation or Enigmas related rolls. The Parapsychologist also begins with two points in any lore, though this knowledge can prove deadly.

O - Hobby - You want to believe.
OO - Investigator - You hunt ghosts in your spare time.
OOO - Paranormalist - You have had experiences that prove to you the truth is out there.
OOOO - Analyst - There is a truth and a pattern to the conspiracy theories.
OOOOO - Mulder - You don't want to believe any more.