Pandemonium is one of the primary thirteen Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Wraiths who use this Arcanos can use the powers of chaos to creating havoc on the living world.
Pandemonium is also called the Wylding, a very appropriate name as perhaps no Arcanos is more associated with the Fog than this one. Experienced Haunters can create spectacularly horrible effects that are usually dramatic. They are usually the ones responsible for many effects of the classic "hauntings" in history. Blood running down the walls, mists and sudden chills, and swarms of rats or insects are just a few of the more common effects that a Haunter can inflict on their targets. Many Haunters enjoy using this art, and tend develop a very artistic sense around it. In some cases, their only limitations are their imaginations and the thickness of the Shroud.

Despite their view of their abilities as "art", Haunters are not accepted like the Chanteurs or the Sandmen as the existance of their powers violate the Dictum Mortuum. In fact, Haunters are one of the most frequent violators of the law, and therefore are usually chased down by the Hierarchy. On occasion, however, the Hierarchy has been known to hire more respectible Haunters to "clean out" certain buildings of the Quick.

Backlashes of power are frequently a problem when a use of Pandemonium use doesn’t go as planned. Objects a wraith didn’t intend to touch can become distorted or destroyed, or a wraith’s Pathos or Corpus can be accidentally stripped away.

Basic Abilities

Sense Chaos - The wraith's attunement to chaos and the Shadow allows her to detect if something has been manipulated by Pandemonium or a Shadow. <System: roll Perception+Pandemonium (diff 7).

Mouth of Madness - (Haunters) This talent enables a Haunter to use himself as the manifestation point for other Wylding arts. This is especially useful in conjunction with the visible effects of Pandemonium, such as Dark Ether of Foul Humour. Without Embody, this visual chicanery is visible only to those in the Shadowlands. <System: roll Intelligence+Pandemonium (diff 6).

O - Weirdness - The wraith may invoke some small, strange effect on a single target. The object of this art may feel suddenly cold, or his hackles rise, or he might suffer a momentary hallucination.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Charisma+Pandemonium (diff of local Shroud).

OO - Befuddlement - A wraith may momentarily confuse a target, disorienting him and making him temporarily forget who he is and what he's doing.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Intelligence+Pandemonium (diff of target's Willpower). Duration of one turn per success. The victim must make an Intelligence roll (diff 8) to think clearly). This effects mortals and wraiths equally.

OOO - Dark Ether - The wraith may tamper with the weather or light conditions in a small area, summoning mist, darkness, or even evoking a glow similar to St. Elmo's Fire.

System: Spend 2 Pathos. If used offensively, gain 2 temporary Angst. Roll Intelligence+Pandemonium (diff of local Shroud). Five successes is enough disturbance to inflict a level of damage.

OOOO - Foul Humour - The wraith may channel his Corpus through the Shroud, manifesting noxious substances or swarms of small vermin. He can even create clotted gore, raw flesh, blood, or reasonably strong acids.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, 1 Willpower, gain 1 temporary Angst. Roll Intelligence+Pandemonium (diff of local Shroud). Caustic effects inflict one die of damage per two successes on the initial roll.

OOOOO - Tempus Fugit - The wraith can distort distance and time itself. He may slow or hasten time, or make a corridor seem like a footstep or a league.

System: Spend 4 Pathos and 1 Willpower, roll Intelligence+Pandemonium (diff of local Shroud, 7 in Shadowlands). Each success alters the flow of time by one turn. Eg, if he scored three successes, he could draw out an action normally requiring one turn into four turns. This cannot add to Rage, Celerity or Time Sphere actions, it can only subtract them. If used only to target the Haunter, it costs 2 Pathos and 1 Willpower, and grants one extra action per turn per success, for one scene.