The story of Alex Cassel’s transformation from unassuming-yet-brilliant college student to powerful-yet easy going proxy and president of a multibillion-yuan metacorporation is well-documented, especially in the FSA. It helps that he describes his life in a vague but entertaining fashion in Orgotek’s corporate profile.Heir to a family fortune and social connections, Cassel laid the groundwork for his order during his college years. School friends were enlisted to help create World Enterprises, Inc., a holding company that would grow to become Orgotek, “The EK Company,” in less than 20 years. Once his still small and very secret order was secure financially, Cassel explored his other gift: biotechnological formulae and processes. The information he had and the experiments he conducted on organic material turned Orgotek into a biotech empire,and initiated the biotech revolution.

Corporate Profile

Orgotek, the industry leader in biotech manufacture and design,controls all funding and administration for the electrokinesis order. Inturn, Alexander Cassel and members of his personal circle — that is,board of directors — has complete ownership of Orgotek. Thecompany employs thousands of norms, but psions are the heart and soul in many ways. Orgotek ensures that their basic economic needs are met; in turn, it makes psions available to outside interests as(well-paid) consultants.

The Orgotek corporate headquarters is currently in the FSA’s NewYork arcology. Word is that Cassel’s becoming frustrated with the BigApple’s accelerating decay. He’s taken steps to move the main officesto Orgotek’s San Francisco regional headquarters. Other regional HQsinclude Montreal and Vancouver, with extranational headquarters in Bangkok, Cairo, Xianggang, Olympus, Rome, Sidney and Wanjing.Assorted Orgotek biofactories, auxiliary plants and branch offices are likewise scattered across the Earth and the permanent colonies, with a large number located in the FSA and Quebec.

The Prexy himself spends most of his time commuting among New York, San Francisco and the various Orgosoft Farms. In his absence, everyday corporate decisions are made by the board of directors, which is composed of Cassel’s wife Ellayne and seven ofthe couple’s closest private psions associates (not all of whom are electrokinetics).

Public Relations

Orgotek’s public relations team is second to none. It’s been instrumental to making EKs respected and appreciated universally — except by the suits in the FSA, of course. Members of high-profile Operations teams in Europe and Australia are even treated like celebrities. Europeans, in particular, still honor the teks who died trying to stop the Esperanza crash, and Australians admire Orgotek enthusiasm, which is considered akin to the energetic Legion spirit. Even the Nihonjin admire aspects of the EK philosophy (whiledeploring the gaijin lack of discipline). On the other hand, despite being one of the most profitable corporations in the FSA, Orgotek is on extraordinarily poorterms with the North American military corporate establishment. Cassel’s concern with not only his employees’ quality of life but also with the squalid conditions of the urban communities that surround Orgotek installations makes him an unwelcome figure in FSA corporate society. A tendency to take controversial political stands —such as on the EK airlift to the Pueblo Nation in 2115 and ‘16 — makes Orgotek evenless popular with the FSA government.Most Orgotek employees (especially those from the FSA) are bewildered bythe way the American establishment treats them, but follow official corporate policy on the matter — that the FSA establishment is to be pitied rather than feared. Those psions who come toOrgotek from other parts of settled spaceoften have less tolerance for such mistreatment, which can sometimes aggravate domestic relations.Orgotek’s security contracts are due for government review soon. I’ve heard that Cassel is planning to declare the company an extra national corporation rather than submit to an order to disband the Orgotek private-security division. Meanwhile, federal and corporate propaganda campaigns against Cassel and his EK company continue.

Human Resources

Electrokinetics are common, in relative terms, second only to psychokinetics in number. Some claim this is because Cassel is willing to take almost any latent, no matter how borderline, but that sounds like more FSA propaganda. Sure, the various Orgotek divisions employ over 100,000 people, but only about 10% of them are EKs and psions who have come over from other orders. The majority of Orgotek psions are tek natives of the FSA and Quebec. A substantial number are also Nihonjin; Orgotek is friendly with a number of the Psi Nihon enclaves. Corporate recruiting brings in prospective EK candidates from all over settled space. After being triggered, new psions are given the choice to join the company on a contractual basis (the usual term between renewals is four years) — and no hard feelings if they choose not to join Orgotek. Orgotek handles all education and training, both psi specialized and professional, once a psion hires on. The company also assigns new operatives expense accounts good for room and board at any Orgotek residential buildings. Although psions aren’t required to stay in employee residences, many consider the communal atmosphere one of the greatest rewards of belonging to the Orgotek “family.”



President: Ellayne Cassel

The first of Prexy Cassel’s companies, WEI is the dual administrative and public relations arm of the Orgotek empire. WEI attracts ambitious and talented individuals — both normals and psions of all aptitudes — and coordinates Operations teams’ activities. Corporate strategists investigate possible fields for Orgotek expansion, and spin doctors handle image control.


Director: Jennifer Lehoczky-Elliot

When people talk about “Orgotek” — or “the Big O,” as it’s also known — they refer to the gigantic biotech plants and ideals of the original Orgosoft Farm. The main facility is located in northern New Mexico, and is where Cassel spliced the first biotech matrices. Contemporary biotech manufacturers follow in the Orgosoft image: earnest, enthusiastic and suffused with reverence for all forms of life.


Director: Dr. Kevin Labak

Tekne oversees the Orgotek hardware industry. Most psions in Tekne are technokinesis specialists. The stereotypical Tekne employee is a lovably uncommunicative person who prefers to relate to the outside world through tools. Indeed, Orgotek’s dormitory environment allows the reclusive to live productive (if protected) lives interfaced with machinery. Tekne employees are also infamous for their acerbic wit and “good-natured” cynicism. It’s not near as charming as they think, if you ask me.


Director: Dr. Ashley Frost

Orgotek’s smallest division and the focus of photokinesis study, Lumen is a world leader in electromagnetic research, especially in the high end of the spectrum. These scientists and psions consider the fragmentary reports on chromatics “fascinating” rather than frightening, and are working on techniques for “jamming” or even “hacking into” linguistic structures in the chromatic brain. Other current research projects include holographic nanotech and “extra-satisfactory” computer intelligence.


Director: Jeff “Jomo” Kenyatta

While psions hired specifically for active duty serve the bulk of their time in Operations teams, all active Orgotek employees are required to perform at least two days of training and monitoring every month. The administration and research divisions could consider this a chore, but they actually look forward to their monthly tours (and the teks haven’t complained, at least not vocally)