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LATMA Commons

LATMA-COMMONS_DESC: LATMA Commons — Welcome to the Matrix!%r%rElaborate animated graphics and tinny advertising jingles fill this enormous marble chamber. Centered around a huge directional compass that indicates the cardinal vectors of Matrix propagation, the Commons is the doorstep of the surrounding virtual area, a somewhat overwhelming introduction to the festival of commerce that is the Matrix. Rival virtual tourism programs simultaneously scream for your attention while more conservative corporate advertisements loom in the background, passively reaping their daily harvest of patrons. Participating in the mad dance of images are legions of shoppers, automata, and a steady multi-directional flow of gem-like network packets- the pulse of the Matrix is frenzied in the Commons. Any number of keys and links blossom out of this room into the remainder of the Matrix.
LATMA-COMMONS_OBJ: #13144/Artillery,#13144/Ear,#13144/Welcome,#19524/Matrix Rider,#12401/RadiKal,#11901/Karp,#13144/Clock,#13144/Ninja_Sushi,#11831/Kar6,#11785/Karr,#11781/Edwardo_Icon,#20066/Lord_Iion,#22783/V,#14443/LWD,#21272/kar8,#22014/Phoenix_Icon
COMMONS-BASEMENT_DESC: LATMA Commons — Trash Room%r%rDefault blue walls, interlaced with vertical and horizontal white stripes, box off this virtual trash bin. Heaps of rubble have accumulated here, compromising discharged applications, fragmented icons, perhaps the occasional image that still twitches… service automata routinely push this detrius (and curious dumpster-divers) into their final terminus, the de-rezzing funnel.
COMMONS-BASEMENT_EXIT_FUNNEL: #16501/Commons-Funnel|s|A large whirlpool of pixels that instantaneously dissolves any graphic that it touches. Perhaps you should return to the Commons before that service automaton shows up…
COMMONS-BASEMENT_EXIT_UP: #16501/LATMA-COMMONS||Ascend through a gap in the ceiling to the safety of LATMA Commons.
The Central Los Angeles Domain, bristling with security, advertisements, and raw computing power.
LATMA-TANDEM_EXIT_310: #16501/TANDEM-310||The Western Los Angeles exchange, home of the LATMA Port Authority and a number of residential zones.
LATMA-TANDEM_EXIT_714: #16501/TANDEM-714||The barren Southern Los Angeles exchange, oftentimes inaccessible to the remainder of the Matrix.
LATMA-TANDEM_EXIT_818: #16501/TANDEM-818||The Northern Los Angeles exchange, a decentralized commercial and residential district.
TANDEM-714_EXIT_619: #16501/TANDEM-619||A conduit leading to TANDEM-619, the San Diego mid-level domain.
TANDEM-714_EXIT_MAE: #16501/LATMA-TANDEM||A conduit leading to LATMA-TANDEM, the top-level LATMA domain.
TANDEM-818_DESC: <TAN/BAK> 818%r<[center(,76,=)]>%r<>[center(<>%bTANDEM-818%b<>,74,-)]<>%r<[center(,76,=)]>%r%b[center(<>%bMid Level Domain%b<>,38)]|%b[center(<>%bStats%b<>,37)]%r%b[ljust(,38,-)]+[ljust(,37,-)]%r%b[ljust(CNAME: "studio-gw",38)]|%b[ljust(Metric: 1,37)]%r%b[ljust(Dominion: CLT,38)]|%b[ljust(SendQ: 40,37)]%r%b[ljust(,38)]|%b[ljust(StatusQ: 25,37)]%r%b[ljust(Cable: SATM/DSS,38)]|%b[ljust(,37)]%r%b[ljust(Descent-Path: <Abbey>,38)]|%b[ljust(Priority: 20,37)]%r%b[ljust(,38,-)]+[ljust(,37,-)]%r%b[ljust(Admin: amtal.igd|ixal#amtal.igd|ixal,38)]|%b[ljust(,37)]%r%b[ljust(Comment: MON LSEC,38)]|%b[ljust(Summary: OPTIMAL,37)]%r<[center(,76,=)]>
TANDEM-818_EXIT_ABBEY: #18433/T818-01||A high-bandwidth conduit leading to "abbey-gw," marked with a projection of a medieval building.
TANDEM-818_EXIT_MAE: #16501/LATMA-TANDEM||Ascend to the LATMA-TANDEM top-level domain via this conduit, marked with a holograph of Mae West's face.
T213-DIRECTORY_DESC: Directory:%r%rA work in progress. Coming soon.
T213-DIRECTORY_EXIT_OUT: #16501/TANDEM-213||Return to TANDEM-213.
T818-DIRECTORY_DESC: Directory:%r%rA work in progress. Coming soon.
T818-DIRECTORY_EXIT_OUT: #16501/TANDEM-818||Return to TANDEM-818.
STAT-XP(#127[$IMWg]): 0.2 0.2
VOTES(#127[MW]): 1
LAST-PAID(#5120[MW]): 1691200764
MONEY(#5120[MW]): 10
COMMONS-SUPPORT_DESC: LATMA Commons — Help Desk%r%r"Welcome to Matrix Kindergarden. Welcome to Matrix Kindergarden…" a soft female voice reiterates tirelessly. Soft peach walls and yellow carpeting frame this comfortable, if alarmingly friendly, room. The sheer realism of the room suggests its orientation towards first-time users unaccustomed to the more abstract localities of Matrix space. Bright, childish poster-graphics rotate through cycles of frequently asked questions while service automata drone out the maximally useful response to endless queues of baffled inquirers. A variety of tutorial services are available for the neophyte and the professional alike.
LATMA-COMMONS_FLAGS: k m|#16501/commons-security #18433/t213-21
COMMONS-BASEMENT_SP_FUNNEL: @pemit %0=LATMA Commons — Funna34A@`<p[fd;@trigger %1/jackout_do
SAT-05_DESC: Pacbell SAT-05%r%rPrimitive. Undoubtedly this high-bandwidth telecommunications satellite was once state-of-the-art; today, however, it sees little traffic. Various displays line the walls of the egg-like chamber you find yourself within. Some resemble cockpit dashboard gauges, others superannuated levers and dials recalling the futurist visions of the previous century. All rest in the deepest disuse, statistical graphs feebly registering your presence in their datapath.
SAT-05_EXIT_EARTH: #16501/LATMA-TANDEM|d|Descend to the top-level LATMA "Mae West" Point of Presence.
SAT-05_PW_EARTH: firefly
LATMA-TANDEM_EXIT_S05: #16501/SAT-05|p d|The now antiquated and largely abandoned PacBell 05A Series communications Satellite.
LATMA-TANDEM_PW_S05: 4|firefly
COMMONS-FUNNEL_DESC: LATMA Commons — Recycling Bin%r%rSwirling, colliding, fumbing; scraps of icons are lost here in the tumult of the vortex- as are you. At the base of the funnel below, resolution as you know it will end…
COMMONS-SECURITY_DESC: LATMA Commons — Security Complex%r%rThe low-ceiling and close quarters of this chamber resemble the bridge of a battleship; however, the large rectangular windows overlook the primary arena of the Commons, not the sea. The analogy is otherwise sustained in the inordinate amount of monitoring, targeting and computational machinery that abounds in the room, and in the perspicacity with which on-duty officers man their posts. In addition to the massive windows there are several smaller displays which monitor various links around the Bright Matrix, especially within the Corporate Zone. Links branch out from this chamber into the other departments of the security establishment.
COMMONS-SECURITY_EXIT_COMMONS: #16501/LATMA-COMMONS||It appears that the observation windows are also a one-way exit into the primary Commons arena.
LATMA-COMMONS_EXIT_CORP: #18433/T213-01||Above the directional compass is some sort of blue shimmering curtain which icons periodically pass through.
LATMA-COMMONS_EXIT_HELP: #16501/commons-support||An inviting archway leading to the Commons Support desk, marked with the icon of a crouching question mark.
LATMA-COMMONS_EXIT_FACE: #16197/T714-00||A nondescript alcove cut into one of the walls of the Commons houses a large holographic face.
LATMA-COMMONS_EXIT_TRASHBIN: #16501/Commons-basement||A pit into which datapackets are occasionally launched by passing deckers.
LATMA-COMMONS_EXIT_ABBEY: #18433/T818-01||A stone passageway hewn into one of the walls of the commons arena that is marked with a circular icon of a medieval building.
TANDEM-619_EXIT_CONSORTIA: #18063/T619-00||Descend into the San Diego Consortia cluster.
TANDEM-714_EXIT_DESCEND: #16197/T714-10||A precipice leading into the grayness below.
COMMONS-SECURITY_EXIT_BRIG: #16501/COMMONS-BRIG|p|A black disc in the floor of the room can be tranversed in order to enter the jail of the Commons.
COMMONS-BRIG_DESC: Commons Security — The Brig%r%rThe worst thing about this detention chamber is its lack of definition. Sheer and indiscernible blackness surrounds you, no sign of any links or icons. Nevertheless, you have a horrible feeling that you are being watched… perhaps that your thoughts themselves are no longer private. Movement in any direction is possible, but yields no result. You have little alternative to waiting for someone to release you.
COMMONS-BRIG_EXIT_SECURITY: #16501/COMMONS-SECURITY|i d p|The particular patch of nothingness serves as a conduit to the main Security complex.
COMMONS-SECURITY_EXIT_STATION: #16501/COMMONS-STATION||An open archway leads into a comfortable sitting room.
COMMONS-STATION_EXIT_COMMONS: #16501/latma-commons|d|An antique wooden door, buckled with strips of iron, can be opened into the main arena of the Commons.
COMMONS-STATION_DESC: LATMA Commons — Security Station%r%rYou link into a comfortable but understated lounge, complete with a fireplace, a gently ticking grandfather clock, and a ring of soft chimes dangling from a ceiling lamp. A plush oriental rug supports a glass table on which popular contemporary magazines have been artfully arranged. Seated in an paisley armchair next to the fireplace is a young woman with a notepad who eagerly awaits your comments or suggestions about LATMA Commons.

Corporate Consortium Firewall — "hadrian-gw"%r%rAcross the ceiling of LATMA Commons shimmers a wide, slightly curvate red sheet of energy that ripples as icons and datastreams meld through it. No visible conduits or links are demarcated on the surface of the firewall, but a solemn black sign, shaped like diamond, announces the conditions of transit in a multi-lingual monotone. Although no obvious security oversees the entrance to the Corporate Zone, you can't help but feel that vigilant eyes and ears surround you…

T213-01_EXIT_COMMONS: #16501/LATMA-COMMONS||This conduit, marked by a holographic cluster of balloons, leads to the bustle and clamor of LATMA Commons.
T213-02_DESC(#4886): Corporate Zone — The Pedestal%r%rCrudely hewn but meticulously joined slabs of marble constitute the elevated platform upon which your icon currently rests. A semicircle of enormous globes, each distinguished from its fellows by color, hover just above the surface of the platform, nearly obscuring the turbulent sky through which clouds roll with unnatural fleetness. A finely carved obelisk prefaces both the spheres and a circular gap in the platform that appears to be some kind of chute.
T213-02_EXIT_COMMONS(#4886): #16501/LATMA-COMMONS||Descend to the LATMA Commons area via this icon of a cluster of pastel balloons.
T213-01_EXIT_ERSATZ: #16501/TANDEM-213||A high-bandwidth datapath to the "ersatz-gw" border gateway.
T818-01_DESC: Cultural Zone — "abbey-gw"%r%rA short distance away from the bustle of LATMA Commons lies this towering medieval edifice, an exact replica of the Abbey of St. Denis in France, painstakingly recreated by one of LATMA's premier iconic artisans. Within the paved courtyard of its cloister garth, a bristling fountain sprays sparkling, clear water into a basin from which many passers-by drink. The calm breeze blowing through the pillars of the ambulatory is belied, to some degree, by the flimmering beams of datapaths that trisect the cloister. The usual press of icons rocket through any of several adjacent links.
T818-01_EXIT_COMMONS: #16501/LATMA-COMMONS||An entrance to the LATMA Commons, marked with a holographic cluster of pastel balloons.
T818-01_EXIT_STUDIO: #16501/TANDEM-818||A high-bandwidth datapath to the "studio-gw" border gateway, marked with an antique film reel.
T213-23_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — Storefront%r%rBefore you towers a mammoth slab of indivisible blackness. An enormous gold plaque has been affixed to its surface, reading: Realities Amalgamated - Bringing the World to You.
T818-02_DESC: Cultural Zone — Welcome Mat%r%rSeemingly mile-long movie advertisements wall off the flat blue 'sky' beyond the Abbey checkpoint, dwarfing the considerably smaller (but no less imposing) earthbound marketing graphics. Wildly gesticulating automated hawkers for concerts, sensies, and theater productions abound, as do tourists whose icons are literally frozen in wonder of the spectacle before them. A virtual road, known in the Cultural Zone as the 'Main Drag,' meanders north through the thick of the Zone's activity. The sides of the road are lined with the links of resident entertainment and business services.
T818-01_EXIT_ENTRY: #18433/T818-02|d|This conduit leads through the abbey into the Cultural Zone proper.
T818-02_EXIT_ABBEY: #18433/T818-01||This conduit leads to "abbey-gw," marked with an icon of a medieval building.
T818-02_EXIT_NORTH: #18433/T818-03||Travel further along the Main Drag.

Cultural Zone

T818-03_DESC: Cultural Zone — SpreeShop 2023!%r%rThe rhythm of commerce on this block of the Main Drag is almost blinding, a gyrating blizzard of datapackets, icons, and advertisements obscuring any clear path to most available links. Prices are boldly announced by one vendor only to be answered and undercut by a dozen more within moments. Shopper-icons flicker with enthusiasm and squeal with delight as they bounce from storefront to storefront in a never-ending ecstacy of consumerism.
T818-03_EXIT_NORTH: #18433/T818-04||Travel further north along the Main Drag.
T818-03_EXIT_SOUTH: #18433/T818-02||Travel further south along the Main Drag.
T818-04_DESC: Cultural Zone — Society Page%r%rLit from the virtual pavement with a soft, voluptuous red light, the social venue of the Main Drag has a relaxed, gently-paced ambiance. Several Matrix-denizens have halted along the sides of the road to enjoy intimate conference with an old acquaintance, or perhaps a new romance. Virtual dance-halls, dating groups, and chat systems encompass the majority of the available links of this area, each openly advertising the clientelle, and the price-range, to which it caters.
T818-04_EXIT_SOUTH: #18433/T818-03||Travel further south along the Main Drag.
T818-04_EXIT_NORTH: #18433/T818-05||Travel further north along the Main Drag.
T818-05_DESC: Cultural Zone — Art Extravaganza!%r%rAt the northern extreme of the Main Drag galleries and theaters are situated, huddled together like slender row-houses despite the impossibly vast interiors they routinely sport. Flat-screen films of all eras are available for instantaneous digestion within any number of second-run screening houses, while hourly soap-opera sensies are played out before slavish audiences who rarely, if ever, enjoy a life of their own. While the street is unusually free of browsers, the venues themselves are crammed full of overlapping icons.
T818-05_EXIT_SOUTH: #18433/T818-04||Travel further south along the Main Drag.
T818-04_EXIT_MCS: #18433/T818-10||Entrance to MCS.
T818-10_DESC: Matrix Chat System — Engage%r%rA staggering lattice of interwoven datapaths surrounds you, threading through a virtual space too vast to be encompassed by your visual resolution. Faintly glowing light-beams connect innumerable links into a web of interrelations that constitutes the backbone of the MCS. Each nexus is labelled by a subject which occupants are putatively expected to discuss.
T818-10_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-04||Return to the Main Drag.

Realies Amalgamated

T213-20_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — Lobby%r%r%tA pair of double doors, their backs upholstered in tanned and buckled Corinthian leather, exit this comfortable seating area into the Matrix proper. A floating slab of marble that interposes between the doors and remainder of the room supports a duty roster, a number of glossy digital pamphlets, and silver tea set complete with Wedgewood china cups. Several automata, rendered as attractive and conservatively-dressed young women, circulate around the room, greeting newcomers and providing information about RA Online.%r%tThe room itself is cast as a comfortable study, fringed by oak wainscotting and carpeted with two spacious and carefully coordinated Persian rugs. A set of leather sofas corral a wide fireplace before which a glass coffee table lies. Four Tudor windows give on a peaceful woodland scene; in one of their berths is a ring of chimes that sounds, periodically, from a gentle draft. A short corridor leading out of the room is prefaced by a gold plaque reading 'Conference Room,' and a full-length mirror across from the fireplace is also demarcated as a link.
T213-01_PW_FIREWALL: caligraph


T818-04_EXIT_LOVELACE: #18433/T818-20||A low-key virtual nightclub whose marquee promises: No cover charge, ever… and the drinks are on us.
T818-20_DESC: Lovelace — Heaven%r%rPuffy, cartoonish white clouds support the tables and the bar proper within this sky-high saloon. Icons propel themselves between patches of diffuse floor with careless ease, oblivious of the mile-long plummet to the checkboard ground below. Many of the patrons have donned icons that mimic cherubic wings and haloes. Next to the bar, an unmanned harp plucks out a soothing and unassuming melody that obscures more intimate chatter from prying ears. At some distance from the patrons rests a turbulent black funnel cloud whose spire leads down towards the earth.
T818-20_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-04||Return to the Main Drag.
T818-04_EXIT_XPERIENCE: #18433/T818-30|d|A blue-lit alcove, over which is written: Xperience us.
T818-30_DESC: Xperience — Alcove%r%rThe threshhold of the Xperience Lounge shines with a deep blue light that softens the contours of your icon. Several links, labelled with graphic depictions of the preferences of their users, branch out of this central room into more secluded chambers. The scent of incense in the air is strong, muffled cries and gasps sound from all around you, and the floor of the room, den-like, is strewn with countless plush pink pillows.
T818-30_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-04||Return to the Main Drag.
T818-30_FLAGS(#4084): k m|#16501/commons-security
T818-20_EXIT_TORNADO: #18433/T818-21||The funnel clouds winds down to Earth… and perhaps below.
T818-21_DESC: Lovelace — Hell%r%rPitch and sulfur, erupting volcanos, and the cries of the damned frame the downstairs of the bar. No drinks are served in this area- the patrons seem to have other pursuits in mind. Pitchforks flash and stab randomly at passing icons; cauldrons hiss and boil as they are scanned. Many of the patrons have donned icons that mimic demonic horns and tails. The downstairs appears more popular than its celestial counterpart.
T818-21_EXIT_REDEMPTION: #18433/T818-20||Ascend via the funnel cloud to the Pearly Gates.
T818-20_EXIT_LONELY: #18063/T619-30||A conduit marked with the icon of a plush pink heart.


T818-02_EXIT_ARCADE: #18433/T818-15||An entrance to a massive gaming arena from which brilliant pixel-flashes can be seen to escape.
T818-15_DESC: Eliminator Arcade — Toll Booth%r%r'Instant replays' of exceptionally skillful battles are endlessly recycled in the arcade's antechamber. Prospective duelists study them meticulously, extracting new tactical strategies which they share with their confederates. Various plaques and trophies, souvenirs of past tournaments, lend the black walls a touch of animation. Before the entrance to the free-combat zone is a turnstile with a token-deposit slot.
T818-15_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-02||Return to the Main Drag.
T818-16_DESC: Eliminator Arcade — Combat Theater%r%rAbstract in the extreme, the featureless white chamber that surrounds you should not be your primary concern. Professional Matrix duelists lurk around the fringes of the room, awaiting a challenge or the spectacle of an open brawl. Younger combatants hurl out jeers and insults which constantly threaten an outbreak of open hostilities; their older counterparts patiently survey every new arrival, including yourself.
T818-16_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-15|d|Return to the Arcade's Antechamber.
T818-16_PW_OUT: battletech


T818-03_EXIT_HOLIDAY: #18433/T818-25||An entrance to a brightly-lit venue decorated with Christmas trees, pumpkins, and cartoonish painted eggs.
T818-25_DESC: Holiday Shopping — All Year Round!%r%r"Why can't every day be Christmas?" An Easter basket materializes beneath your icon, cradling you for the duration of your shopping experience on a bed of translucent plastic 'grass.' Snowflake-shaped cutouts of NuYen gently fall from the ceiling of this chamber, swarming with scores of elves, white rabbits, and roasted turkeys. Levitating pedestals of varying size and import flaunt a wide range of commodities for your consideration; from watches, cellular phones, and jewelry to pewter statuary and foil-wrapped chocolates. Tinny Yuletide carols resonate in your ears, and twisted throngs of pine-branches and mistletoe inch across the ceiling like chinese lanterns.
T818-25_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-03||Return to the Main Drag.
T213-01_FLAGS: c s m|#16501/commons-security #18433/t213-21

RA Fiberopticon

T213-21_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — The FiberOpticon%r%r%tStructured like the interior of a hollow polyhedron, this area is literally a panorama of contiguous flatscreen images derived from various locations around the Bright Matrix. From low murmurs to high-pitched carrier exchanges, innumerable sounds emanate from unseen and untraceable sources. Holovid news feeds, Construct security cameras and satellite imaging photographs contribute to this ceaseless deluge of information; the chorus is too rich for any human mind to assimilate, but statistical and filtration automata flitter across the room from scene to scene, composing their summaries. Periodically, one of the automata will race through the conduit to the database, regurgitate its findings, and resume its post without missing a step in this maddening dance.
T213-22_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — Virtual Conferencing%r%r%tBoasting a surface that might easily suffice for a banquet, the grand mahogany table that dominates this subdued but fine conferencing room is starkly clean and clear. Two dozen or so high-backed chairs have been meticulously arranged around the table, facing a rectangular two-dimensional screen that displays the Realities Amalgamated logo proudly as it hangs improbably in space.%r%tIn one of the corners of the room, a semi-circular counter cordons off a wet bar, copiously supplied with libations for visiting business officials. A single bay window, fringed with retracted lace curtain, looks out on a quiet rustic scene: rolling hills, a distant forest, perhaps the occasional deer sampling the local flora. A broad and well-lit corridor returns to the RA Online lobby.
T213-24_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — Holistic Reintegration Chamber%r%r%tA single soft white light with no apparent point of origin shines down from above this dim and quiet room. The light seems to focus on a pool of still water that is framed by a circular fringe of green tiles. Next to the pool is a table on which a touch-screen computer monitor displays a series of help files. Although the walls and ceiling (and floor, for that matter) are invisible to the naked eye, an archway, standing alone in space, leads out of this area into a busier chamber that houses some sort of large blue sphere.%r%r(OOC: For assistance, type: scan computer)
T213-25_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — Sysop's Lounge%r%r
T213-25_EXIT_UP: #18433/t213-20||Exit to the RA Online lobby.

Corporate Zone

T213-50_DESC: Corporate Zone — The Plinth%r%rThe austerity of the Corporate Zone entry is mostly absent from this abode of smaller firms. You are located alongside one curvate face of a steel and glass office building within whose windows reside the links to various corporations in the LATMA area. The lower floors have been allocated to more regionalized or youthful companies, while the highest reaches house growing conglomerates that might one day rival the giants that rest at the top of the ladder, on the Pedestal.
T213-22_FLAGS(#4084): k m|#18433/t213-21
T213-02_EXIT_RED(#4886): #18433/T213-23|d|A large red sphere that opens up into the Realities Amalgamated storefront.
T213-25_CMD_TEST: @pemit #2290=Test succeeded with parameters: %0 - %1 - %2
T818-25_EXIT_PRIVATE: #18433/T818-26|p|A child-sized door through which numerous elves pass in the course of their duties.
T818-25_PW_PRIVATE: 12|jingle
T818-26_DESC: Holiday Shopping — Outside the Doll House%r%rTiny elven footprints, side by side with the tracks of rabbits, are littered across the snow-caked ground of this landscape. Four small igloos have been erected here, their doorways facing a dollhouse which you recognize to be the storefront of the Holiday Shopping Emporium in miniature. Elven traffic through the igloo marked 'Sales' is thick and fast, while rabbits seem to frequent the 'Shipping' igloo. The remaining two, 'Returns' and 'Corrections,' receive little attention.
T818-26_EXIT_DOLLHOUSE: #18433/T818-25||Enter the dollhouse, returning to the Holiday Shopping Emporium storefront.
T818-10_EXIT_MATRIX: #18433/T818-11||Enter the 'LATMA' discussion group nexus.
T818-10_EXIT_GOSSIP: #18433/T818-12||Enter the 'gossip' discussion group nexus.
T818-10_EXIT_ROMANCE: #18433/T818-13||Enter the 'Romance' discussion group nexus.
T818-10_EXIT_HACK: #18433/T818-14|i|Enter the hidden 'Hack' discussion group nexus.
T818-11_DESC: MCS Grid Zone — 'Matrix' Nexus%r
T818-11_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-10||Leave this nexus and return to the MCS lattice.
T818-12_DESC: MCS Grid Zone — 'Gossip' Nexus%r
T818-12_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-10||Leave this nexus and return to the MCS lattice.
T818-13_DESC: MCS Grid Zone — 'Romance' Nexus%r
T818-13_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-10||Leave this nexus and return to the MCS lattice.
T818-14_DESC: MCS Grid Zone — 'Hack' Nexus%r
T818-14_EXIT_OUT: #18433/T818-10||Leave this nexus and return to the MCS lattice.
T213-02_EXIT_ERSATZ(#4886): #16501/tandem-213|i|A shadowed conduit leading through the clouds to "ersatz-gw", the <213> router.
T213-50_EXIT_LADDER: #18433/t213-02||Ascend to the MegaCorporation platform.
T213-23_FLAGS(#4084): m|#16501/commons-security #18433/t213-21


T213-26_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — LATMAS-CON (LCC New Heritage)%r%r%tVarious platforms, seating surfaces, and displays, all of which which can be rearranged on-the-fly by voice commands, have been jumbled into personalized workspaces for Construct operatives. The area itself is a free three-dimensional coordinate space, latticed with an array of semi-transparent (and intangible) grid lines; the 'background' of the matrix alternates through a catalog of soothing earth-tones. Assorted technological wonders have been strewn around the area, most of which appear too advanced to make the transition to earthbound usge. A cabinet-sized computer sporting open rows of chips labelled 'DEI' hovers around the center of the space, occasionally pulsing streams of blue energy from a bulbed miniature antenna on its underbelly. Mobile and inquisitive, a loose ball of rectangular visual displays shifts its way through the area, every screen showing the same unblinking but roving eye.
T213-29_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — The Dome%r%r%tYour icon manifests, with little transition, beneath the confines of a low black dome. The floor of this area is a tight wire mesh that reveals nothing of what lies underneath… but noises of grinding, pulsing machinery permeate the room. A single metal prong rises from the floor, supporting a display that offers you some sort of message. No links lead out of this area…
T213-29_EXIT_CHROME: #18433/t213-27|p i d|Exit to the LATMAS-CON "chrome-gw" router.
T213-29_FLAGS(#4084): k n m|#16501/commons-security
T213-26_EXIT_OPTICON(#4084): #18433/T213-21|p|This conduit leads to the FiberOpticon, the RA Online information retrieval and filtration system.
T213-20_EXIT_FIREPLACE(#4084): #18433/t213-25|i p|A permeable section of the floor leads to the Sysop's chamber.
T213-20_EXIT_CORRIDOR: #18433/t213-22||This corridor leads to the virtual conferencing system.
T213-20_EXIT_MATRIX: #18433/t213-23|d s|Exit into the Matrix. WARNING: You will be exiting RA Online if you link to this destination.
T213-20_EXIT_MIRROR(#4084): #18433/t213-26|p|Visit "chrome-gw", the RA Online router.
T213-21_OBJ: #13144/Seclog
T213-21_CMD_CLEAR: &Seclog_desc #13144=%rRealities Amalgamated — Security Log%rAuthorized personnel may clear this log by entering: cmd clear%r%r;@pemit %2=CMD: Log cleared.
T213-22_EXIT_CORRIDOR: #18433/t213-20|d|A corridor beyond the doors leads to the RA Online Lobby.
T213-22_PW_CORRIDOR(#14961): 10|HKcjGW26
T213-21_EXIT_DATABASE(#21383): #16409/t213-database|p|Access the RA Online database.
T213-23_OBJ: #13144/Artillery,#13144/Ear
T213-27_DESC: Realities Amalgamated — "chrome-gw"%r%r%tYou are free-floating in the periphery of a grand spherical chamber whose curvate walls are coated with blue steel, knobs, flashing displays, and writhing coils of virtual energy. In the center of the room is a dull-blue globe that occasionally strikes out at the walls with bristling licks of electricity. Gravity and even direction seem to be outmoded concepts in this area; although the room appears to be gradually revolving around its centerpiece, the distance between yourself and every other point in the room never really seems to alter… The six conduits that exit "chrome-gw" manifest as little more than white discs affixed to the walls, labelled with their destinations.
T213-27_EXIT_SAT: #18433/t213-210||A conduit leading to the Realities Amalgamated LATMA Orbital Control Center.
T213-27_EXIT_COMSEC: #16501/COMMONS-SECURITY||A conduit leading to the LATMA Commons Security depot. WARNING: You will be exiting RA Online if you link to this destination.
T213-27_EXIT_CONSTRUCT: #18433/t213-26||A conduit leading to the RA Online workroom of the New Heritage Building Construct.
T213-27_EXIT_BACKDOOR: #18433/t213-29|i|Enter the RA Online backdoor security lock (the Dome). WARNING: Re-entry will require the current RA Online password. Linkname for re-entry is 'chrome.'
T213-26_EXIT_CHROME(#4084): #18433/t213-27|p|Link to the LATMAS-CON private router, "chrome-gw." Destinations reachable via "chrome" include: LATMA Commons Security, and the LATMAS-CON Orbital Control Station.
T213-27_PW_BACKDOOR(#14961): 30|HKcjGW26
T213-21_EXIT_CENTRAL: #18433/t213-26||Link to the RA Online workroom. Destinations that be reached via this link include: "chrome-gw", the RA Online Lobby, and the Holistic Reintegration chamber.
T213-26_EXIT_ARCHWAY(#4084): #18433/t213-24|p i|This conduit leads to the Holistic Reintegration chamber. (From there, type 'reintegrate' to return to the New Heritage Building)
T213-26_EXIT_MIRROR: #18433/t213-20||Enter the RA Online Lobby. Destinations reachable through this link include: RA Online Conference Room, and the exit to the Matrix.
T213-02_FLAG_ERSATZ(#4886): 10
T213-02_EXIT_GREEN(#4886): #18433/t213-10|d|A large green sphere that opens up into to the DAPBank storefront.
T213-02_PW_GREEN(#4886): 25|HKcjGW26
T213-02_PW_RED(#4886): 37|HKcjGW26
T213-02_EXIT_CHUTE(#4886): #18433/T213-50||Descend to a directory of small business links.
T213-10_OBJ: #17385/Teller,#17385/Brochure,#13144/Blaster


T213-10_DESC: DAPBank LATMA — Storefront%r%rStately but unpretentious, this bright, functional chamber provides access to the products and services of Dana Avereys & Partners Bank, the premier virtual banking establishment of LATMA. An atmosphere of friendly and prompt servitude permeates the room, encompassing financing advertisements, painstaking rendered automata that respond to questions and comments, and the Virtual Teller system which permits you to make transactions at any hour of the day or night. At the far extreme of the chamber from the Pedestal stands a pair a unassuming glass doors that lead to the DAPBank offices.
T213-10_EXIT_PEDESTAL: #18433/t213-02|d|Return to the Pedestal.
T213-10_EXIT_OFFICES: #18433/t213-11|p d|Brave the black ice and enter the DAPBank offices.
T213-10_PW_OFFICES(#14961): 30|HKcjGW26
T213-23_EXIT_PEDESTAL: #18433/t213-02|d|Return to the Pedestal.
T213-23_PW_PEDESTAL(#14961): 30|HKcjGW26
T213-10_CMD_WITHDRAW: @switch [strlen(u(#17385/DL[delete(%2,0,1)]))]=0,{@pemit %2=DAPBank: You have no transaction in progress.},{@pemit %2=DAPBank Online: Current Transaction set to 'withdraw %0 eY.'[u(#17385/dap_procwindow)];&DL[delete(%2,0,1)] #17385=withdraw|%0|%1|%2}
T213-10_CMD_BALANCE: @switch [strlen(u(#17385/DL[delete(%2,0,1)]))]=0,{@pemit %2=DAPBank: You have no transaction in progress.},{@pemit %2=DAPBank Online: Current Transaction set to 'balance.'[u(#17385/dap_procwindow)];&DL[delete(%2,0,1)] #17385=balance|%0|%1|%2}
T213-10_CMD_JOIN: @switch [strlen(u(#17385/DL[delete(%2,0,1)]))]=0,{@pemit %2=DAPBank: You have no transaction in progress.},{@pemit %2=DAPBank Online: Current Transaction set to 'join.' (Requires a 500 eY expenditure)[u(#17385/dap_procwindow)];&DL[delete(%2,0,1)] #17385=join|%0|%1|%2}
T213-50_EXIT_STIMULUS: #18433/t213-51||Stimulus Cybersystems, Inc., of Millenium Plaza.

Stimuluts Cybersytems

T213-51_DESC: Corporate Plinth — Stimulus Cybersystems%r%rMore a giant, folded brochure than an actual space, this area is covered with various technically schematics, artfully photographed on inverted or slightly blurred mattes. Various newsclips, reviews, and professional endorsements are stacked on one surface, proclaiming the 'Stimulus Series III' the "best educational tool available for Matrix technicians." Finally, a yellow banner streaming above your icon reads: Now Open in Millenium Plaza, in the Corporate Center! The LATMA retail branch of Stimulus Cybersystems! Come by for a free trial run with the latest mainstream Matrix technology!"
T213-51_EXIT_PLINTH: #18433/t213-50||Return to the Plinth, the realm of Smaller Corporations.
T213-52_DESC: The Plinth — Vlastos Software%r%rAn exceedingly primitive Matrix environment, this rough, pixellated cube, decorated with electric blue walls and a white floor, houses little aside from a spartan vending apparatus that floats with unnatural stability in the center of the room. The back wall reads, in bold but jagged letters:%r%r[center([Vlastos Software - Buy, Sell, Trade],78,)]%r[center(Our Doors Never Close.,78,)]
T213-52_EXIT_PLINTH: #18433/t213-50||Return to the Plinth, the realm of Smaller Corporations.

silicon pines

T818-06_DESC(#4886): Silicon Pines — An Assisted Computing Facility%r%rThe Toughest Decision: Should My Loved One Be Placed in an Assisted Computing Facility?%r%rFor family members, it is often the most difficult and painful decision they will face: to accept that a loved one - a parent, a spouse, perhaps a sibling - is technologically impaired and should no longer be allowed to live independently, or come near a computer or electronic device without direct supervision. The time has come to place that loved one into the care of an Assisted Computing Facility. But you have questions. So many questions. We at Silicon Pines want to help.
T818-06_EXIT_ABBEY(#21383): #18433/t818-01||A stone entry leads back out into the Abbey proper.
T818-06_OBJ: #16772/What,#16772/Who,#16772/Placement,#16772/Placement2,#16772/Leave
T818-01_EXIT_PINES(#21383): #18433/T818-06||An arched entry framed in stone leads off an into informational area for Silicon Pines, a world-renowned Assisted Computing Facility.
T213-02_EXIT_BLACK(#4886): #18433/T919-01||A black portal, grim and forbidding. No mere doorway gets this grim without effort. It looked as though the architect had been given very specific instructions. We want something eldritch in dark oak, he'd been told. So make it absolutely clear to everyone that this isn't the kind of door that goes 'ding dong' when you press the bell. Upon it, embossed in black on black, is the MetSec shield crest.
T919-01_DESC(#4886): MetSec — Foyer%r%rThe black door opens into an echoing expanse of Gothic architecture whose marble-spined ceiling arches two floors overhead, ringed by a white marble balustrade that no doubt delineates a balcony circling three of the four sides of the room. Underfoot is a checkerboard pattern of white and green marble, mottled and separated by silver strips.
T919-01_EXIT_PEDESTAL(#4886): #18433/T213-02||The black portal, grim, forbidding, eldritch, undecorated, leads back out to the corporate zone.

Kalinin Prospekt

T213-53_DESC(#21383): Corporate Plinth — Kalinin Prospekt Commercial Prosperity Zone%r%rThe ceiling of this space is undefined, fading into shadowy nothingness. Below, the floor consists of a colored mosaic, with a path of glittering gold tiles which leads to the kiosks.%r%rSmall booths, with outspoken vendors pitching their wares, occupy the pale blue-tiled spaces within the gold web of paths. At each intersection sits a Victorian-styled black iron lamppost with signs naming the various 'streets' of the web. In the center of the web sits a fountain sculpture with benches around for weary bargain-hunters.%r%rA glittering silver path leads away from the gold web to a display of artwork displayed across a brushed-chrome wall. A path of transparent diamond-like tiles leads the eye towards the translucent wall beyond which sits a virtual conferencing room, reachable only when the drawbridge is open. The floor outside of the paths, outside of the webs, is covered in smooth jet black obsidian-like tiles.%r%rA small banner informs you that the real Kalinin Prospekt Commercial Prosperity Zone is found in LA Harbor, on the docks.
T213-53_EXIT_PLINTH(#21383): #18433/t213-50||Return to the Plinth, the realm of Smaller Corporations.
T213-54_EXIT_OUT(#21383): #18433/t213-53||Return to the main Zone.
T213-53_EXIT_HARBOR(#21383): #21761/t505-01||A man-sized door inside a full sized loading door leads out into the Harbor. A small warning panel indicates that this is one-way transit only.
T213-54_DESC(#21383): Kalinin Prospekt Commercial Prosperity Zone — Conference Room%r%rSubdued light allows shadows to dance on the aged brick walls. The air has a slight chill like an antique wine cellar. Water drips down the craggy bricks past the ivy and roses covering the walls. A few sculptures occupy spotlighted positions around the room, and several paintings hang on the walls.
T213-50_EXIT_KALININ(#21383): #18433/t213-53||A pair of doors lead off into the Kalinin Prospekt's on line presence.


T213-50_EXIT_VLASTOS(#4084): #18433/t213-52||Vlastos Software has temporarily re-opened. Their full range of services is not yet restored, but for the moment, you can at least buy package work.
T919-01_EXIT_PORTAL: #18433/t919-02|p i d|A dimly seen portal in the shadowy recesses of one back corner leads … elsewhere.
T919-02_EXIT_PORTAL: #18433/t919-01|i p d|A dim portal leads back to the foyer.
HOLLYWOOD_EXIT_CORP(#21383): #18433/t213-01||This conduit, following a digitized version of Hollywood's Walk of Stars, leads away from bustle and clamor of Tinsel Town and back to the more sedate corporate world.
T213-01_EXIT_HOLLYWOOD(#21383): #18433/Hollywood||This conduit, following a digitized version of Hollywood's Walk of Stars, leads to the bustle and clamor of Tinsel Town.
HOLLYWOOD_EXIT_DARKSHADOWS(#21383): #18433/dark-shadows||A spooky old New Orleans Gothic manor, complete with creaking doors, awaits your knock.
DARK-SHADOWS_EXIT_HOLLYWOOD(#21383): #18433/hollywood||The way out of the spooky old New Orleans Gothic manor.
DARK-SHADOWS_OBJ: #15992/Characters,
HOLLYWOOD_DESC(#21383): %rHollywood! Tinsel Town! More stars than there are in the skies! All the latest, all the greatest, all the newest, all the neatest, all the brassest, all the boldest - Hollywood! If you're in the gig, this is where you want your game talked about.%r
DARK-SHADOWS_DESC(#21383): %r%rShining Star Studios welcomes you to La Baie de la Cicatrice de la Lune, in the Louisiana gulf. Part bayou, part bay town, with tourists and hurricanes and crocodiles and old-fashioned family feuds, La Lune is not a sleepy town - you might even say that the action just gets hotter when the sun goes down.%r%rThe hottest new soap opera in town is delighted to introduce you to its people - sit back, and say hello!
DARK-SHADOWS_CMD_SELECT(#21383): @pemit %2=[switch(match(lattr(#15992),char_%0),0,I'm sorry - but that isn't one of our characters.,[u(#15992/char_%0)])]
T818-15_EXIT_ARENA: #18433/T818-16|d p|An archway beyond which lies the free-for-all battlezone of the arcade.
T818-03_OBJ: ,#11860/KA,#11860/KA
T213-23_EXIT_ENTER: #18433/t213-20|d|Enter the ICE.
T818-15_OBJ: ,#22004/Zer0_Icon
No exits.