Non-Lethals and Exotic Weapons


Name Cost Damage Difficulty Legality Concealment Clip & Ammo
Steel Cobra 200 Str+2 5 Legal Jacket Battery
The name is something of a misnomer. It's not actually made of steel, but of a conductive ceramic-tungsten alloy blend. It is, at base, a telescoping rod. Begins at the size of a large flashlight, extends to the length and approximate size of a Katana. It's a long, slightly flexible metal rod with a weighted tip and a battery in the rubber-gripped hilt that electrifies the length of the rod when turned on. The flexibility of the length makes it act like something between a club and a whip. The electrical damage is stun damage only. This is what allows the steel cobra to be marketed as a non-lethal. However, anyone with matrix access can download the how-to kit with the BIOS hack to bypass the failsafes and crank the voltage to lethal levels. This is, needless to say, not legal.Electrical discharge does 3 levels of 'stun' damage per contact. Armor does not guard against this damage, which is soaked vs. diff 8. Stun damage lasts only a scene, and will not drop a victim past incapacitated.
Tattoo Gun 50 Dex + Bod_alt 6 Legal Jacket Cannister & Vial
A three-inch wide block of metal, with a grip attachment. The trio of ink bottles on the top are met with an equal amount of tubes running to the battery pack and pump, totalling a length of just under a foot, when coiled up. A shoulder sling permits it to be carried by anyone willing to put up with it's industrial metal and carbon shell and bulky three pound weight. The entire apparatus is a dull flat metallic black and grey, with a red, blue, and white carrier line taking the contents of the vials into the multiple needle head, with an easy-flow compressor built-in.
KSA Bluestick 200 5 6 Legal Pocket Battery
A small black cylinder, it is, collapsed, about the size of a roll of quarters. However, when the trigger is pulled, it telescopes to approximately two feet in length, the last eighteen inches of which pulse with blue electrical current enough to deliver an incapacitating blow to a would-be assailant.
Freedom Arms Tangler 1K None 7 Legal None Net
An improvement on the 'net guns' manufactured around the turn of the century, the FA Tangler is generally used to immobilize and capture one's target alive. About two feet long, the weapon itself is an uninteresting device two handgrips, the rear with a trigger and safety. The Tangler is just a black, mostly round apparatus with a self-latching connector and interface at its business end, where the 'net' is attached.%rThe weapon's ammunition (the net) is a four-sided black pyramid, roughly six inches on an edge. At each of the vertices (save the flat top which connects with the weapon itself) is a black polymer weight. When fired, the weights are kineticaly propelled, tearing the thick paper coating of the ammo's base and launching the net, a thick neoprene rubber netting, coated with a chemical which causes it to become extremely adhesive once in contact with oxygen. Once ensnared in the net, it is very difficult to makes one's way out, as the net both tangles one's limbs and sticks to any contacted surface. Range is 10 feet.
KSA Thunderwand 200 4 3 Legal Permit Battery
Adds -no- damage from to-hit successes. Victim is incapacitated for 1 turn per success. Fortitude counters these successes on a 1 to 1 basis, and it can also be soaked with stamina vs diff 7 with each success countering a round in incapacitation.
KPS Maelstrom 200 Special 3 Legal Pocket Canister
Barely seeming a weapon, the KPS Maelstrom is little more than a 3x1 cm disc-nozzle which can be fitted atop a canister of compressed mace or pepperspray. When the two triggers are pressed in unison, it relases a thin cone of the fluid in a heavy, misty spray. The Maelstrom is the standard in cheap self-defense, and is carried by many LATMAns.
This weapon fires concentrated bursts from a pressurized cannister, and is meant to disable attackers. On a one success hit, the target is hit in a non-vital location, increasing their difficulties by one for the next thirty minutes, due to the pain. On two to three successes, the target is hit in the face, and difficulties increase by two for the next thirty minutes, due to partial blinding, pain, coughing, and intestinal reflexes. On four or more successes, the target is hit directly in the eyes, and difficulties increase by three for the next thirty minutes, due to almost full blindness, pain, coughing, and intestinal reflexes. A botch results in the effects turning on the user, as the canister is ruptured, and the user is affected the same as if the weapon had been used on her for four plus succeses.
Name Cost Damage Difficulty Range Rate Legality Concealment Clip/Ammo
Freedom Arms NL-1 "Chunker" 5K 4 (see desc) 6 20 21 Legal Jacket FACF/Ball
This weapon rapid-fires small, modern versions of shotgun 'bean bag' rounds. They cause acute pain on impact and tend to drive opponents away by sheer volume of fire. If the range is point-blank, this damage is lethal. Otherwise, the opponent soaks as normal and any remaining damage successes are treated as negative dice to the opponent's rolls for the rest of the turn. Further, the opponent cannot directly attack or move towards the firer. Those opponents immune to pain (such as frenzied garou or vampires) are immune to this effect but still suffer the dice penalty. They also still take lethal damage at close range. This weapon does not suffer penalties for burst fire. Note that firing a Chunker at 'lethal' range is illegal to non-corporate employees.
Laser Sight +1 Dice to Hit, Smartgun -1 Diff with palm_link, Neural Interface -2 Diff with datajack
KSA TEC Foamgun 300 7 7 10 3 Permit Trench 3 Max/Canister
Clearly designed to be distinguishable from 'normal' weaponry, the TEC is about the size of a typical assault rifle, and very rectangular of construction. It's two foot long housing is constructed from high-impact, forest green polymers. The ammo, .75L containers of compressed liquid, sit on the rear of its stock, screwed in.
When fired, the TEC released a conical discharge of a white foam not unlike shaving cream. After a second of exposure to the atmosphere, however, the foam hardens immediately, becoming as solid as rock. The hardened foam can be dissolved with an aerosol spray which is generaly distributed along with the foam canisters.
This damage is not damage persay, but an indication of how well covered a target is. If a target accrues 7 or more successes against them, they cannot move until they break free or are released. All foam attacks damage are cumulative. To break free requires a strength contest of captive vs the foam, Captives roll strength vs 6. Foam strength is autosuccessed in the comparison per amount of damage it has done. Thus, 7 successes of damage means the char must beat 7 successes on the contest. A botch in this contest causes the captive to take 1 real damage per botch, unsoakable.
Freedom Arms "Thumper" 800 6 5 5 1 Permit None Thumper/40mmGEL
A bizzare looking weapon, the Thumper seems hardly more than a toy. Shaped like an oversized shotgun, it's constructed of translucent plastics, tinted purple and yellow. The workings of the gun are dimly visible through the casing, the over-numerous cogs and sprockets coloured brightly inside the plastic shell. It's muzzle's opening is nearly two inches, indicating a huge projectile size, and if it is not a toy, it is likely quite deadly.
MS Tranq-Pistol 350 10 (see below) 7 20 1 Permit Jacket Dart/15mmD
The sleek lines and wide aperture of this chrome pistol make it obvious that this is no normal weapon; indeed, if it were, the caliber would be upwards of sixty. This is the Thomas Medical Supply HHN/TV Tranquilizer Pistol, a state of the art weapon tranquilizer designed to take down large, docile animals, such as elephants and rhinos, it was quickly taken in by several security forces as a non-lethal weapon for catching cybers, lycanthropes, and other hard-target creatures.%rNow it is widely available on the black market as a non-lethal (but still illegal) weapon for delivery of various drugs, poisons, and diseases. Comes with or with out flashlight attachment.
Successes garnered in original roll do not add to damage; in addition, damage only lasts for three hours. Death = unconciousness for 8 hours, incapacitation equals unconciousness for 3 hours. Also, this does not affect the undead.


Name Cost Damage Difficulty Range Rate Legality Concealment Clip/Ammo
KSA ARWEN 37 NG 2K 5 7 50 2 Questionable Trench ADrum/37mm
One of the first commercial weapons based on the experimental anti-personnel gauss-flechette weaponry seen in the South African civil war. Technically outlawed by military treaties signed after the conflict, loopholes allow for its commercial sales. The body resembles a standard-issue bullpup assault rifle minus the barrel, instead the gun's business end is a showerhead nozzle criss-crossed with tiny pin-points that are capable of launching a pulse of fifty 2mm needles at a target. The combination 2mm flechette/battery clip plugs into one of two sockets in the butt of the weapon. Feared for the grievous wounds it is capable of inflicting, the KSA 7c is also well known for its fragility and particularly the finickiness of the electromotor in bad-weather situations.
KSA 7c Needle Gun 250 3 6 50 50 Illegal Trench FClip/2mmF
Smartgun: -1 diff if used with palm_link & Thumbprint Lock -The weapon can be locked against unauthorized users|Thumbprint Lock
Granger Flare Gun 400 7 8 10 1 Illegal Pocket Single/12g
A largish, plastic flare gun, spray painted black, modified to fire 12 gauge shotgun shells. The grip is well-worn and circled with duct-tape. The barrel is a short nub and swivels down for breach loading. The Granger Flare Gun reigns ultimate in low-tech self-defense — but can be equally as dangerous to the operator as to the target. Comically inaccurate, smart sprawlers know to get close to their foe before blasting away with this slum favorite.
On a botch, this weapon will explode dealing the full damage dice to the hand holding it.
Point blank does not drop difficulty of this weapon and damage is not adjusted by any additional succs.
Long Bow 300 3 8 90 yards 1 Legal None arrow
A ebony-colored six foot length of reinforced laminated and lacquered bamboo, with brass fittings at the grip, which is wrapped in black leather and velvet. A pair of matching copper tips is fitted on the ends of the bow, through which the string is held by a wrapped set of cords, holding it fast while in use. When not in use, and thusly strung, it closely resembles a quarterstaff, with brass caps, and a brass centrally-located handle.
Strength required: 3. Pointed arrows (not a broadhead) count as armor-piercing (armor counts as one-half, unless noted in their respective +comment/note - +views do not count). To strike the 'heart', and qualify as a 'stake', a roll of Dexterity + Archery vs (difficulty) +2, and achieve three successes on the to-hit roll; three damage (after soak roll) must be likewise accrued. This works as a 'stake', until the arrow is removed, or suffers three levels of fire damage (or four normal wounds) due to the body being either burned or sufficiently shifted to move the arrow's placement away from the heart. The merit 'Misplaced_heart' adds +1 to the difficulty, and +1 damage to the required pool. Requires 6 - Archery actions to string the bow. When not strung, qualifies as a 'Quarterstaff'; difficulty 4, Strength + 1. If the weapon inflicts more than six damage in one round, it breaks. Destroy the weapon.
Crossbow 375 3 6 100 1 Illegal None Bolt
This fine piece of Granger technology is somewhere between antiquated and historic. Antique design, and former automotive parts in an obscene conglomeration of missile combat capability, and sheer intimidation factor. The entire apparatus is roughly three feet long, and seven inches across. The mechanism for firing it is a single piece of steel, in the form of a lever action. The re-cocking mechanism requires the use of this apparatus; one handed firing is possible. One handed reloading is not. Composed of a truck's leaf spring, and a piece of sturdy metal, probably from a scrapped fender of a Pre-Fall auto, welded to the stock with glops of formerly-molten slag. Resulting debris from this weld job has given it a shiny portion at the 'front'. Two of the blobs form a crude sight, for those who aren't interested in wasting the shot on a quick draw. The draw requires a Strength of 2, minimum, but firing is capable at any Strength level over zero. Quarrels are alternately cheap bamboo skewers, probably lifted from a box of chopsticks and hot-glued together, or a long stem bolt, with the tip diamond-shaped with a pair of bolt cutters, for enhanced penetration. This is as Lotek as missile combat gets, without throwing an old toaster, but it sure comes in handy, for river fishing and the odd 'protection of Granger' turf.
KPS Flamegun Varies 4 6 12 1 Illegal Trench Canister
A long and angular package, the KPS Flamegun is a vicious weapon, used, if not as an anti-material or anti-para weapon, for sheer intimidation value. It can spew burning avgas (or napalm!) to nearly forty feet, doing devastating damage to its targets. The weapon is the size of a standard rifle, but constructed of ceramics and electolysized titanium, giving it a mild rainbow gloss in the proper light and making it highly resistant to the heat which it produces. Operators are, however, advised to take precautions of their own. The canisters of compressed fuel for the weapon are screwed into its top, remaining on its surface and further imparing the concealability of this device.
Fire damage
Black+Decker Weedburner 75 3 8 1 1 Legal Jacket Canister
Available in any fine hardware store, the B&D Weedburner is designed to dispose of trash, leaves, and (most obviously) weeds. With the traditional ergonomic B&D design, the handle of the tool is made of a lightweight white plastic and molded for the human hand. A small black button sits near the thumb's rest, failsafed by a similarly small and black trigger within the handle. Above the handle (into which are inserted the small canisters of propane) is a black nozzle which leads, bending, to the large black hood in which the Weedburner's flame is produced. The hood is only about eight inches long, and it's undersection is somewhat shorter than its upper surface. The flame extends only a few short inches beyond this hood, designed to maximize safety.
Fire damage
KPS Hand Flamer 100 3 6 8 1 Illegal Jacket Canister
This blocky weapon is built along the lines of a somewhat angular and bulky pistol, making it difficult to conceal. The device's 'ammunition' is fitted into a slot within the front of the grip's vastly over-sized hand-guard. The rest is squared off, with a pilot light lit just afore the twin two millimeter spray openings. Cast out of a patchwork of titanium alloy and the standard high-impact plastics, it's not a pretty weapon, but is effective. It can be fitted to fire using either avgas or napalm.
Fire Damage, Thumbprint Lock prevents the weapon from being operated by an unauthorized user.