Product Pre-Req Visibility Levels Surgery Dice Humanity Cost Notes
Tactical Computer (Tac-Comp) Cybereyes or Datajack Invis 1-3 Complex Grants +1 die per level purchased. .25 per level Each Tac-Comp is leveled separately, but can be bundled into one procedure.
Desc: Tactical computers feed data into your cybereyes, analyzing the target's style and pointing out weaknesses. In addition, the tac-comp will interface with your own nervous system to guide your weapons or fists in parries, blocks and attacks.
Desc:The Firearms tac-comp includes a database full of ballistics information to help assure pinpoint accuracy. Periodic updates to the ballistic information can be downloaded, or entered directly through a smartlinked weapon/palmlink combo.
Desc:The vehicle tac-com uses a datajack instead of cybereyes to interface with a vehicular computer, allowing the cyborg to control it by thought alone. Vehicle tac-com includes Drive, Piloting and Boating.
Harmonics Co-Processor None 1-3 Complex Invis -1 to all diffs per rating on all Music or music related performance or composition rolls. None None
Desc: A computerized subsystem is installed into the brain, allowing for linear jumps in musical comprehension, composition, and performance. Programmed into the processor are both common and exotic chords, the most common and obscure compositions, a complete MIDI rig for interfacing with musical instruments via a palm link, and a complete suite of production software which aides the brain in the understanding and realization of complex musical notation and mathematics.
Heuristic Coprocessor None Invis 1 Dangerous Enhances Intelligence, Computer, and Research each by +1 1 None
Desc:A fully-realized computer architecture is interlaced with the cranium and brain-stem of the cyborg, connecting to the datajack and chipjack peripherals. The procedure interfaces the cyborg with a logic and decision-making system that allows for facilitated data retrieval, phenomenal programming enhancements, and proven overall jumps in linear intelligence.
Reflex Processors None Invis</td 1-3 Complex One extra action per rating. .5 per rating None
Desc:Reflex processors incorporate a wide range of reaction-enhancing technology, including preprogrammed stimulus/response systems and reworked nerve sheathing to accelerate signal transmission.
Reflex Wires None Invis</td 1-3 Complex +1 per level to Dexterity .5 per level none
Desc:Reflex wiring consists of an altered myelin sheathing bonded to the user's nervous system, increasing speed and control.
Cerebral Patching None Invis</td 1 Complex +1 to intelligence per level. .1 Notes
Desc:Hormonal treatments and nutrient supplements cause dentrite density in the subject's cerebrum to increase, resulting in an accelerated pattern-matching and memory capacity, thus providing an overall bonus to intelligence.
A.I. Co-Processor Cerebral Patching and Datajack Invis</td 2 Complex .2 Botching rolls while connected to the AI can result in severe psychological trauma for both user.
Desc:A small switchbox that allows for a symbiotic connection to an AI via a data jack. This connection increases one's intelligence exponentionally. +1 to intelligence per level.
Cerebral Stimulator None Invis</td 1-3 Complex This cyberware grants alacrity, allowing for an extra mentalactionss (not physical actions) per turn. One extra mental action per level. .1 per level Notes
Desc: A low-charge electrical current is run through important cognitive centers of the brain allowing for faster response and reaction times.
Datajack None Varies, see desc.</td 1-4 Complex See Desc Visibility on the jacks ranges from cheap input plugs to nearly invisible wrist links. None
Desc:Palm Link- The palm link is an example of a low-bandwith datajack. It provides rudimentary interfacing abilities with properly-modified equipment — frequently vehicles or firearms, but can be used for most consumer devices. Connection is made through surface contact rather than a plug, so it is faster to activate but less reliable at data transmission. Netrunners mock these frequently.
Desc: Datajacks - The datajack proper allow for high-speed transmission of information directly from the brain to a jack-equipped piece of machinery — whether that machinery is a cyberdeck, a simsense player, or a vehicle.
Desc: HB Datajack - The high-bandwith datajack is far less common than its less expensive cousin. Although it offers even faster transmission rates than the normal datajack, its price keeps it out of the running for normal employees. Dedicated hackers, -extremely- dedicated simsense junkies, and highly-paid corporate employees are likely to have this type of jack.
Desc:Wireless - Like the HB version but capable of connection sans I/O cable. Device must also have a wireless port otherwise, you'll have to jack in.
Simsense Rig HB Datajack Invis</td 1 Complex None None
Desc:Simsense is a full-body recording of physical sensations,played back for another person — effectively allowing you to -become- that person for the duration of the recording, experiencing exactly what they experienced. The simsense rig will, in conjunction with a simsense recorder, allow you to transfer your physical sensations to digital memory, to be uploaded, sold, given to friends and lovers — whatever you wish.
Internal Cyberdeck Personal Network Invis</td levels Complex The cyber may access the matrix with just a thought. .2 Cyberdeck is of low to moderate power. It's usually used as a back up for an external deck.
Desc: Some particularly dedicated netrunners favour having their cyberdecks close to their hearts. The cyberdeck is implanted rather than external.
Personal Network None> Invis</td 1 Complex It is primarily of use to netrunners who wish to download software directly from the Matrix to a datachip, palm link, or similar peripheral. Skill chips can thus be uploaded, modified, or even coded from scratch. .2 None
Desc:This procedure networks various interface devices within the cyborg's body to allow free communication between datajacks, skill wires, control wires, and so forth. Not only does this allow for the use of an internal cyberdeck but the cyborg becomes a matrix hub in an of itself, allowing others to access the matrix from his mere presece via a wireless datajack.
Control Wires Chipjack See notes</td 1 Complex .2 Cheaper versions appear as circuit veins under the skin.
Desc: Control wires are threaded alongside the user's nerves, allowing processors implanted in the cyborg to control its body. They expand the capabilities of a chipjack tremendously, allowing the user to slot chips granting skills and talents as well as knowledges, as well as providing the basis for the use of the various tac-comps and targeting computers.
Chipjack None See notes</td 1-3 Complex .1 per level Cheaper models are open slots in the side of the skull while higher quality models are hidden beneath synth skin and hair.
Desc: The chipjack allows a cyborg to 'plug in' a variety of chips, granting him or her access to the database of information stored therein. For each level purchased one skill chip can be loaded at a time.
Remote Control Control Wires Invis</td 1 Complex The cyborg may spend a Willpower point to resist the control but ultimately he or she will be worn down and become a puppet of the controller. 1 None
Desc: This devious piece of 'ware allows a coded outside broadcast to take control of the cyborg's body. It is generally not installed into a willing recipient. This technology is fairly uncommon, but it has been used to create remote-controlled assassins, strike teams of expendables 'piloted' by trained professionals, etc.
Olfactory Boost None Invis 1-3 Simple Gives a -1 to any smell or taste-related difficulties per level. None Requires inappropriate sniffing.
Desc: The subject's sense of smell is increased. Also allows them to track by scent (Perception or Perception+Investigation roll, with difficulty depending on the circumstances. See W:tA, page 224 for tracking rules).
Tactile Boost None Invis 1-3 Simple Gives a -1 to any touch related difficulties per level. None Requires inappropriate touching.
Kerenzikov Boosterware Control Wires Invis 1-3 Complex +1 to Initiatve rolls for every level bought .5 per level None
Desc:+1 to Initiatve rolls for every level bought
Pain Editor None Invis 1-2 Complex See desc .5 per level None
Desc:The pain editor is a combination of drug glands and neural inhibitors that partially or completely block the penalties from being wounded, preventing shock and 'flinch' reactions. Each level of pain editor reduces the penalties from wounds by 1 and adds +1 to willpower for purposes of resisting pain and torture. If heavy physical exertion (combat, running, heavy lifting) is performed while wounded and the pain editor is activated, the damage may be increased. For each turn of heavy exertion, roll 1 die vs a difficulty of 10 minus the unmodified wound penalty. If successful, a further level of damage is taken.
Wet Drive Datajack or Chipjack Invis</td 1-2 Simple See desc .2 per rating Users trade their memories for the storage space, but can get them back once the implant is removed.
Desc: Virtual storage capacity in the skull. This implant is used to mule sensitive or illegal information that one doesn't want transfered via the matrix. The first level allows for a moderate amount of storage where as the second allows for nearly infinite capacity.
Pacemaker Coprocessor None Invis</td 1 Simple The cyborg gains and extra incap health level. .1 None
Desc: The cyborg rolls Stamina + Technology vs 8. If one success is scored the cyborg's heart is restarted. The cyborg is still unconscious. Keep in mind that the heart may continue to beat despite brain death.
Product Pre-Req Vis levels surg desc dice Humanity Notes