Of every technology that has infiltrated and changed the modern world, the most quintessential piece is undoubtedly the personal computer system. It was the part of the post-Information Age that the average person was most directly exposed to and the leading cause of the Technoshock Collapse. Those that learned how to use the technology and fit it into their lives had an instant advantage over their contemporariesbut some became truly powerful.

Learning to ride the advance of new technologies like a massive wave, these people became the first Netrunners. Able to surf the edge of the technological wave like the Hackers and Phone-Phreaks before them, the new "Cypher-punks" took the neural-enhanced infiltration game to a new and deadly place. Screaming through the 'net at the speed of thought, the Netrunners battle programs, AIs, and each other for the almighty datastream. Information is Power, and they risk their very minds for it. Wheather they use the power to re-route the delivery of a new Lexoporche to their front door or slip some hidden data to the local cops to bust open a corporate slavery ring, the Netrunners are a major force to be reckoned with in the modern technological world.

Interface: The ability of the Netrunner to opearate within the virtual world of the Matrix. Anyone can plug into the 'net, but only the Netrunners can really manipulate it to their whims. The netrunner may add his Interface rating to any Computer, Research, data or matrix related rolls. In Matrix based actions, the Netrunner always goes first. If two Netrunners are at odds, the one with the highest Interface rating goes first.

O - Novice -You can use the boards with out getting laughed at or hacked.
OO - User - You've taken on some ICE and survived. More experienced netrunners recruit you as an assistant.
OOO - Pro - You've taken on some difficult ICE and lived to tell about it. Your abilities have likely made you rich.
OOOO - Veteran - It only appears that you are resting on your laurels because when you do a job, only the elite will take notice.
OOOOO - Legend - You are a legend among netrunners. Your jobs skills are sought after and your jobs are studied by novices.