Mortal And Cyber


Whether lording over the masses from monolithic skyscrapers, or looking up from the mean, neon lit streets, 21st century is teeming with humans.

All the residents of the 'Bright' world that surrounds the corporations use their SSN's constantly. A great many actually have it tattooed on their wrists to simplify identification and as a sign of status. It is the information age and people, like anything else, are quantified in a thousand ways on an incredible web of computing devices. Their health records, birth certificates, money, all the myriad pieces of data that are the product of a lifetime in a computerized society end up being attached to them. More accurately, attached to their SSN. Once a number used to match people to their government benefits, the SSN has become the key to a person's life. Of the remaining populace, about 75% have an SSN and use it when they are dealing with the system. Hospital stays, licenses of various kinds, taxes and business dealings often require an SSN.

The rest are collectively called 'The Dark' or 'Dark'. These are the fringe of society who either cannot get or do not want an SSN. They
deal in barter or in certified cards (a form of electronic money order). They cannot prove who they are, but they are also outside the immediate gaze of the information world. They are free in a peculiar way.

Not all humans of the 21st century are content to sit back and let the corproations or crime families tell them what to do. Nor are they content to be food or cogs for the monsters. Some have decided to fight back. Whether it be by implanting cyberware into their bodies, joining the ranks of the corporate elite or hacking their way through data fortresses, humans are no longer the simple dupes of the powerful or the supernatural. Technology has given them the tools to strike back and their punches pack some serious damange.


In the 21st century specialization is the key to survival. While anyone can jack into a cyberdeck or work for a corporation, those mortals with Occupations have the talent, connections and savvy to make them the elite among a particular discipline or profession. Each Occupation comes with a special ability rated 1-5. The ability offers bonus dice on the use of particular abilities as well as the power to call on resources with in their sphere of influence. If you are interested in purchasing a profession, please see Staff to have it set.

Cops and Corpers

The man, the suit, the muscle, the fuzz, pigs, the military whatever you call them, it better include Mr. or Ms. in front of it. Thes guys are the authority figures of the Sprawls. The work to keep the peace so the NuYen can freely flow in the ever loving free market capitialism of the mid-21st century.

  • Cop - Mustaches, donuts, heavy artillery? Excuse me, but can I see your SSN number.
  • Corper - Mirror shades and power suits. All your business belong to me!

Soldiers and Solos

Corporate assasins, darks looking to better themselves, bored, rich Brights with nothing better to do, these guns for hire are your go to experts for any war game you could want to play. They don't come cheap thought…

  • Combat Engineer - When civil engineers wage wars. Towering inferno? I either caused it or can save you from it.
  • Soldier - Darks hoping to SNN, Brights with nothing better to do. Why not fight a war?
  • Solo - You want someone killed but you want it done right? Call 1-900-SOLO4HIRE.

Technies and Nerds

The very heart and sole, mind and body, hardware and software of an edgerunner team, these guys keep the hardware running and keep the software deadly.

  • Techie - Hardware, software, motherboards and androids. If it's a machine, I can fix it.
  • Netrunner - Cowboys, Trix jockey's, cybercops or virtual criminals. We burned your ICE now pay us to put it back.


  • Medtech - Patch 'em up and let god sort them out.
  • Noeticist - Psionics and quantum theory meet here!
  • Psychoshrink - Strap em down inject the braindance.
  • Cyberdoc - It's not the surgery here that'll kill ya, it's the bills!

The Shady Dealers

  • Detective - Neon-Sherlocks and Techno-Chandlers of the 21st century. Who dunn it? Depends on how much you pay me.
  • Fixer - The kings of the shady deal. You want to buy something or sell something or for that matter, someone? Step into my office….
  • Mafia - Family is everything. I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.
  • Parapsychologist - For better or for worse, the truth is out there.
  • Ripperdoc - Illegal wares: done well, done cheap, done fast. Pick one.

That's Entertainment!

  • Media - Broadcasting live. Everywhere. All the time. News at 11.
  • Models - Brand X brought to you by the beautiful people who sell you everything. Who doesn't want to either be one or be with one?
  • Preacher - Pong Monks, New Aztec Cult Leaders, Pagan Channlers and Catholic Heretics. Can I get an amen? God has has come online!
  • Rocker - When Ziggy played…guitar! Rockerboys and Girls.

Easy Riders

  • Tribals and Nomads - Outside of society! RVs and clans.
  • Pilot - You need to get somewhere? I'll tell you how much it costs.

House Rules

See the House Rules for any modifications made to the rules.