Ever since there have been goods to sell, there have been those to sell them and models to demonstrate them. Always more of an afterthought, the demonstration model finally came into their own during the sexually-charged 1970's with the creation of the first supermodels. These amazingly attractive men and women showed off new fashions, pawned material goods, and set trends worldwide. Once the stage was set for the new mindset of "sex sells", the use of high-profile models in advertising snowballed into every facet of the capitalist economy. The models were superstars of their corporate master's creation, falling under increasingly harder stress to achieve physical perfection. Nearly becoming a major health crisis in the late 20th Century, the modern use of bodysculpting and genetic manipulation has since resulted in physically fit individuals that magically conformed to the subconscious image of human physical perfection. Rivaled only by the Net-based virtual Idoru, the models of the 21st century are walking, talking proof that sex sells.

Pose: Through the best cyber surgeons, Models may raise their apearance at half the XP cost. They also use their Pose ability in any Appearance related rolls.