Mnemosynis (ne-MOH-sin-iss) is one of the three Forbidden Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion listed in the Wraith Players Guide. Users of Mnemosynis can trace and read the memories of others.
Mnemosynis is by and far the most controversial art of the Arcanoi. It was the first to be banned, well before the Breaking of the Guilds. Prior to its banning, it was used by the judges of Stygia to ascertain the guilt of a criminal. With so much knowledge of dark secrets at their disposal, many Mnemoi became corrupt, and Charon and the Hierarchy were forced to outlaw them, lest they destroy Stygia. Some Mnemoi have managed to hide among the Monitors, as those who use Lifeweb have almost the same Guild marking, while others use their abilities as little as possible so they won’t attract attention to themselves.

The main focus of the few who dare use Mnemosynis is control. With its most basic uses, a Mnemoi can tell if another is lying, giving them a decided advantage in any negotiation or deal. Those to continue to use their powers to delve into the memories of other wraiths want information to lord over others with. That is not to say that all Mnemoi use their gifts for such dark purposes, but those who would use it for good are far outnumbered by those who peddle in knowledge and blackmail.

There are some who say the Mnemoi have been falsely accused and that there is more to their exile than appears, but these are usually dismissed as random ramblings.

A Mnemoi who has their abilities go wrong is in for a horrific time. Not only have they risked exposing themselves as users of a forbidden power, but they may end up revealing secrets of their own that should have stayed hidden.

Basic Abilities

Rewind - With a minimum of effort, the wraith is capable of seeing the last minute of another being's existence through their eyes. This power affects humans, Spectres, and even animals.

System: in Roll Perception+Mnemosynis (diff of target's Willpower)

Sense Intellect - This art allows the wraith to sense other minds in her vicinity, even if they are visually hidden.

System: Roll Perception+Mnemosynis (diff 6). Each success finds all minds withing ten feet. Any mind which cannot be seen can be affected with Mnemosynis, but at a +1 diff.

O - In Memoriam - In Memoriam brings back a specific memory so that the wraith can experience it herself. The memory must be specified precisely, and must refer to an event which the questioner knows happened.

System: roll Perception+Mnemosynis (diff of target's Willpower). Successes determine clarity. This power can see up to a year into the past, and five years can be added to the range for each extra Willpower point spent.

OO - Mnemotechics - Mnemotechics brings a moment of the past back for the wraith upon whom it is exercised. When this art is used, the wraith is instantaneously transported (in their mind) back to a time specified by the wraith responsible.

System: Spend 2 Pathos and 1 Willpower. This may result in a gaining of Angst. Roll Charisma+Mnemosynis (diff of target's Willpower). If using Mnemotechics as a cathartic experience for the target, the practitioner reduces the target's Angst by the number of successes he achieves, and gains that in Pathos. If used to inflict cruely, the target gains the number of successes in Angst. Each success increases the duration by one minute.

OOO - Mindspeak - This allows the wraith to communicate short phrases to an individual, and to receive his responses. This may only be used on someone in the wraith's line of sight.

System: Spend 1 Pathos for each person beyond the first. Roll Perception+Mnemosynis (diff 6). Each success allows the character to communicate one simple phrase and receive the response.

OOOO - Casting the Scene - Casting the Scene recalls a moment of the target's memory for eveyone within a 10' radius. An expense of additional Pathos expands the range of those included in the effect.

System: Spend 3 Pathos and 1 Willpower, and gain 1 temporary Angst for each minute recalled. Roll Manipulation+Mnemosynis (diff of target's Willpower). This power can see up to a year into the past, and five years can be added to the range for each extra Willpower point spent.

OOOOO - Onslaught - This ability allows the Mnemos to amplify and transfer a memory wholly frm one person to another. The original holder of the memory will retain it, but will become more detached from the experience.

System: Gain 4 Angst. The wraith must make eye contact, and must Embody if the target cannot see through the Shroud. The Storyteller will assign an 'intensity' to the memory from 1-10. By spending Willpower, the Mnemos may increase the intensity. The target and Mnemos then make a resisted roll of the target's Willpower versus the Mnemos' Manipulation+Mnemosynis (difficulty of intensity). The effects are up to the Storyteller.