In the Urban Jungle, Medtechs are highly trained Paramedics that are trained, equipped, and ready to respond to virtually any medical emergency with the minimum of equipment. Often used by Corporate Black-Ops teams for on the spot medical assistance, the Medtechs are a vital part of any team with an eye on survival. Be them Corp, Government, or Edgerunner.

Sometimes jokingly referred to as "walking medical kits" by more combat-oriented people, they will rarely be laughing when the Medtech is patching up their multiple bullet wounds in a dark alley somewhere. Aided by medical technology that was virtually unheard of in the late 20th Century, the Medics of the modern era can perform near-mystical operations with supplies that can often be carried in a duffel bag. Pity the 'runner that tangles with an 0-47 without a Medtech at their back.

Medical Tech: This is the character's ability to perform surgery using the multitude of advanced medical technologies that now dominate the field. A superset of Medicine skill, Medical Tech can be used for anything from splinting a broken arm to implanting illegal cyberware. The key difference is that a MedTech can do it fast and do it on the fly. The MedTech ability may be added to any Medicine, Technology (medicine only) or Leadership roll. The Medtech may also roll his Medical Tech rating to give a single fast-patch up. A successful roll allows the the patient to ignore wound penalties equal to the successes scored for three rounds. This is little more than a band-aid and if the patient doesn't receive immediate medical treatment (30 minutes prior to the battle) he takes all the wound levels at once, often times leading to death.