The Media. You can't live with them, you can't shoot them (legally). While technology has raced along at breakneck speeds, the Media industry simply incorporated it and kept going. Leading the wave of home entertainment and "You Are There" journalism, the modern media megacorporation employs thousands of reporters—ranging from tabloid hacks, to swarming paparazzi, to news anchors, to trained combat journalists and talk show hosts.

Be it a corporate cover-up in the South China Sea, a drug war in the jungles of Columbia, a bombing in Berlin, or a humanitarian piece from your local Taco Hut—Anywhere there is a story to be told to the entertainment-overloaded population, the Media will be there to tell it.

Credibility: Is the character's ability to be believed by the general public. A sort of wide-scale Persuasion and Fast Talk skill, it is used to convince others that what you are saying is the truth and that they should act upon it. Credibility is added to the media personalities performance based (Performance, Acting etc), Subterfuge or Investigation rolls. A media persoalty's Credibility also functions similar to the Fame background.

O - Newguy or gal - Sometimes you get to do real work but mostly you report on B-listers on benders. But you do it well.
OO - Journalist You are a contract correspondant for a media company. You do the dirty jobs no one else wants.
OOO - Correspondant - You are a regular correspondant of some note. People know your face and trust you.
OOOO - Anchor - You are an anchor on an international news network. You are seen by millions possibly bilions every day.
OOOOO - Host - You are a information celebrity par excellance. You are contantly quoted and you have a hand in shaping the way events are perceived by the entire world.