Mage Quick Reference

Mage Quick Reference

Performing Magick

Declare method and result

Declare the desired result, and how (in character) you're doing it.

Good Example: "I'm activating my Electron-Dilation Ray to produce a static charge in the air, to disrupt the circuitry of that Iteration-X cyborg."
Bad Example: "I'm using Forces 3 to juice that scum-bucket."

Determine necessary knowledge

Determine what Spheres are required, and whether or not it is coincidental. Some Effects require mundane knowledge.
Examples: Creating a functional computer (Technology, Computer), rewriting someone's psyche (Psychology), summoning ancient beings (Cosmology, Occult)

Determine casting time
Major magicks require extended time periods and multiple successes.

Typical Difficulties, Mechanics

Coincidental Effect: The highest Sphere in the Effect + 3
Vulgar without Witnesses: Highest Sphere + 4
Vulgar with Witnesses: Highest Sphere + 5

Note: Both types of vulgar magick earns Paradox, even if successful

Willpower Uses
Willpower can be used before the roll to convert one failure into a success, or one botch to a failure.
Willpower can also be used after a botched roll to cancel the paradox (though not the paradox generated by a successful vulgar effect), and, if used as part of an extended roll, to continue the effect- though this may only occur once during the extended roll.
Only one of these options may be used per roll.

Quintessence Uses

One point may be spent to reduce casting difficulty by 1 (up to -3)


Forces Effects add one success when used for damage; Mind effects subtract one success. Entropy does no damage until Rank 4.

Magickal attacks can be dodged, if the target is aware of it. Dex + Dodge for material attacks. Similarly, magickal "attacks" utilizing the Mind sphere can be resisted by Willpower, if the victim is aware that he is being manipulated (i.e., passes an Awareness roll)


Coincidental: One Paradox point for every dot in the Highest Sphere
Casual: One point of paradox, plus one point per dot in the Highest Sphere used
Vulgar with Witnesses: Two points of paradox, plus two points per dot in Highest Sphere used

Magickal Defense


Attempts to lessen the power of a magickal attack:

Basic: Arete, Difficulty 7
Required: At least 1 in all Spheres involved in the Effect


Arete, Difficulty 8 to nullify a spell aimed at someone else
Arete, Difficulty 9 to reflect back at the attacker (each success over the attacker's counts as a success over them)
Required: 1 in all involved Spheres, 1 in Prime
Sphere vs Sphere: Arete, Difficulty 8

Stops spells by fortifying reality against alteration

  • This NEVER generates Paradox
  • Required: Quintessence, Prime 2, unsplit Dice Pool
  • Prime rating, Difficulty 8
  • Each success lets you spend 1 point to raise the opponent's magick difficulty (up to a max Difficulty 10)
  • Can be re-countered with Quintessence and Willpower immediately afterwards


  • Disrupts a sustained magickal Effect
  • Arete, Difficulty 8
  • Required: 1 dot in each Sphere involved, 1 dot in Prime
  • Successes required vary

Damage and Duration

Success Damage Duration

One None One Turn

Two Succ x 1 One Scene

Three Succ x 2 One Day

Four Succ x 2 Three Months

Five Succ x 2 Six Months

Six+ Succ x 3 Permenant Correspondence Ranges

Success Range or Connection
One Line of Sight- Blood Relation, Body Sample
Two Very Familiar - (home or office)
Best Friend, Prized Possession
Three Familiar - (local bar)
Co-Worker, Frequently Used Possession
Four Visted Once- Acquaintance, Anything Used Once
Five Saw or Heard About-
Stranger, Item Touched Casually
Six Anywhere or Anything -
No Connection Time Sphere

Success Timespan

One - With in a year
Two - 5 years
Three - 20 years
Four - Fifty years
Five - 100 years
6+ - 500 years
10+ - 1000 years

Spirit Gauntlet

Area/Difficulty/Successes Needed

Deep Wilderness/5/Two
Rural Countryside/6/Three
Most Urban Areas/7/Four
Union Lab*/9/Five

*Technocratic Dimensional Science treats these as Nodes.

Magical Feats

Success - Feat
1 - Simple Feat - changing color of your own eyes, lighting a candle, using Mind to sense somone nearby, conjuring a business card.

2 - Standard Feat - changing your own shape, causing an oil lamp to explode, influencing someone's mood with Mind, conjuring a tenis ball sized ball of flame.

3 - Difficult Feat - transforming into something bigger or smaller than yourself, igniting a gas main, deep-reading of somone's mind, conjuring a chainsaw.

4 - Impressive Feat - changing someone else's shape, blowing up a house, taking over someone's mind, conjuring a car, making yourself disappear.

5 to 10 - Mighty Feat - turning someone into sludge, incinerating an armored tank, obliterating someone's mind, conjuring a mythic beast, making all furniture in a room disappear.

10 to 20 - Outlandish Feat - turning a room full of people to sludge, igniting a warships' weaponry, Mind-controlling a horde of madmen, conjuring a demon, making a mansion disappear.

20+ - Godlike Feat - making a skyscraper disappear, finding one particular person in New York City, using Mind, summoning a horror from the Deep Umbra, levitating a mountain, creating a Horizon realm.

Degree of Success

Result - Effect

Botch - Critical mistake was made and effect is wasted. Gain paradox unless a Willpower is spent to cancel the botch.

Total Failure - No successes but not a botch. May continue spell at +1 difficulty or try again from scratch.

Partial Success - 50 percent of successes. Accomplished what you set out to do but things didn't turn out quite like you hoped. Effect is flawed in some way.

Success - 100 percent of successes required. Effect is exactly as desired.

Extraordinary Success - 150 percent or better. Effect may have coolness as per Staffer.

Magic Difficulties

Activity - Modifer

Researches lore on subject before using magic - -1 to -3
Has item resonating with target's essence (sympathetic magic) - -1 to -3
Near a Node - -1 to -3
Uses a Unique Focus - -1
Uses Unneeded Focus - -1
Extra Time Spent - -1
Spending a point of Quint - -1 per point spent
Using Tass with appropriate Resonance - -1
Using Tass with Opposed Resonance - +1
Fast-Casting - +1 Distant or hidden subject - +1
Mage distracted - +1
Mage in conflict with Avatar - +1 to +3
Domino Effect - +1 to +3
Monumental feat (e.g. pulling moon from orbit) - +1 to +3


  • Paradox burns away at a rate of 1 point per week
  • Backlashes occur when the Paradox Pool exceeds 10, or if more than 5 points happen in a single Effect
  • Roll Paradox vs Difficulty 6: each success burns a point, though this manifests in varying ways, based on the Spheres involved in the Paradox
  • Paradox Flaws (1-5 points): Ripples and alterations in physical and environmental makeup (lights short out by touch, glass cracks, distorted memories, changes in gender, flickering vision)
  • Physical Backlash (5-15 points): Reality strikes back, in a vulgar energy blast. Each success inflicts one aggravated Health Level. It can be Soaked.
  • Realms (10+): A manifestation of the Spheres, designed as a puzzle that must be escaped.
  • Spirits (any size): Etherial figures representing the Spheres. Sometimes referred to as “Reality Police,” they are created from the collective belief (or lack therof) of humanity).
  • Quiet (varies): Magickal psychosis. Intensity and duration vary by Paradox points expended.

The Spheres

  • Spells that use a single sphere are called Effects. Spells using multiple spheres are called Conjuctional.
  • Describe what effect you want, and how you will do it in character, including applicable Foci. I will decide what Spheres are needed.

The Nine Spheres


Spacial relations, unification of all points on a plane of existence.

O: Immediate Spacial Perceptions (relative distance, compass direction, spacial irregularities)

OO: Sense Space, Touch Space (clairaudience/voyance, repair small spacial rifts, teleport small objects, warding, scrying)

OOO: Pierce Space, Seal Gate, Co-locality Perception (teleportation via gateway, repair large spacial rifts, perceive multiple locations at once)

OOOO: Rend Space, Co-locate Self (manifest in two places at once, teleport large objects, make permanent gateways)

OOOOO: Mutate Localities, Co-location (distort distance and size, make two things exist in one place)


Chance, the breakdown/sustaining of patterns and things.

O: Sense Fate & Fortune (influence chance, find defects)

OO: Control Probability (directly determine chance)

OOO: Affect Predictable Patterns (cursing or blessing objects, sustaining or deteriorating objects)

OOOO: Affect Life (cursing or blessing people, sustaining or deteriorating life)

OOOOO: Affect Thought (binding oaths, rambling/chaotic/depressive thought)


Powers of nature and physics.

O: Perceive Forces (see infrared/x-ray, see energy flows, pick out muted sounds)

OO: Control Minor Forces (temperature, light, electricity, color, sound, minor weather)

OOO: Transmute Minor Forces (change one to another, augment Force power, change/affect living beings directly)

OOOO: Control Major Forces (gravity, major weather, blast shockwaves, radiation)

OOOOO: Transmute Major Forces (change one to another, augment Force power, change/affect living beings directly)


Influence to heal, harm, or alter living things.

O: Sense Life (basic information about life form, determine if living beings are nearby)

OO: Alter Simple Patterns, Heal Self (simple animals/plants)

OOO: Alter Self, Heal Life, Transform Simple Patterns, Create Simple Patterns (body modification/augmentation, repair personal genetic defects, change one animal into another, heal or harm others, create a new animal)

OOOO: Alter Complex Patterns, Transform Self (reshape/augment/cripple others, repair others’ genetic defects, shape changing into animal of similar size and mass)

OOOOO: Transform Complex Patterns, Create Complex Patterns, Perfect Metamorphosis (create people, turn someone into an animal, shape change into anything)


Control over the shape and properties of non-living material.

O: Matter Perceptions (determine physical properties/composition)

OO: Basic Transmutation (change one simple thing into another, without altering properties)

OOO: Alter Form (repair broken objects, adjust shape/density/state temporarily)

OOOO: Complex Transmutation (change complex/large objects)

OOOOO: Alter Properties (create immaterial objects, permanently change boiling point/density/etc, create radioactive material)


ESP, astral travel, and various psychic powers.

O: Sense Thoughts & Emotions, Empower Self (emotional impressions, shielding, self dream influence, multi-tasking)

OO: Read Surface Thoughts, Mental Impulse (minor psychometry, sending thoughts/emotions, aura alteration)

OOO: Mental Link, Walk Among Dreams (telepathy, perception control, mind link with other dreamers while dreaming)

OOOO: Control Conscious Mind (basic astral travel, change Demeanor, mental “hijacking”)

OOOOO: Control Subconscious, Untether, Forge Psyche (full astral travel, augment Mental Attributes, rewrite Nature, give inanimate objects sentience, switch minds with another)


Knowledge of magickal energy (Quintessence) and its ebb and flow.

O: Etheric Senses (see Quintessence, sense Nodes, sense objects charged with Quintessence)

OO: Weave Odyllic Force, Fuel Pattern (create objects out of Quintessence, give created Patterns physical form (create something "out of thin air"), enchant weapons)

OOO: Channel Quintessence (draw power from a Node, charge something with Quintessence, create Talismans)

OOOO: Expel Base Energy (draw Quintessence from the Pattern of matter (which destroys it))

OOOOO: Alter Flow (draw Quintessence from living Paterns (ceasing their existence), refuel an Avatar with Quintessence, nullify random Paradox energies)


Entering and exiting the Umbral world, and influence over its spiritual denizens.

O: Spirit Sight, Spirit Sense (detect spiritually charged items, sense weaknesses in the Gauntlet (barrier between the physical and spirit worlds), see Wraiths and spirits)

OO: Touch Spirit, Manipulate Gauntlet (thin/augment the Gauntlet, perform a séance, attack spirits across the Gauntlet)

OOO: Pierce Gauntlet, Rouse & Lull Spirit (step into the Umbra, activate pre-created fetishes, "turn off" fetishes)

OOOO: Rend Gauntlet, Seal Breach, Bind Spirit (open large Umbral portals, repair open pathways, create fetishes, enslave spirits)

OOOOO: Forge Ephemera, Outward Journeys (heal spirits, attack Avatars, explore the Deep Umbra, create objects from spirit makeup)


The past, present, and future, and influence over the time stream.

O: Time Sense (sense time disruptions, internal clock)

OO: Past Sight, Future Sight (precognition/postcognition)

OOO: Time Contraction, Time Dilation (speed up/slow down objects, slow time in one location)

OOOO: Time Determinism (freezing time, time-bomb Effects, event-triggered Effects (conjunctional))

OOOOO: Future Travel, Time Immunity (move objects/people through time stream, sidestep the flow of time)


Arete: A mage's magickal enlightenment, and force of will over reality
Ascension: The enlightened state of being that all mages work toward. This can refer to personal Ascension, or to the Ascension of others (Sleepers).
Avatar: A part of one's soul, enabling the performance of magick when Awakened.
Coincidental Magick: Indistinguishable from a mundane event.
The Cycle (sometimes called The Wheel):Life, death, and rebirth. Most commonly associated with the Euthanatos.
Dynamic Reality:
Reality in flux, able to be changed slowly (coincidental) or rapidly (vulgar).
Effects (Technocratic: Procedures): Spells.
Focus (Technocratic: Apparatus): An object, action, or gesture needed within a casting to perform magick.
Hubris: Overwhelming pride in one's abilities; magickal arrogance or elitism.
Metaphysic Trinity: As defined by the Council of Nine, the three forces of change: Stasis, Dynamism, and Entropy.
Oracle: A legendary mage who has Ascended.
Pattern: The mystical composition of a person, object, place, or entity.
Primium: A metallurgical alloy, created by the Technocracy. It is inherently anti-magickal, and is used in armor and ammunition to nullify magickal Effects and inflict Aggravated damage to supernatural creatures.
Primus: The founder of a Tradition or Chantry.
Resonance: Residual magickal traces, left behind by use of magick.
Rote: A commonly used Effect.
Seeking: An Avatar-guided quest for enlightenment.
Static Reality: The forward-moving reality, governed by the collective beliefs of humanity. Magick disrupts this to some degree. Technocratic intervention has made static reality less malleable in recent years.
Tass: Quintessence in physical form.
Tapestry: A metaphor for reality. Coincidental magicks weave new patterns subtly into the threads; vulgar ones rip and fray them.
Technomancer: A mage whose magick involves technology.
Technocrat: A member of the Technocracy.
Vulgar Magick:Unexplainable events, causing violent disturbances in reality.


Acolyte (Technocratic: Sympathizer): A non-Awakened servitor or assistant.
Cabal: A group of mages bound to each other by unity and common purpose.
Chantry (Technocratic: Construct, Nephandic: Labyrinth): A magickal stronghold. Used as a 'safe house' where mages of like mind can meet, study, practice, and debate.
Certamen: A magickal duel, used to resolve disputes as peacefully as possible.
The Pogrom: The systematic purge of all 'random elements' by the Technocracy.
Protocol: The code of honor used among the Traditions.
Tribunal (Technocratic: Symposium): A gathering to discuss important matters and to make policy.


Deep Umbra (Technocratic: Deep Universe): The farthest reaches of the spirit world.
Gaia: Mystical name for the Earth Mother, and the Near Umbra.
The Gauntlet: A mystical barrier which separates Earth and the Umbra.
The Horizon: A mystical barrier separating the Near and Deep Umbra.
Horizon Realms: Small pockets of 'private' reality, built near the Horizon on the Near Umbra side. Umbral Chantries are often built inside them.
Near Umbra (Technocratic: Near Space): The spirit realm closest to Earth.
Portal: A permanent path between two places. A temporary 'bridge' is called a Gate. Portals are often guarded by spirits who demand service or pose tests before they will enable passage.
Shard Realm: Fragments of Gaia, representing each of the nine Spheres. They are located inside the Deep Umbra.
Tellurian: The whole of reality.
Umbrood: An entity not born or created on Earth.


Branding: The marking of a mage's Avatar, revealing her crime to those with Spirit magick.
Censure: A common punishment, basically parole.
Ostracism: Being cast out of mage society.