The Kingpins and Crime Lords, the legendary Godfathers. The Yakuza, Triads, and Cartels, and the American and Old Soviet Mafias From the booze smuggling Al Capone to the modern data-brokering of Staci Giovanni, the power of the American Mafia has risen to its highest point since the early 20th Century. Organized Crime and the Corporations have learned much from each other in the last fifty years, prompting massive Mob diversification into such varried industries as genetic manipulation and city-wide protection rackets. Still maintaining the Family First attitude handed down through the generations from their original Italian ancestors, the modern Mafia is the closest thing that many Edgerunners have to a real family—albiet a sick and abusive one.

Having taken a beating from foreign organizations like the Yakuza, Triads, and Cartels, the American and Old Soviet Mafias have begun to fight back in the only way they know how—intimidation and violence. With theit fists deep into political pockets, the call has gone out nationwide for recruitment. Nevertheless, pity the soul that swears loyalty to a Don without knowing what they're getting into.

Family: The ability of the Nomad character to call upon the members of his or her Pack to assist them in time of need. Be it anything from a calling tow-truck to wreaking a town, the mob will usually back any play of a Mafia leader with a high enough Family level. A member of a crime family may add his family score to any Intimidation, Streetwise or Subterfuge roll. The mafia can recruit a number of followers to aid him in business based on his Family level. These followers help with anything from money laundering to getting rid of a body to having someone wacked.

O - A fresh recruit, likely from the gangs. - 3 followers
OO - You are a leader among the recruits. Considered someone going somewhere. - 6 followers
OOO - A made man or woman. -12 followers
OOOO - You are an important member of the family. At dinner, you sit to the right of the family leader. - 30 followers.
OOOOO - You are the king pin. The family's fortune rises and falls based on your actions. - 60 followers.