Lifeweb is one of the thirteen primary Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Wraiths who know Lifeweb can use it to strengthen, weaken, or watch over Fetters.
Even though their powers revolve around one aspect of a wraith’s existence, their powers are surprisingly flexible. Not only can Monitors monitor their own Fetters, but examine those of other wraiths at will. Ties to Fetters can be severed, created, strengthened, or weakened. Monitors do not have an ability to directly fight or damage another wraith, but can be potent foes nonetheless.

A Fetter is one of the most important things a wraith can possess, and Monitors know this. Some Monitors choose to focus on the positive aspects of their abilities by helping weak wraiths strengthen what few Fetters they might have, or by keeping an eye on another’s Fetters. Others choose use Lifeweb as a force of destruction, working to destroy the Fetters of rivals, or to bribe weaker wraiths into forcing them to keep them from taking out one of their few remaining Fetters. Because of the potential for abuse, the Hierarchy keeps an eye on Monitors, although a few have managed to slip through the cracks of the bureaucracy.

A failure to use Lifeweb properly can range from the minor, such as following a bad link to a Fetter, to severe, where a Monitor manages to sever one of their own Fetters from them.

Basic Abilities

Locate Fetter - The wraith may "check up" on any of his Fetters, scanning its surroundings. This ability also permits the wraith to sense a Fetter's distance and direction.

System: roll Perception+Lifeweb (diff 6), each success allows him to use one die (max Perception+Alertness) to survey the Fetter's area. He may also roll Intelligence+Lifeweb to get a general estimate of how far he is from the Fetter, and in what direction.

O - Sense Strand - The wraith can perceive links between a wraith and her Fetters, sense whether something is a Fetter or not, and (if so) identify the wraith attached to it.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Perception+Lifeweb (diff 8), each success reveals more information about one of the subject's Fetters. This study must be done firsthand, and with a successful Perception+Subterfuge roll, the target knows she is being scrutinized. Forewarned wraiths may roll Willpower to resist.

To Scrutinize a possible Fetter, roll Perception+Lifeweb (diff 6). To trace a Fetter's connections in either direction, roll Intelligence+Lifeweb (diff 6), each success increases accuracy of the appraisal. A wraith can only examine one Fetter per day.

OO - Web Presence - A wraith may use this art to affect the area around a Fetter from afar. He can use Arcanoi, communicate with wraiths at the scene, or make any Social or Mental rolls.

System: Spend 1 Pathos per Turn, roll Charisma+Lifeweb (diff 8).

OOO - Splice Strand - The practitioner can temporarily attach an object to a wraith as a Fetter. The object and the wraith must somehow both be touched in some manner by the practitioner, and only one Fetter can be thus maintained per day.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Lifeweb (difficulty 7), only one success is required. The new Fetter has a rating of 1. This art can also be used to reattach a Severed Fetter, but the difficulty becomes 8. The attached wraith must pay 1 Pathos for each day beyond the first for which she wishes to maintian the Fetter.

OOOO - Sever Strand - The wraith exercising this art can tear another wraith from his Fetters through force of will. The Monitor must be in the location of the Fetter to use this art.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, 1 Willpower, roll Strength+Lifeweb (diff of target wraith's Willpower). The target may resist with a Willpower roll. A wraith who has lost his fetter in this manner may either expend one permanent willpower while in contact with the Fetter or have the connection reforged with Splice Strand. If the Fetter is reconnected by Splice Strand, he must spend a temporary Willpower to make the link Permanent again.

OOOOO - Soul Pact - The wraith may claim a willing mortal's soul as his own. This is usually done in the form of a contract. Thereafter, while the mortal lives, she becomes a Fetter of the wraith. When the mortal dies, the wraith becomes instantly aware, and if the mortal becomes a wraith, she and the Monitor continue their link.

System: Spend 5 Pathos and 3 Willpower. Roll Charisma+Lifeweb (diff of subject's Willpower). The target becomes a one point Fetter. If the subject becomes a wraith, she and the Monitor receive one point Passions to protect each other.