Keening is one of the primary thirteen Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Those who can use the arts of Keening can manipulate emotions through sound.

Although it does not produce as useful effects as Inhabit or Castigate, Keening is nonetheless a treasured art in the Shadowlands because of the potential power it has. More than anything else, it makes a wraith feel emotional again. Chanteurs can create strong emotions and reactions in almost anyone they chose, and it’s an experience that some wraiths would give their unlives to have again, even if the emotions are artificial sensations made from a manipulative wraith.

Chanteurs primarily work through song, although merely speaking or shouting may have their desired effect. In addition, their clan marking, a musical instrument of some kind, is almost always used to assist them in their endeavors. Although Keening can be used with large groups of wraiths, Chanteurs prefer to focus on one target at a time.

Mistakes made with Keening can have severe repercussions. The most common is for an intended positive emotion to backfire and become a negative one, but in extreme cases of misfortune, a Chanteur has been known to be driven mad by his own power.

Basic Abilities

Perfect Pitch - A wraith with Keening can notice when another wraith is also using Keening.

System: roll Perception+Keening (diff 6). Can be resisted by Sotto Voice.

Sotto Voice - With Sotto Voice, the wraith may hide her Keening in normal singing or casual conversation.

System: roll Manipulation+Keening (diff 6), each success subtracts a success from a wraith using Perfect Pitch.

O - Dirge - The Keener can catalyze a listener's "darker" emotions: despair, anger, fear, loneliness, greed, etc.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, gain 1 temporary Angst; roll Charisma+Keening (diff 8). The number of successes determines depth and duration of the emotion. Five successes will afflict a mortal with a negative emotion for a week. Against wraiths, each success indicates a Turn of duration.

OO - Ballad - Similar to Dirge, the wraith may now evoke "higher" emotions: serenity, joy, mirth, loyalty, love, etc.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Keening (diff 8), duration as for Dirge.

OOO - Muse - The wraith may make a suggestion into the target's subconscious, inspiring him with an idea he will begin to believe is his own.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, gain 1 temporary Angst, roll Manipulation+Kenning (diff of target's Willpower), each success causes the target to interpret in the suggestion more clearly. This works equally well on wraiths, mortals, and other supernatural creatures.

OOOO - Crescendo - The Chanteur can scream a musical blast capable of damaging plasm at close range. It can be heard within a mile or two.

System: Spend 3 Pathos, gain 1 temporary Angst, roll Stamina+Keening (diff 8). The singer inflicts one level of soakable, nonaggravated damage on every wraith in normal hearing distance. This cannot be concealed with Sotto Voice. If used while Embodied, one Health Level is inflicted per two successes.

OOOOO - Requiem - This art floods the target with raw, undiluted emotion. Any feeling the wraith wishes will pour over the target, burying her soul in the tide.

System: Spend 3 Pathos plus 1 Pathos per success. If the emotion is "dark", gain 1 temporary Angst per success. Roll Strength+Keening (diff 7). The subject may resist with a Willpower roll, but only in if prepared. Each success scored paralyzes the subject for 1 turn. She is overwhelmed with emotion and cannot act, move, speak, or defend herself. Many successes may cause the loss of Mental Attributes, insanity, or addiction to the sensation.