Intimation is one of the three Forbidden Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion listed in the Wraith Players Guide. Users of Intimation can tweak the desires and wishes of other wraiths.
Intimation has always been viewed with great suspicion in the Shadowlands; many wraiths were convinced that any Solicitors they crossed paths with could and would use them how they saw fit. As a result, the better part of wraith society refused to publicly deal with any known Solicitors. The actual banning by the Hierarchy took place at the turn of the seventeenth century, well after the Breaking of the Guilds. Although some wraiths still seek the services of Intimation, others view any known users with a very strong distrust and refuse to associate with them because of their past reputation.

None of their fears are unfounded; Solicitors work with a subtlety many other Arcanoi do not possess. It lacks the ceremony of Castigate, or the showmanship of Keening. All it takes is a flash of the eye, and a Solicitor’s work is essentially complete. It is also extremely powerful and versatile in the right hands, as it can potentially be used on the Quick and the dead alike, as well as vampires, mages, and other creatures from the World of Darkness.

When Intimation backfires, however, a Solicitor had better run. Not only does it alert the world to their presence, but it may implant the opposite of what they tried to suggest in the heads of their targets.

Basic Abilities

Twinge - By gazing at another wraith, the practitioner may discover what desire is topmost in the wraith's mind at the moment. Often this yields inconclusive results ("Gee, I could really go for a pizza…")

System: roll Perception+Intimation (diff 7)

Self-Intimation - This allows a wraith with knowledge of Intimation to resist another wraith's attempt to target them with this Arcanos.

System: roll Manipulation+Intimation and use the successes to reduce those of the opponant.

O - The Gleaming - Worked on a solid object, Gleaming makes the object more desirable than it would otherwise be. It is rather an unsubtle art.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Intimation (diff 7). A wraith near the ensorcelled object must roll Willpower (diff) to avoid feeling a desire to possess it.

OO - Quash - This art removes a want from a target. It can be something as simple as a desire for a certain dish or as complex as the lust for power. Quashing is unsubtle; it excises the targeted need completely and does not bother to heal the gap in the victim's psyche which it creates.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Intimation (diff of target's Willpower) Each success allows a more complex and deeply rooted need to be removed. If used to attack Passions, every three successes reduce the Passion's rating by 1.

OOO - Deep Desiring - A wraith with this art can map the needs and wants of the target in detail.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, and roll Perception+Intimation (diff 8).

OOOO - The Craving - The Craving implants a complex desire for anything, ranging from really good Chinese food to seeing the Great Wall in person. All of the victim's other actions and wants are warped around this, which becomes the central thread of the target's existence.

System: Spend 4 Pathos (or 2 Pathos and 2 Willpower) and roll Manipulation+Intimation (diff of target's Willpower) and achieve a number of successes determined by the Storyteller. Gain 1 temporary Angst for every two successes rolled.

OOOOO - Cupitatis - This level of Intimation functions very similarly to Quash or the Craving, but does so subtly, so that it is not obvious that the target has been affected with Intimation. <System: Spend 4 Pathos and 2 Willpower, and gain 3 temporary Angst. Roll as if rolling for Quash or Craving.