Inhabit is one of the primary thirteen Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Wraiths gifted with Inhabit can manipulate and control inanimate objects.
Inhabit is one of the oldest Arcanoi, and also the one that has changed the most with time. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Inhabit as it exists now was a different art and was known as Kinesis. As technology continues to improve and evolve, the Artificers are there along with it, always ready to take advantage of the new benefits it offers. In addition, Artificers are very good at changing existing objects, imbuing them with new powers, creating relics and artifacts, or even making them come "alive".

Despite the fact that Artificers frequently skirt the line of the Dictum Mortuum, they are among the more accepted and welcomed wraiths in Stygian society. They are valued not for their abilities in the living world, but because many of them become accomplished Soulforgers. As the only thing that exists in the Shadowlands is plasm, those who can melt it down and shape it into useful items are valued above almost anything else. The Hierarchy in particular makes use of several Artificers to melt down wraiths that are troublesome, criminal, or otherwise unwanted or not useful to the society of the Shadowlands.

Inhabit is highly hazardous, however, when it goes wrong. Becoming trapped and unable to manipulate an item, breaking it or shorting it out, or to be come overwhelmed by its power source are all potential problems when things don’t go as planned for an Artificer.

Basic Abilities

Sense Gremlin - A wraith with Inhabit may determine if any other Wraith is Inhabiting a machine.

System: roll Perception+Inhabit (diff 6) to determine if the machine is Inhabited. With 3+ successes, the wraith can even determine if it's recently been inhabited.


The wraith may slide his Corpus without harm into a machine or object, hiding there frm other wraiths.

System: roll Dexterity+Inhabit (diff of local Shroud), each success determines how many successes are needed for a rival Shellrider to force a wraith out of an object. Multiple wraiths can Inhabit an object large enough. If the host is destroyed, the wraith takes an automatic Corpus Level of damage.

O - Surge - By passing his hand through an electronic device, the wraith may cause a temporary short, briefly cutting its power.

System: Roll Wits+Inhabit (diff of local Shroud), the number of successes indicates the number of devices which can be simultaneously shorted, or the extent of damage to one device.

OO - Ride the Electron Highway - The wraith may slide into wires and transmit herself across the matrix.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Intelligence+Inhabit (diff 8). The more successes obtained, the further and faster the wraith can travel. Failure gives the wraith a temporary Angst, and may strand them Somewhere Bad.

OOO- Gremlinize - The wraith may possess and control machines. True control comes only with attunement. Spur-of-the-moment Gremlinization allows only minor, clumsy effects, such as turning a machine on or off.

System: Spend 2 Pathos to Inhabit, and 1 for each effect. Roll Dexterity+Inhabit (diff of local Shroud), success determines amount of control, though attunement is required for anything at all complex.

OOOO - Claim - The wraith may Shellride an object and possess it as her own body for a scene. He may even exert some control over the host while Claiming.

System: Spend 3 Pathos, roll Strength+Inhabit (diff of local Shroud), the number of successes determines the size of an object that can be claimed. One success could Claim a book; five could Claim a house. Extra successes and attunement allow some degree of control (turning pages, slamming doors) over the host. If the object is destroyed while Claimed, the wraith may spend Willpower and Corpus to form it into a relic, one per success required to claim it — this, to make that book a relic, the wraith must spend only one Willpower and one Corpus.

OOOOO - Empower - This art can be used to create cheap Artifacts, by Empowering a relic with one of the Artificers Arcanoi.

System: in Spend 2 Willpower, roll Wits+Inhabit (diff of local Shroud), the number of successes determines the highest level Arcanos which can be placed into the relic. The wraith then activates the Arcanos in question, paying any costs, etc. No effects result, but if successful the relic is imbued with the Arcanos. Finally, he fuels the relic with Pathos (up to the number of successes rolled on the initial Inhabit roll). He chooses a method of activation, and seals it with three final Pathos. To use the thus created Artifact, the user must spend the cost appropriate to activate the stored Arcanos, and use one of the stored Pathos as well. When the stored Pathos are spent, the relic reverts to normal.