Il Contratto Rinaldo degli Albizzi
  • Rinaldo degli Albizzi - This it the guy who authored it.
  • Francis Veillona -
  • Gavin Quintan -
  • Raphael Thoran -
  • Dante Galveni -
  • Gabriel Solari -
  • Seth Scofield -
  • Laurena Carthen -
  • Galen Cantos -
  • Justin LaCroix -
  • Ghislaine Gulsvig -
  • Lautramont Cantos-Latour -
  • Eladia Mattix -

Analysis of Symbology

These symbols are OOOOOOoollld magic.

  1. All there are specific to Necromancy.
  2. 2. They pre-date the Giovnni but are common to the era, but are still used by some of the Devil Kindred
  3. 3. The magical square it's used as a sort of Geas. In legal terms it a metaphysical glue for spiritual energies. A binding contract
  4. 4. The second symbol is a square of transference. It funnels power from one source to an other source
  5. 5. The third symbol an mystical transistor or circuit. It amplifies and regulates ans more importantly specifies the level and direction the mystical energy goes. 6. You run the math from your stolen magic and deduce that this is a thaumnavoric contract of some sort. This group of people at least stole someone's magical might or at most, their entire soul. This contract is a serious piece of work. It's above your paygrade to fully understand and your pay grade is pretty high.

Analysis of the Text

Marm provides a translation of the text from Italian.

  1. The document is signed by all the names listed above.
  2. The document roughly translates that this guy, Heru-ka, upon his death (this implies that he was murdered) the people signing the contract will receive true immorality through some means. As mentioned about, the symbols imply that whatever is created it runs off the power of a particular soul. The safe conclusion is that this cabal of Necromancers, kill Heru-Ka and used his soul to create some sort of immortality device. That's a rough estimate.
  3. The document makes reference to several other Necromancy texts. An in typical ritual fashion, doesn't indicate exactly what they referenced. It'll just use a word like transubstantiation or the body but this has some technical meaning and to see "The Milan Indexes" or "as in Justine's Tale." To be sure, you'd have to track down the rest of the texts.