Hollow Ones

Overview and Paradigm

Despite the "Gothic Rock" image adorned by many Hollow Ones, their Tradition is actually older than most mages realize, dating back to the times of the classical horror writers such as Shelley and Poe. In this manner the tradition can be traced to the Opium lounges of the 18 and 19 hundreds, and the seance tables of Victorian mediumship. Some claim that its roots can be traced even further back; given the eclectic and scatter-shot approach of Hollow magic, this is partially true. However, most agree that the "Hollow Philosophy" didn't truly define itself in its entirety until the 1920s, despite the fact that its leanings can be found in the works of earlier generations - particularly literary works, such as those of the afore mentioned writers. Indeed, there are some who claim that Lord Byron was in fact the first to ascribe to the Hollow Tradition, but others say this is complete rubbish.

The Fall and Reconciliation

The Hollow Ones had the least invested in the Ascension War and therefor, lost the least. What towers they built were relatively small and well hidden and what few Masters they harbored cared little for the political games of world domination. The Hollow Ones did what they could for those allies they had but largely holed up in their Chantries with their friends close around them until the dust settled. Having always excelled at thriving in the lonely places and making Kool-Aid out of cool, the Hollow Ones adapted and changed as was required of them. The world is shit anyway, what do a few more turds on the pile matter. For the Hollow Tradition, the Fall was a tragic affirmation. This is what they knew would happen all along, not that anyone was listening.

Current Status

If the Hollow Ones were hopeless in the 20th century, they are down right disaffected in the 21st Century. The Fall took the Hollow Traditions hollow innocence and filled it with apathy, neglect, escapism and disillusionment. Where there was once solidarity now exists a divide aptly referred to as The Gap.

Two distinct factions have sprung up with in the Hollow Tradition.

The Parachronists are largely made up of those few who survived Fall and their followers. These Hollowers are dedicated to the ideal of Romance. They are careful to stress that this is not the "grocery store novel, picture of Fabio on the cover" type of romance, but the story of gothic horror, tragic romance and mysterious whimsy. They isolate themselves in a world of nostalgia and artistic romance. They favor the romantic poetry and pop spiritualism of old and reject most modern trappings. To them, the only thing that is real is the past.

Neon's Children are those that Awakened after the Fall are cut from an entirely different cloth. Modern to the hilt they embrace the nihilism of current day. Heady with junk food, excessive pop culture, cybernetics, the Matrix, hacking, drugs, plastic surgery and loud music they run to the neon rather than from it. To them, there is no past nor future, there is only the present moment and no one knows how long that will last so you might as well enjoy it. The preoccupation with death and alienation still exists but it takes the form of disaffected fascination rather than morose brooding. Neon's Children would rather video tape it and post it on the Matrix than compose a contemplative sonnet about it.

Relations between the two groups can be tense at times and the subcultural pettiness can be epic, but the Hollows Ones are still a close knit group, existing in cabals that function more like families. Despite their differences, the Hollow Ones fiercely defend their own against outsiders.

When the Phoenix Council was formed, the Hollow Ones accepted the 10th seat on the Council. This acceptance comes with a certain amount of expectation, as if the Hollows Ones are to some how invent or embody the 10th sphere, whatever that may be. The Hollow Ones could care less.

Foci and Style

Hollow One foci and style are just as Ad Hoc as they were before the Fall.

Parachronists favor old fashioned trappings with a gothic edge. Pop-witchcraft, Talking boards, Tarot Cards, quill pens, ravens, Romantic poetry and Gothrock are all used to work the Hollowcraft. In these objects from an other age

Having been weaned on anti-depressants and cutting edge technology Neon's Children reject these old fashioned trappings just as their fore bearers rejected the trappings 20th Century. They prefer cyber and trash culture, subverted corporate slogans, pill popping, pop nihilism and making one big funeral party out of life. For them, the world is full of empty promises, dead ends and sarcasm. Everything they touch is subverted to their own ironic ends. Nothing is sacred, everything is meaningless, empty and hollow.

In either case, Hollow Ones are famous for using "watered down" versions of classic spells, or rote spells borrowed from other Traditions. For instance, while a Hermetic mage might use his properly dedicated Pentacle of Mercury in a ritual, the Hollower might simply draw a star on a quarter with eyeliner and use that.


  • The Akashic Brotherhood - Really?
  • The Celestial Chorus - These guys were left behind b/c they too boring even for god.
  • Cult of Ecstasy - Fun parties but don't drink the red Kook-Aid.
  • Dreamspeakers - And people say we are depressing.
  • Euthanatos - They almost get it. Too bad they delude themselves into thinking that there is a light at the bottom of that void.
  • Order of Hermes - If the Fall was supposedly transformative, how come they still talk like the adults on Charlie Brown specials?
  • Etherites - As long as I don't have to wear a that space suit we're cool.
  • Verbena - Talk about bitter. Jeez.
  • Virtual Adepts - Cool toys. If they had better fashion sense I'd join in a second.