Clothing & Fashion

Item Resources NuYen Description Bonus
Rags 0 0 Torn, dirty cast offs You aren't naked
Eji of Japan Clothing 2 50-500 High fashion for those on a budget You don't look poor or stupid
Nu-Tek Video Jacket 3 300 Media sponsored jacket that plays ads and videos +1 on appearance rolls
Nu-Tek Video Skirt 3 200 Media sponsored skirt that plays ads and videos +1 on appearance rolls
ICON American Leather Clothing 2-3 60-500 Sturdy leather clothes from gloves and underwear to jumpsuits and head gear Jackets +1 to soak, full leathers +2 to soak
Uniwear Uniform and Clothing 2-3 15-300 Jumpsuits and blue collar workwear You don't violate the dress code. +1 to appearance among corporate cogs
Duster 1-3 50-200 Full length, classic American coat +1 to soak, hides weapons
Disposa Clothes 1-2 75-350 Disposable Clothing Cheap stuff looks like paper but the more expensive stuff passes on a cursory glance. Degrades into evidence free ash 30 minutes after removal or 24 hours after opening
Slicksuits 3 300 Polymer coated body suit used in diving. +1 to slip through tight spaces, -1 on grapple.
Fake Tattoo 1 50 It's a fake tattoo. You look kinda tough. +1 to impress using streetwise or intimidation
Nymph Perfume/Titan Colonge 1 25-50 Cheap chemical stink +1 on seduction.
Tan-N-Can 1 25 Insta Tan Turns you a fashionable orange color. +1 for appearance rolls. Lasts 1d10 -4 days. If you roll a 1 it burns your skin
Show-R-N-Can 1 25 Smell fresh and clean…instantly! You don't smell like warmed over death

Phony Cyberware

Item Resources NuYen Description Bonus
Interface Plugs 1 50 Fake, stick on interface plugs. Glue not included +1 to disguise.
Chipware Socket 1 50 Fake, stick on chipware socket. Glue not included +1 to disguise
Optics 2 100 Contact lenses that duplicate the look of cyber eyes. Come in gold, chrome, black, clock, glow, target and hologram. Solution not included. +1 to disguise
Chrome arm or leg 2 200 Liquid PVC coating applied to skin fakes the appearance of a cyberlimb +1 disguise