GAROU-GENERAL: NAME=General Opinion of LATMA|DESC=%r%tLATMA, the largest scab for miles and miles.%r%tWhat can be done to save the area? What can we do to just survive in the area? We don't know.%r%tLATMA itself is home to Garou, those who embraced the Weaver-tech from the begining, and those who have learned to adapt through the horrors of the Fall. The city itself divides against itself. The Bright areas are almost tolerable, in a way. The Glass Walkers have long ago learned the secrets of the skyscraper forest and the Digital Web and here in LATMA they are the most powerful and influential of all of us. In some areas of the city, a Garou can walk the night realativly certain that the Wyrm does not nip at his heals with every step, wait for him around every corner.%r%tThe rest of the city, however, is another story.%r%tThe Dark areas of the City, Lynwood, the South, Anaheim, the Wyrm makes it's home there. The Wyrm is alive and well and breeds there, for these areas there is no hope. Some brave or foolish souls has attempted to reclaim some areas, moving into the infested regions, and attempting to carve out a foothold. They were brave, but they failed. Even now, some try, but they fail as well. They become friends with the Wyrm, learn its ways, and are blind to their own corruption. We cannot win against this corruption, and most of us know it. Some try merely to defend what little we have, some retreat to the north, and more and more of us resign ourselves to defeat, giving up the fight and simply doing their best to erk out a living in a hostile, poisonous world.
GAROU-GENERAL2: NAME=General Opinion of LATMA (2)|DESC=%rCan you blame them, really? Do we do ourselves any service by dieing in a hopeless battle? Many have asked these questions, many more will die before an answer is found. Even then, I fear, the answer will not save us, it will seal our doom.%r%tThe Radiation Zone, the wasteland between what was LA and the place once called TJ. Here, for some unexplained reason, have the Garou choosen to make a small stand. Using the blasted landscape for cover, the nuclear threat as a shield, the Garou try desperately to bring back a small peice of Gaia. Homid Garou born in the city have only this to teach them of their kind, of the way of the Wyld, of their few remaining Lupine brothers and sisters. For these Homids, they do not know what they are missing, they did not see the forest untouched by the Weaver and the Wyrm, their spirits are weaker for the loss and they know it not. In this way will the Wyrm eventually destroy us all, not in fire, but in ignorance will we be defeated. We will never know when we lost the war, but at some point we'll look out at the world and know it has happened. Some of the tribes say that this has already happened, and I think they are right.
GAROU-RUSSIA: NAME=The Silver Fangs on Russia|DESC=It was a time of growth and glory. Mother Russia had survived the hard times, the Cold War, and the terrible pains of a nation changing too fast for its own good. But Russia recovered, and again prospered. With the opening of the borders and the lifting of the curtain, our homeland slowly regained its former glory. Certainly, we had a difficult time at first. The Western Nations ridiculed us for our old ways, said we would collapse, and in the end their words only proved how little they knew of Mother Russia.%r%tFor our part, the Silver Fangs rejoiced as westerners entered our homeland. The Glass Walkers who came to 'civilize' our country paid us the homage due the rightful rulers of the Garou. Old ways forgotten in the hard times returned to us. Our Septs once again were the fullest and greatest in the world as Garou of every Tribe came back to Russia for the opportunity to see her untainted lands and rich history.%r%tWhat happened next cannot truly be blamed on us, but we realize that it is our responsibility as leaders to shoulder the burden. The Fall began in Russia when a crazed creature of the Wyrm undid all the we had worked to rebuild. There was panic everywhere. The Humans, armed with the devices of the Weaver they so worship, hunted anything they could not understand - like us. The screams of panic became the cry of the Zealot as war was declared on our kind.%r%tWe were not ready, how could we be? There was no warrning, no signs or portents. We lost much in the years following the Fall. We lost lives, land, friends, Caerns. The great Silver Fang Nation is not what it once was. The Garou Nation is not what it once was. Our people, like their leaders, are scattered to the wind. Some have never forgiven us for the folly of the Fall, and we accept that. It is a stain upon our tribe that will not go away on its own. I hear tales that in the West, some of the Fangs once again rise to assume their rightful place amongst their brethren. They are fortunate to be so far removed from the sight of our dishonor, and they due a great service to their tribe by upholding the old ways.%r%tWe are too proud, too noble, too stubborn to simply fade away. We will rebuild, we will recover, and like Mother Russia, we will once again ascend to the place of Honor that is rightfully ours.
GAROU-BALTICS: NAME=The Shadow Lords on the Baltic States|DESC=How fortunate you are. To be here, now, it is truly the greatest time one could hope to be alive. The world around us in is chaos, but we are not. Everywhere you travel on Gaia you will see destruction, and death. But not here. Do you know why? I will tell you why if you do not know. Sit down, I will tell you even if you do know, even if you've heard it a thousand times, because it is a story that needs to be told often.%r%tTo the east the dottering fools went blindly about their business, appeased easily with empty words and pretty baubles. But not us. While they bent over backwards trying to pat themselves on the back, we remained vigilant. We knew what was happening all along. When the Wyrm moved, we saw it, when it whispered, we heard, and when it acted, only we knew what it was going to do. Unlike our ignorant cousins, we were prepared. Only here, where our kin hold positions of power and our kind has been entrenched for centruies, was the madness the followed the Fall not felt.%r%tWhile the Humans went on killing spree after killing spree in the rest of Europe, here they met only defeat. Here is our mountain, and here the humans quickly learned that they were not as strong as we. When the nuclear explosion claimed our neighbors, some fled in fear, but not us. We do not abandon what is ours, and we are not so weak as to run before the face of the Wyrm. We have seen the Wyrm where it lives and we have looked on unafraid for years, why should this be any different to the likes of us?%r%tNow, Grandfather Thunder has granted us a great opportunity. The bonds of useless tradition that have held us back over the years are gone, rent asunder by actions of incompetence so grand that none could help but take note. It is time once again for us to test ourselves. To pit the gift that Grandfather Thunder has given us against the world and see which is made of sterner stuff.%r%tWithout the Silver Fangs to impose insanity from above, the Garou turn to the only voice of reason they've ever known: Us. They know, in their hearts who is best suited for the leadership of our people in this most difficult of times. They have always known, just as we have, and now they are free to express their knowledge. In Europe we control the greatest number of Septs of any tribe, save for the Get. Of the Get, not one of their elders, packs, even cubs, makes a move without first consulting the wisdom of the Shadow Lords. For in this time of darkness, who knows the enemy if not the Lords of the Shadows? We expand Westward, into the Americas, or what's left of them. And of all the Tribes, only we dare press eastward to view the land of the rising sun.%r%tRejoice, young Lords, for the Grandfather calls to you, and you are about to answer his call. Gaia, now as in the past, cries out to the Grandfather for his strength, for his Wisdom, for his leadership, and you are his answer. Prove that our faith in you, that Gaia's faith in you, that Grandfather Thunder's faith in you is not misplaced. You can do no less, you are a Shadow Lord.