Nickname: Formerly Slaves, now a hodge-podge including Freemen, Runaways and Rockheads, depending on who's using the nickname. Calling a free Gargoyle a Slave is a wonderful way to have a large, stone-encrusted fist punched through your abdomen repeatedly.
Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika, Flight

Depending upon whom one asks, there are two (slaves to the Tremere and free), three (sentinels, warriors and scouts) or one (just lump all the ugly bastards together) classifications for members of the Gargoyle bloodline. In these tumultuous nights, it is often easiest to break down the Gargoyles down by affiliation, rather than ancestry – among the ranks of the free Gargoyles, terms like "scout" are shunned as evidence of a less-than-pleasant past. As the years tick by, more and more free Gargoyles have made themselves known, many of them aligning with the Camarilla. Whether the choice of sect comes from Gargoyles' desire to thumb their collective nose at their former masters, a deep-seated residual need for order and the chain of command, observation that Camarilla's pay scale is significantly better than the Sabbat's, or even fundamental agreement with Camarilla philosophy is irrelevant. There are more Gargoyles appearing on the streets, and more and more of these place themselves firmly under the Masquerade.

The Gargoyles who remain slaves of the Tremere are Camarilla as well, but by default. Most have little or no sense of identity, no memories of existence before being transformed into Gargoyles and no free will. A Tremere-bound Gargoyle who begins to demonstrate more than a rudimentary sense of self had best hide it until such time she can escape, else she's looking at re-indoctrination or destruction. The first revolt of the Gargoyles taught the Tremere all the lessons they needed about securing the loyalty of their servants, and the Warlocks have no desire to risk a repeat performance.

However, it is the free Gargoyles who make the best player characters (Players who wish to run a Gargoyle who begins play enslaved by the Tremere should check with their Storytellers – an escape chronicle can be thrilling, but other options are limited). Descendants of the so-called Slaves who escaped from Tremere domination in centuries past and more recent escapes, the free Gargoyles cluster in isolated communities either in mountain retreats or industrial cities that offer nothing to the Tremere. More adventurous souls flock to Camarilla cities to offer themselves as bodyguards, muscle and other sorts of labor for hire. It is a show of prestige for a prince to have Gargoyle bodyguards at her Elysium, and a show of strength to be able to afford Gargoyle assassins to deal with enemies.


Gargoyles are hideous in appearance; the creatures that adorn the various cathedrals and castles of Europe would he considered beautiful when compared to the real things. Many kine who see Gargoyles mistake them for demons, with their batlike wings and skin covered with stone carbuncles and protrusions.

Like the Nosferatu (with whom they share an Appearance score of 0), Gargoyles are hideously ugly. While the exact features of that ugliness are dependent on the original combination of blood (Nosferatu-Tzimisce, Nosferatu-Gangrel or Gangrel-Tzimisce) that created the Gargoyle's ultimate ancestor, there are certain traits all members of the bloodline share. Warts and other protrusions, batlike wings (that grow as the Gargoyle's mastery of the Visceratika Discipline grows) and a stony countenance are all endemic to the Gargoyles, as is a generally "demonic" appearance. Gargoyles move slowly and deliberately except in crises situations, but there is no truth to the rumor that they leave small piles of dust behind them as they walk.


Gargoyles employed by the Tremere sleep in closets, basements or wherever else their masters deign to let them rest. Free Gargoyles often request lodging as part of a contract, meaning that the end results can be somewhat haphazard. Those Gargoyles who find their own resting places usually end up in deserted warehouses or factories – the taller the better – or in subterranean cave or sewer systems hewn from solid rock. Bell towers used to be favorites, but the stereotypical nature of the abode made Gargoyles nesting there easy pickings for Tremere ghouls.

The process of creation is particularly intense for Gargoyles, expecially for those taken directly by the Tremere. The surge of competing strains of vitae, combined with the magical energy inherent to the transformation even after all these centuries, serves to wipe away the pre-existing memories and loyalties of a new Gargoyle, leaving a tabula rasa on which the Tremere can work. The process is a trifle gentler for Gargoyles Embraced by other Gargoyles, who sometimes retain at least vague senses of their former lives, but even most of the past just dissolves under the occult onslaught. (Note: Free Gargoyles actually Embrace mortals; the Tremere prefer to take Kindred of the three "root" clans and transform them into Gargoyles.) As for what drives a Gargoyle to Embrace a mortal, most times it's a case of simple obsession. There's neither reason nor rhyme to the matter, and even the most eloquent members of the bloodline shrug and put it down to "gut feeling."

Slave Gargoyles come in three types: warriors, of Gangrel-Tzimisce stock; sentinels, of Nosferatu-Tzimisce stock; and scouts, of Gangrel-Nosferatu stock. Warriors focus on Potence and combat Abilities; sentinels concentrate on Fortitude, Alertness and other such Traits; and scouts commonly practice Stealth, Survival, etc.

Character Creation

Physical Attributes and Talents should be primary when one is creating a Gargoyle character; the Tremere did not design the bloodline for philosophizing or intrigue. All Gargoyles start with at least one dot in the unique Discipline Flight (In essence, this gives Gargoyles four Clan Disciplines, but there are sufficient disadvantages to level the playing field). No Gargoyle can have a character history that predates 1167, as that was when the Tremere actually created the bloodline.

Only Slave Gargoyle may purchase the Background trait of Mentor to have a more potent master. If no points are spent, the Gargoyle's master is a Tremere of the 11th generation (Tremere of the 12th generation are not permitted to have Gargoyle servants). For each dot in Mentor, the Gargoyle's master's generation is reduced by one. The only restriction on this is that the Gargoyle's generation may not be more potent than its master's generation, unless the Storyteller says otherwise. Gargoyles always follow the Road of the Beast, unless the Storyteller says otherwise.


Due to their hideous appearance, all Gargoyles automatically have a zero Appearance. Also, Gargoyles have been bred and trained to follow the orders of their masters, and this leaves them vulnerable to Dominate or other forms of mind control. A Gargoyle is considered to have two fewer Willpower points when resisting such control.


While they follow their roasters, they also have a certain structure when gathered in groups. To determine the "status" of one Gargoyle when compared to another, simply add the Gargoyle's generation to its master's generation. The Gargoyle with the lowest number is considered to be the leader, unless the Tremere say otherwise.