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Starting XP
ArasakaArasaka 27 Oct 2011 21:27
in discussion House Rules / Everyone » Starting XP

So after giving it some consideration, we've decided to offer all new PCs 50 XP. Sphere Wizards will be handing out XP to new or recently created PCs. Sorry dinos, you'll have to settle for your billion XP in stats.

Starting XP by ArasakaArasaka, 27 Oct 2011 21:27
Ammo And You
HackneyHackney 04 Oct 2011 21:40
in discussion House Rules / Everyone » Ammo And You

We're changing the way Ammo works in the game to make firearms more accessible and usable without worrying about how you're going to find new bullets and how much they're going to cost. The new rules are as follows:

  • Guns do not require an Ammo object. The standard gauge, non special rounds will be 'free' with some conditions as follows.
  • If you have a gun, you are assumed to have standard gauge, non-special ammunition, one clip only with a size depending on the type of weapon.

- Single fire / bolt action rifles : Clip size is 5.
- Pistols / Handguns : Clip size is 10.
- SMGs/Assault Rifles/Machine Guns : Clip size is 25.
- Exotics, such as crossbows or longbows : 10 rounds.
- Non Lethal / Chemical flamers / Other strange things : 5 rounds.

  • At the start of any combat scene, you are assumed to have a full clip of this size, loaded into the weapon. You are not assumed to have replacement ammunition should you run out during the scene. However, the next time you begin a combat, you are assumed to have refilled the clip in the interim.
  • If you have a clip of ammo for your weapon already that is larger than the standard 'free' size, put in a +job, and you will be able to turn this in for a +comment, giving you one clip per scene of the larger size.
  • If you have two clips of the standard size, you can turn both in for 1 additional clip of ammo per scene. For example, you currently have a loaded 9mm pistol. You get 1 clip per scenario with 10 rounds. You can turn in two 10 round ammo clips (the objects) and obtain the comment to have 2 clips per scene. Any clips over two will grant additional 'clips per scene' at the rate of 1 for 1. (i.e. 4 clips turned in, will grant you 3 clips per scene).
  • If you have a clip of special ammunition, put in a +job, and you will be commented for this as appropriate.
  • Additional clip capacity can be purchased from Gun Dealers on the grid. We'll also be making accessories and such more readily available. Special ammunition types will also in future be available from Gun Dealers. So, find some, make friends, they are out there!

For Ammo Turn In, please open a +job, with the WEAPONS category and the title Ammo Trade.

Enjoy shooting things!

Ammo And You by HackneyHackney, 04 Oct 2011 21:40
ArasakaArasaka 01 Oct 2011 01:32
in discussion General / Building » test


test by ArasakaArasaka, 01 Oct 2011 01:32
ArasakaArasaka 01 Oct 2011 01:31
in discussion General / Building » test


test by ArasakaArasaka, 01 Oct 2011 01:31

Here's the skinny on Death XP


  • Only one redemption can be applied to a character, ever. No stacking dead alts onto one PC.
  • The dead/retired character may never return, under any circumstances.
  • Only stats with a listed value count. That stockpile of fetishes, talismans and +comments on your sheet doesn't count for anything. If you had the Fetish background and it was from CG or paid with XP, then yes. If you got given it ICly, then no.
  • No comebacks for idlenuked PCs. Once they're gone, they're gone.
  • There will be a cap on the amount of experience that can be transferred and this is currently 100.
  • If the XP from a dead/retired character is to be applied to an already existing PC (again, only once can a PC receive this, ever), then the rate of exchange is 1/4 of total xp, including unspent xp.
  • If the XP from a dead/retired character is to be applied to a brand new PC (who again, can never benefit from a 'to existing PC' dump), then the rate of exchange is 1/2 of total xp, including unspent XP.
  • Values will be rounded up where applicable.

If you are looking for some Death XP open your sphere wiz a +job and we'll git er dun.

Death and Retirement XP by HackneyHackney, 29 Sep 2011 15:22

We all agree that Abyssal Mysticism is pretty awesome. It's also pretty rare. If you are looking to get these rituals you should be the following:

Out of chargen, you'd better be:

  • A Lasbomra
  • Kiasyd
  • On Path of the Abyss (it's like Path of Bones only about darkness rather than death).


  • Occult 3
  • Vamprie Lore 3
  • Obtenebration
  • A PC or NPC mentor who can teach you these powers.
  • Path of the Abyss 6+.

These powers are extremely rare and require a total commitment on the part of the student. Those who learn them have a mystical relationship to the Abyss that is directly related to Path of the Abyss. The insights required to learn these rituals are simply not possible on any other path. As this is a form of mysticism rather than magic the rituals are passed on via contemplation, and conversation between mentor and student.

These are considered in clan ritual for Lasombra and Kiasyd. Everyone else it's out of clan.

Abyssal Mysticism by ArasakaArasaka, 22 Sep 2011 19:02

A vampire with the Presence Discipline is exceptionally attractive and appealing to others. People want to be around the vampire, to bask in the brilliant light he sheds. He need not make any sort of overt or deliberate action, for Presence is a natural aspect of one's personality. Presence is a powerful, if subtle, Discipline.

The Presence Discipline is a power over the emotions of people, not their judgment or reason. Orders may not be given using Presence; the effect is completely nonverbal.
Presence causes others to feel things or react in certain ways toward the vampire, but direct manipulation of the mind is the domain of Dominate.

Unlike Dominate, it can be used on many people at the same time, nor is eye contact required for it to be effective. The vampire needs to be clearly in sight of those he wishes to affect, however as his face must be seen clearly.

Those affected by Presence can use Willpower points to resist the effects for a turn, as with Dominate. During this time they are able to turn around, thereby escaping the effects more permanently. Kindred are usually savvy enough to do so, but mortals rarely are. (V:tM 2nd Edition Page 164-166)

  • Vampires may use the below mechanic to resist the following Presence powers: Awe,Dread Gaze, Entrancement, Summoning

Vampires may resist any attempt at Domination by spending a Willpower point for each success gained in the Dominate roll. The subject is then immune to attempts at Domination for the rest of the scene. The target must spend the full Willpower; partial expenditures will do no good. (Page 161 V:tM 2nd Edition, Dominate)

  • Vampires must also possess one of the following:
    • Any form of vampire lore (vampire or sect specific lores.)
    • The Presence Discipline itself. Having Presence gives the vampire an understanding of the power, and automatically negates the subtle effects of the Discipline to a level that they understand. Therefore, two vampires with Majesty can treat each other normally. On the other hand, a vampire who only possesses one dot in the Discipline, can still fall victim to Dread Gaze, but can try to resist it by spending the requisite willpower.
  • Non-vampires require vampire lore or some other requisite ability (magical effects, cybernetics, prior experience) to justify resisting the effects of presence via the willpower expenditure method.
  • Gifts or rotes that shield the victim against mental attacks may provide added protection against certain presence powers, but use their own unique mechanics.

You are almost universally respected and feared. Unless mortals or even Kindred stop to consider their feelings about you, they are likely to treat you respectfully without conscious thought. Indeed, the very sight of you causes jaws to drop in awe and even the most courageous to fear you. You simply seem so formidable that no one would even consider crossing you, let alone making a physical challenge. You will not be attacked or harmed in any way for as long as the effects of majesty remain un-resisted. (V:tM 2nd Edition Page 164-166)

  • Majesty is a subtle defensive power, not the ultimate offense. Majesty‚Äôs effects only remain in place so long as the user is not taking an aggressive action. If the vampire is being rude or otherwise acting in such an offensive manner that it will cause the victims to question their feelings about the vampire. If this is the case then effects are reduced and the victims can be rude in return (but still cannot attack physically without rolling).
    • If the majestic vampire attacks physically majesty is nullified the victim can respond in turn; combat proceeds as usual. Any initiation of combat by the majestic vampire nullifies majesty for everyone in the scene.
    • If the victim wishes to initiate combat the standard rolls are required.
      • If the majestic vampire responds by counter-attacking then majesty is nullified and combat can begin as normal.
      • If the majestic vampire chooses to not to respond he may make a Charisma + Intimidation vs the victim's Wits +3 to re-establish his Majesty. Only one success is required.
        • Failure means that the victim is immune to his majesty for the rest of the scene.
        • A botch means majesty is nullified for everyone in the scene for the remainder of the scene.

So Montague doesn't have to keep saying it:

Just a friendly reminder to please check the boards on the game and keep abreast of your sphere's house rules. Not reading the updates does not constitute a crisis on the part of staff. If you have any questions or need to be directed to the appropriate boards or postings see your sphere staffer.

The Montague Rule by ArasakaArasaka, 13 Aug 2011 17:04

Level One:
Whispers of the Chamber: By making a Perception +
Alertness roll against a difficulty of 6, the Gargoyle is able
to detect others within an enclosed area of about the size of
a large apartment, even if the intruders are out of sight, in
darkness or protected by Obfuscate. If the target is actively
seeking to avoid being detected, she gets an opposed roll of
Self-Control + Stealth with a 6 difficulty.

Level Two:
Skin of the Chameleon: By spending a blood point, the
Gargoyle's skin takes on the texture and color of its
surroundings, adding five to the dice pool for Stealth as
long as it moves slowly (half speed or less).

Level Three:
Voices of the Castle: As Whispers of the Chamber,
above, but affecting an entire building or physical

Level Four:
Bond With Terra: Similar to the Protean power Meld
with Earth, this power also allows the character to melt
into stone, brick or asphalt. However, this power does not
allow the character to actually sink deep into the protective
surroundings. Instead, the character seeps just below the
surface, and a faint outline of her form can be seen above
where she rests.

Level Five:
Stonestrength: The Gargoyle's flesh hardens and pain is
deadened, giving the character one extra Stamina point for
the purposes of resisting wounds, subtracting one from all
wound penalties, and halving the damage received from

ArasakaArasaka 08 Aug 2011 15:44
in discussion House Rules / Vampire » Ghouls


Ghouls may choose to learn one dot in one of the following disciplines: Potence, Celerity, or Fortitude.

Vicissitude Modifications

Although you may not be talented at the Tzimisce forms of fleshcrafting and boneshaping, at some point you have been… modified into a more warlike form. Generally speaking, you're a szlachra, and most modifications necessitate the purchase of the Flaw: Monstrous. As a role, the Tzimisce make sufficient cosmetic alterations to rain the looks of all their battle-ghouls, even those whose modifications are not in and of themselves hideous.

These modifications are permanent unless shaped away by further Vicissitude. Although dangerous, any weaponry causes normal damage only; despite its horrid appearance, your arsenal is still only mortal flesh and bone. You may purchase as many modifications as you can afford, but your social abilities are probably doomed.

Below are some examples of the kinds of alterations that can be made to ghouls. For more creative mutilations please negotiate with staff on cost, system and description.

  • Circular Vision (1 pt.): One of your eyes has been moved to the back of your head, granting you the ability to see at a wider angle. This is a difficult operation and can be performed only by masters of medicine and Vicissitude. In addition, your depth perception is poor at any angle, and you suffer a two-die penalty to any rolls that involve gauging distance, including use of missile weapons. You must take the Monstrous Flaw.

Fangs (1 pt.): Your teeth have been lengthened and sharpened; your smile may resemble a shark's or cat's, or may be unlike anything found in nature. You may use the Bite maneuver, but lose two dice from any Manipulation Dice Pools that do not involve intimidation or causing fear.

  • Digestive Modifications (2pts.): You are able to digest any organic material that you can break up and swallow. Your Stamina is treated as two points higher for purposes of resisting ingested poisons.
  • Spurs (2 pts.): Long bone spurs protrude from your forearms, back and/or legs. You may slash with these for Str + 2 damage; however, they are hard to conceal, and you must subtract three dice from any Social Dice Pools save those involving intimidation.
  • Carapace (3 pts.): You are covered with bony or horny plates that protect you from attack. You may add two soak dice to your pool, but you must take the Monstrous Flaw.
  • Patagia (4 pts.): Your bones have been hollowed, and flaps of skin (from yourself or another hapless soul) have been grafted onto your arms, giving you the appearance of a human pterodactyl. You may use these flaps to glide, though you may not actually fly. While gliding, you may not use your arms. Furthermore, you subtract one from all soak pools to resist strikes from fists and blunt weapons, or any other forths of concussive damage ( your bones are hollow). You must take the Monstrous Flaw.
  • Virulent Strike (3 pt. Merit) Through strange Thaumaturgical sorcery, unknown rituals or even an odd quirk of your ghoul physiognomy, you have been imbued with the power of the supernatural. You can cause aggravated damage to supernatural creatures by striking them, biting them, raking them with bonecrafted spurs or whatever. This is considered standard Brawl damage against and should normally apply to only one attack form (bite, bone claws, etc.). You should work with the Staff to find an explanation for this Merit, and the Storyteller may disallow this Merit entirely if she so chooses.
Ghouls by ArasakaArasaka, 08 Aug 2011 15:44
Redrock Caern
First RoninFirst Ronin 04 Aug 2011 23:29
in discussion House Rules / Shifter » Redrock Caern

This caern does not exist upon this grid. The ruins of dodger stadium still remain, but they are populated densely with homeless people. Carry On

Redrock Caern by First RoninFirst Ronin, 04 Aug 2011 23:29

Garou in particular as per page 206 of the WW:tA 2nd Edition corebook, are able to split rage actions for physical acts. This was completely disallowed by the old houserules.

I would like to reinstate that garou may indeed split their rage actions, but may only take one action per limb per turn…there will be no push-button fireaxe action.

Rage and dice pools by First RoninFirst Ronin, 04 Aug 2011 22:08

Just a brief clarification on the differences:

  • Allies - this background represents your relationship to a specific group or population. This means you can call in favors to these folks and, depending on your rating, they may or may not respond. Allies don't know stuff so much as they help your character do stuff. Allies generally do not represent specific individuals but rather small groups or subcultures like a Nomad tribe, a band of Rockerboys, a computer club or the secretarial pool at the office. Allies may be purchased more than once to represent a relationship to more than one group of people.
  • Contacts - this background may or may not (up to you) mirror Allies in it's population but Contacts offer information instead of aid. Each dot in contacts represents a different web or circle of informants from which he or she can draw information. Contacts may or may not get back to you in a timely manner.
  • Retainers - This is a single person who follows you out of compulsion, loyalty or blood bond. At lower levels a Retainer is little more than trained monkey but at higher levels the Retainer is an invaluable resources.
  • Followers/Acolytes/Herd/Kinfolk - These are more or less Allies who follow your agenda rather than some other agenda. They me be "in the know" or they may not be, depending on which version of the background you buy.
This Forum
ArasakaArasaka 26 Jul 2011 01:08
in discussion House Rules / Everyone » This Forum

This forum isn't really a forum. It's a place where staff posts the HRs, of which there will be very, very, very few. It's not a place of discussion. If you have a question or concern about an HR +request or +mail your staffer.

This Forum by ArasakaArasaka, 26 Jul 2011 01:08

Spirit Thaumaturgy is the Tremere's answer to necromancy. It's been modified to make it less…problematic.

Spirit Manipulation is the cold dead, static version of the Spirit sphere left over from the days of yore.

You can learn both, either or neither. See your mentor and vampire staff for details.

ArasakaArasaka 16 Jul 2011 01:13
in discussion House Rules / Everyone » Retainers

Retainers are humans (more or less) who work for you. They differ from Allies or Contacts in that they actively support you in your endeavors rather than having their own agendas. In exchange for such loyalty you give them blood, money, weapons, ware…whatever it is they require. Retainers can of course be forced into servitude via supernatural or mundane means. Retainers can be ghouls, acolytes, kinfolk or just high skilled humans. Players are of course allowed to have multiple Retainers but this can be a drain on Resources, vitae or other pools as Retainers generally don't work for free (unless they are compelled to do so by supernatural means).

If you have a Retainer, please work with staff to create a sheet for him or her and have this and his background commented on your sheet.

O - Human with sub-average abilities. Really, little more than a yesman or errand boy.
OO - Your average human. No real special abilities but they are competent and useful in whatever role they assume. An administrative assistant or a computer science student.
OOO - At this level, the Retainer is a competent professional with in his or her field. Perhaps he is a low-rent Solo, an up-and-coming Rockerboy, a Parapsycologist with a bad reputation or perhaps a mid-level member of the press. This is the base level for an Aware, Ghoul or Kinfolk retainer.
OOOO - A retainer of some worth. The person is highly competent and important. He is a notable Cyberdoc, the leader of a Nomad tribe or a Media mogul. At this level, the This is also the base level for supernatural retainers (vampires, shifters, mages, consors, ghosts) or a Zoetic Machine (AI, Android etc).
OOOOO - This is an exceptionally powerful individual such as a Consortium board member, an extremely famous Rockerboy or a powerful Fence. Could also be a supernatural template with more extensive abilities. At this level the retainer is less an employee and more partner in your schemes.

Retainers by ArasakaArasaka, 16 Jul 2011 01:13
ArasakaArasaka 16 Jul 2011 00:56
in discussion House Rules / Vampire » Generation
  • Generation 1-5 can be purchased using your 5 BG points. (Note: If you are Sabbat you get a 4th dot in disciplines rather than 5 BG points.)
  • Generation 6 and above is available by application only and will reserved for exceptional applications and roleplay.

Game on.

Generation by ArasakaArasaka, 16 Jul 2011 00:56


Obfuscate is special. You should only write an OBFDESC if you can use a form of Obfuscate 3 (or an equivalent) or higher. An OBFDESC is what your character -really- looks like under the Mask they wear. So a Nosferatu who wanders around the grid under Mask of 1,000 Faces, for example, will want to put his hideous real face under OBFDESC.

The only people who will be able to see your OBFDESC are those with a corresponding level of Auspex 3 (or an equivalent) or higher. This is on a level by level comparison, by the way; so an Auspex 3 character will NOT be able to see the OBFDESC of an Obfuscate 5 player.

Descing for the Invisible by ArasakaArasaka, 27 Jun 2011 19:11


The Penumbra is probably a reality level you're already familiar with if you've read the Shifter books. The Penumbral reflection of a real-world place could be similar, or could be completely different. Usually, there's some sort of correlation between the two, but not necessarily. If the description is in the city or a technologically advanced place (high on the Weaver/Stasis side), then the description is likely nearly identical. If the place is particularly Wyrmy/Entropic, then everything will reflect the Corruption/Decay within. If an area is heavy on the Wyld/Dynamic side, then chaos reigns and it could appear to be anything.

@desc Room=%r%tThis room reeks of power and self-importance. The law office is spartan but richly appointed; the focal point of the room is a highly polished mahogany desk, flanked by wingback chairs. The edges of the room are lined with inset law libraries, the tomes looking solid and officious as they glare at visitors from their portentous abodes.

&UMBRADESC Room=%r%tPattern spiders have made a nest here in this corner office, weaving the very fabric of reality into an immutable form for all eternity. A veritable throne sits on a small dais behind an enormous desk. Across from the desk rests a kindergarten sized chair made out of blue plastic. Heavy books of law mutter in their Calcified sleep from behind enormous webs that keep them chained to their positions like cement shoes.

Umbral descriptions of players will only be seen if both parties are in the umbra, and so only need to be written for players who can cross into that reality. For the most part, these look exactly like your @descs, but should highlight any Spirit associated objects you carry, or in rare cases completely change your look to show your strong Spirit side.

Descing For Spirits by ArasakaArasaka, 27 Jun 2011 19:10


The Matrix reality level is designed to be a realm of information and bright nodes where information confluences meet and exchange data. Importantly, though, nearly -everything- electronic in the world can accept electronic interference, even if not directly connected to the internet. There are a few protected items like pacemakers, but for the most part, by law, every electronic object must accept outside interference. This is where the fun of a Cyberpunk game really comes through. Examples of room descs:

@desc Room=%r%tThis room reeks of power and self-importance. The law office is spartan but richly appointed; the focal point of the room is a highly polished mahogany desk , flanked by wingback chairs. The edges of the room are lined with inset law libraries, the tomes looking solid and officious as they glare at visitors from their portentous abodes.

&MATRIXDESC Room=%r%tThis room registers in a moderate way in the Matrix. The walls are limned by electrical conduits and information pathways flowing in a box-like structure that suggests a corner office to the practiced eye. A computing node floats a few feet above the floor connected to the walls by both the flow of information and electricity. Next to the node is the small draw of a table-lamp. Overhead, electrical cables bring power which visibly gaps "empty" space, indicating the presence of florescent lighting.

Matrix descriptions of players will only be seen if both parties are in the Matrix, and so only need to be written for players who can cross into that reality. If you are crossing over as an Avatar, then your description can be anything you want it to be - with a clear indication of some sort that this is an Avatar. If you are physically crossing into the Matrix (eg. Mages), then your desc should look the same as your real description and clearly note that you look a LOT more real than other Avatars.

Descing for the Digital Age by ArasakaArasaka, 27 Jun 2011 19:09
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