This background reflects a number of people who actively support your character's schemes and ambitions. Followers might be students, associates, friends, employees, or cultists. Followers throw their lot in with your character for a variety of reasons: desperation, compulsion, money or reputation. You can use your Followers rating for a number of mundane tasks but they can't be as tightly controlled or as specialized as Retainers. Followers generally have lives of their own and don't follow the charater around everywhere he goes. For all intents and purposes consider a Follower as a level 1 or 2 Retainer.

Supernaturals may purchase Followers but Followers are not Herd, Acolytes or Kinfolk.

O – 3 Followers
OO – 7 Followers
OOO – 15 Followers
OOOO – 30 Followers
OOOOO – 60 Followers