Fixers are the lifeblood of cyberpunk. Able to secure supplies, smuggle weapons, locate information, and snag the corporate contracts. The Fixer's ability to put their ear to the street and come up with useful data has saved more lucky punks than any armor jacket ever will.

The Fixers can negotiate any deal, score any drug, and find any target. Often the only link the party has to the cybertech and weaponry that they seem to be so fond of, the smart Fixer can be of value indeffinatly.

Streetdeal: Is the Fixer's ability to communicate and deal with the underground information network to uncover rumors, locate people or items, put out gossip, and sore the big deals. Information is power, and this is how you get it. Streetdeal can be added to any Streetwise, Intimidation or any roll involving street negotiations.

O - You don't get your lunch money stolen.
OO - You can buy and sell basic goods and are friendly with the Edge.
OOO - You have a regular raccet on the street. People come to you first.
OOOO - You are deeply emeshed in the street market. Anyone who is anyone knows who you are.
OOOOO - You are the very heart of the streets. You know it's tides as if they were your own.