Fatalism is one of the primary thirteen Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Those with the gift of Fatalism are able to see into another’s past or future, and read a wraith's ultimate Fate.
Fatalism is one of the stranger Arcanos in existence. While it is tolerated, probably due in strong part to the Lady of Fate, it is also looked upon with some suspicion. Those who do not possess the power of the Oracles believe them to be master manipulators, while those who do believe are sometimes just as suspicious of their motives.

Much like those who use Castigate, applying Fatalism requires some degree of ceremony around it. Tarot cards, runes, astrology, or other props or methods are used to help focus Fatalism’s abilities and make it easier for the Oracle to see what they need to see. Fatalism will work without these things, but unless the Oracle is unusually powerful, the visions will be unfocused and almost impossible to interpret.

The Oracles are far more used to dealing with the future than the past. Although they use the weavings of Fate to see it, rather than tapping directly into a Wraith’s mind as in Mnemosynis, few would rather mess in the pasts of questionable wraiths. More frequently, Oracles are called by the powerful to divine turns of events and the fortunes of those involved. Oracles will dispense as much information as they feel comfortable with; no one knows more than them that pulling too much on the strands of Fate may cause things to unravel that were not meant to. Indeed, many Oracles come to believe strongly in their abilities, and anything that shows them otherwise may meet with strong opposition from them.

While bad uses of Fatalism tend to show incorrect visions or none at all, others show things so horrible that an Oracle will be shaken and refuse to divine again for a time.

Basic Abilities

Kismet - This is the ability to gauge a person, situation or thing's importance in the grand weave.

System: Roll Perception+Fatalism (diff 6), the number of successes determines how clearly the wraith understands the dynamics involved in the situation.

Fatal Vision - Those with Fatalism can read deathmarks.

System: Roll Perception+Fatalism (diff of target's Willpower), each success offers greater insight into the person's manner of death. If the wraith uses Fatal Vision just before an Interpretation, each success adds a die to the Interpretation roll. Fatal Vision also determines whether the target has previously been inspected by Fatalism.

O - Foreshadow - The wraith's attunement to Fate's interweaving strands allows her to sense when danger approaches. <System: The Storyteller will roll Perception+Fatalism (diff 6) when danger approaches; the more successes achieved, the more forewarned the character is. Each successful use of this art gives the wraith a temporary point of Angst, as it inspires great uneasiness.

OO - Interpretation - The wraith can interpret another person's fate or read into their past. This is usually performed with some sort of divinitory focus, such as Tarot, I Ching, etc.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Fatalism (diff of target's Willpower). Both the Interpreter and the target may spend willpower to aid this roll. The player may ask the Storyteller one short question about the subject for each success gained. Using this art w/o a focus imposes a +2 diff penalty.

OOO - Guesswork - Guesswork allows a wraith to "read into" someone else's actions, and intuitively respond even before the target acts.

System: Spend two Pathos. In combat, a player may roll Wits+Fatalism (diff 8). Each success adds a success to their Initiative. If the player gets twice the initiative successes as her opponent, the Storyteller may tell her something of her foe's intentions.

OOOO Fated Course - This art enables the wraith to look at her future and choose a course (of action or of travel) based on what she discovers.

System - Spend 2 Pathos and roll Charisma+Fatalism (diff 6). More successes mean more clarity of knowledge.

OOOOO - Luck - The secrets of the final level of Fatalism permit minor alterations to Fate itself. By invoking Fate's blessing, a wraith can enjoy greater success in his efforts. <System: Spend 2 Pathos and 1 Willpower. Roll Wits+Fatalism (diff 6). Each success allows the player to ignore one '1' on a die roll. These 1's may be ignored at any time during the story when Luck has been used. Luck may only be used once per story.