Embody is one of the primary thirteen Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Those who use Embody can manifest in the physical world and, under the right circumstances, appear as a living person.

Embody, while not expressly forbidden, is strictly regulated by the Hierarchy, due to the influence of the Dictum Mortuum. Legally, only Deathlords and high-ranking Hierarchy officials have any right to cross the Shroud. Despite the risk of breaking wraithly law, many wraiths crave the secrets of the Proctors, as being Embodied is the closest thing to being alive a wraith can ever experience.

Once a wraith is fully Embodied, they can be injured like any ordinary human. If enough damage takes place, an injured wraith is subjected to a Harrowing as if they were still in wraithly form. Embodied wraiths are also still susceptible to regular aggravated damage from Stygian steel weapons.

Proctors can also take living Consorts, and can attune themselves so that only that person can see and hear them. While this makes it easier to work with certain members of the Quick, the living person runs the risk of seeming insane for talking to nothing but thin air.

A Proctor who fails to use Embody properly is subject to a number of effects, some merely frustrating, and some quite serious. The two most serious are accidentally plunging themselves into the Tempest while trying to materialize, or gaining large amount of Angst when deprived of a desired experience in the Skinlands

Basic Abilities

Ghostly Touch - The wraith can exert a tiny whisper of a touch — not enough to move anything larger than dust — about the most she can do is gently write on a fogged window, and this takes all her concentration. <System: roll Strength+Embody (diff of local Shroud.)

Maintain the Material Form - Not so much an ability as the the capacity to maintain an Embodied form for a longer duration.

System: Spend 2 Pathos and roll Stamina+Embody (diff 7), each success adds to the number of successes already gained for the Embody power being used. Failure immediately disperses the form.

O - Whispers - The wraith may whisper across the Shroud, letting his voice be heard faintly in the Skinlands. This is not necessary to speak with supernatural beings, if they can ignore the Shroud, such as Sluagh and Mediums.

System: Roll Manipulation+ Embody (diff of Shroud), each success allows the wraith to speak one short sentences.

OO - Phantom - The wraith may manifest as a hazy, translucent figure, only vaguely reminiscent of his mortal body. This causes mortals to be fully affected by the Fog.

System: Spend 1 Pathos, roll Charisma+Embody (diff of Shroud). The wraith may manifest for one turn per success.

OOO - Statue - This art permits the wraith to take a solid, if immobile, form. The Embodied wraith seems to be an idealized version of himself, but with cold, hard flesh. He cannot move, speak, or breathe.

System: Spend 2 Pathos, roll Stamina+Embody (diff of Shroud), each success indicates how many times the character can be touched, or how many scenes he may remain solid (whichever comes first.) They character may be harmed as if he were mortal.

OOOO - Life-in-Death - This art allows the wraith to manifest as her mortal body, more of less. The wraith will have colder flesh and will seem constantly distracted (a side effect of the required concentration.)

System: Spend 2 Pathos, roll Manipulation+Embody (diff of Shroud), each success allows the wraith to remain solid for one scene. This form can only be used if the wraith currently holds a humanlike form. The player may opt to replace her Appearance score with her Manipulation stat while Embodied. He can be damaged as a mortal while using this Art.

OOOOO - Materialize - The wraith can assume an almost fully human form, briefly duplicating his mortal life. He breathes, bleeds, sweats, and enjoys his former warmth.

System: Spend 3 Pathos and one Willpower, roll Manipulation+Embody (diff of Shroud), each success allows the character to be solid for as long as it takes to draw one breath. If the character is attuned to the person(s) viewing him, she may manifest for one hour per success. She takes damage as a mortal during this time.