This potent Aptitude, also referred to as "EK", encompasses the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum. Communications devices, vehicles, computers, even augments and *ware - virtually all modern devices interact with this spectrum in some way. The human body is likewise subject to influences. All of these things can be manipulated, augmented, or destroyed at the whim of the accomplished electrokinetic.


Toying with electromagnetic forces is not something to be attempted lightly. The subtle yet powerful energies that electrokinesis manipulates can turn on the user with frightening speed. Depending on the specific power attempted, the psion may give himself a violent shock, destroy a system he's trying to access or even inflict severe damage on himself.

Basic Technique: Static Burst

This basic capability enables the psion to generate a small, unfocused electrical charge. The burst can be used to shock a person or even scramble a computer's operating system. The emission is only precursor to the sophisticated manipulations that a trained electrokinetic learns.

System: Whatever the specific purpose to which this technique is directed, the effect requires contact with the target and the expenditure of a Psi point. The effect has a subtle but visible effect.

The charge simply delivers a nasty shock. For every two points in the psion's permanent Psi (rounded down), roll one die of damange (if Ps is 5 roll 2 dice) and subtract for soak as normal. Even if the attack does no damange, the surprise is often enough to startle the target.

The burst can be channled into an electronic device to disrupt its systems temporarily. Roll Psi with difficulty equal to the target's fail-safe rating. If the roll is successful, the device is scrambled momentarily and is unable to function effectively for a number of turns equal to the extra successes rolled. This works only on a localized function; the burst is certainly not enough to disrupt an entire system.


This mode explores the manipulation of electrical impulses within organic things. Animals, humans, bioware - any electrochemical-based system can be affected by Electromanipulation. Carbon-based life forms have some form of synaptic relay structure, using electrochemical impulses to transmit information and commands. As long as such a system exists, Electromanipulation an affect it. This of course includes most corporeal supernatural creatures.

This Mode's powers have a faint but distinct visible effect. Brief ripples of electricity flicker between the electrokinetic and the target at the point of contact when a power is first activated.

O - Stun
Stun creates bioelectrical surge in the target's nervous system. This power can be used against people, animals, bioware, and even vampires. Stun doesn't actually cause injury but it is more than capable of overwhelming a target temporarily.

System: Spend one point of Psi and roll in a resisted action against the target's Stamina. If the psion gets more successes, each extra success translates into a turn during which the subject is dazed. On a tie, the victim is at +1 difficulty to all tasks. If the target receives more successes, he shrugs off the attack.

Your character must touch the target at this level. At three, Stun may be used at a range of up to the psion's Mode rating in meters. There is a visible effect as the charge arcs to the target.

Furthermore, at 3 Electromanipulation, the psion can Stun against a number of targets equal to his permanent Psi, simultaneously (as long as they are within range). You still roll only once; however, each target's roll and the results are tallied separately.

OO - Disruption
OOO - Static Shield
OOOO - Control
OOOOO - Feedback


O - Control Illumination
OO - Spectrum Sight
OOO - Electromagnetic Shield
OOOO - Laser Generation
OOOOO - Hologram Creation


O - Power Surge
OO - Interface
OOO - Lockout
OOOO - Transmit
OOOOO - Microwave Burst