Private Eyes, Gum Shoes, Flat Foots, Skip Tracers… Detectives. Those that see things that others miss, piece together clues that no one else found, and make the right connections to solve their current case. No matter how different, all Detectives attempt to solve their cases with blade-sharp analysis and extremely careful pursuit of all clues. Some flaunt their mental superiority to intimidate their opponents, while others hide their investigations with an apparant shambling, disorganised nature that makes the criminal underestimate them. There are even a rare few that do everything so over that top that no one takes them seriously—until they apparantly "suddenly" solve the crime with a series of brilliant conclusions.

A requirement for every Police department, Corporation, and most governmant agencies, the use of privately hired Detectives by the general population has jumped in recent years. Weather for good or bad, it looks as if the Detectives of the world will have solid employment indefinatly.

Search: Is a specialized form of Alertness that allows the character to pick up clues, notice tiny incongruencies, and locate hidden information (be it scouring over a room or delve into a musty library). The character may add his Search score to any Research, Investigation or Enigmas roll. For police detectives, 1/2 of the character's Search skill is counted as Authority.

O - Private Eye - You know when to follow your gut.
OO - Gum Shoe - You have an eye for uncanny detail others miss.
OOO - Skip Tracer - More than instinct you see patterns others miss.
OOOO - Detective - You can make a connection between two seeminly unrelated events or facts.
OOOOO - Sherlock - Nothing gets past you. You have a remarkable skills in finding out what really happened.